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    ECC Support on Celeron/Supermicro

    I've noticed ECC is supported on this chip: Has anyone tried using this with a Supermicro or other server oriented board? Or a desktop board supporting ECC? I'm looked to use this for a FreeNAS update.
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    Need Input on Lab Systems

    Hey guys! I wanted to get some feedback and possible performance tips for two VM systems I have in the works. 1. Kubuntu + QEMU/KVM This machine is at work with me, and primarily is being used for MS cert work. I'm trying to get through Server 2008 certs, and since I am more of a hands on...
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    Web Based Music Library Access

    Alright all, I've Googled, searched, and tested a bunch of stuff, but I've come up disappointed for the most part. I was a long time Jukefly user (, but it looks like they were purchased, and a short time after the agent/software started to go south, to the point it's no longer...
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    SMB/Samba and Linux-what gives?

    I've messed with this a few times now, and every time I go through it, I get more and more frustrated with the fact there isn't an easier way to do something so simple. Mounting SMB shares, which are quite prevalent and used by many, should not be so difficult. Modifying fstab, while...
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    Linux and iBook G4

    Trying to get linux onto an iBook a buddy had laying around. OSX is gone and the machine might have some issues. So far I've tried Arch, Ubuntu, and Fedora. The SuperDrive (haha, yeah right...) seems to have issues with DVDs. Arch-doesn't find the CD once you go to choose packages-netinstall...
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    Quick Question about Q8200/Intel Quads

    Pretty normal to have varying core temps? 56C 44C 38C 42C Is what I have at idle. Not too worried as it is 17 hours prime stable.
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    My Linux Workstation

    Just bought the following today, as I am tired of dual booting: AMD Athlon II X4 620 ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO 2GB Kingston DDR3 1333 Cooler Master 330 Elite Corsair 400W 400CX WD 320GB AAKS Sony Optiarc DVD-RW Going to install Ubuntu 9.10, unless something better comes my way. What do you guys...
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    500W Antec Basiq Question

    Ok fellas, here is the deal. I have the 500W Antec Basiq, which has a 6 pin PCI-E and 4 pin P4 connector. I need an 8 pin CPU connect, and could easily obtain a connector. Here's the question-I won't need the PCI-E connector-ever. Can I make an 8 pin connector out of the PCI-E and P4 wiring?
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    Find me a motherboard....

    I just scored this chip: Now I need a motherboard. Something cheap preferably. I think this might work...
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    Xigmatek Cooler

    Will the Thermalright 775 bolt through kit work with these coolers?
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    Server 2003 and Bad Blocks/Sectors

    Dealing with some issues and I'm trying to get some information. Basically I'm seeing disk messages in the event viewer, informing me there are bad blocks (multiple servers/disks). There are a few things I can't seem to find answers for: 1. Are the bad block errors Windows/NTFS remapping the...
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    Test My COD4 server....

    I need some folks to jump on and play...want to see what system resources look like. port 28960 port 28961
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    Washed iPod

    I washed my 3rd Gen 8gb iPod today. Came back from a camping trip and forgot it was in my cargo pocket. Anyone have experience with this? Do they come back after drying out for a while? (My Canon SD800 was left in the rain on this trip and still works) All in all a bad trip for my...
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    Anyone heard of this company? I received some server RAM for testing purposes and was looking for some history or anyone with experience with the company.
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    FS/FT Forum

    Is it closed? If I missed a thread or something just PM a link. Thanks!
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    Quick question...

    How would I redirect a port locally on a client, without using a 3rd party app (or a free one)? 5235->8081->Out This is the Jukefly port.
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    Updated Build

    A month or so ago I scrapped and sold my 939 Opteron system, and using my 3600 Brisbane system built a new one. Basically it's just a processor swap, but it'll be a good 500MHz jump over the Opteron. I do lose the L2 cache however (from 1M each to 512M). Shot of the proc and...
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    My 5000BE arrived today.....

    I'll be putting this in my Abit NF-M2 nView this evening. :D:D
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    This made me laugh.....

    EDIT: Off-topic. - Lethal
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    Have you experienced TLB errors with your Phenom?

    Pretty simple, yes or no? If you have, please post details. FYI...this is just an information gathering thread. This is not to bash or promote AMD. Let's keep it neutral and straight to the subject-whether or not you have experienced TLB errors. THAT'S IT. Thanks!
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    DVD straight to AVI/DIVX?

    Is this possible? If so, what is used?
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    Decisions, decisions...

    After seeing (cf)Eclipse's OC of the 5000 Black Ed. I'm wondering about my current setup/situation and what I can do to get more out of it. I currently have available at my disposal: 1x Opty 170 in an Asus A8N-SLI 1x 3600 Brisbane in an Abit NF-M2 nView 1x 3600 Brisbane in a Biostar Tforce...
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    8800GT Problems

    Got my XFX card today, installed it with all the stock cooling still on it to test it, and while it works fine in 2D/Desktop, it makes a horrible screeching/buzzing sound in 3D. No artifacts or anything, but during changes and movement the sound changes...trying to talk to XFX support now.
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    Quick question about Memtest...

    What is the optimal time/number of passes needed to test non-overclocked DDR non ECC and ECC RAM?
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    Ipod Nano 3rd Gen=POS

    So I buy this thing, hook it up at work to get some tunes, and of course it updates the firmware. Everything works great. I get home and attempt to load more songs onto it. Delete it from the work library and try to sync it with the home-it does this on its own-but I know it won't happen...
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    BF2 trying to access Symantec Files??

    Found this in Event Viewer, Application: SYMANTEC TAMPER PROTECTION ALERT Target: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe Event Info: Set Information Process Action Taken: Blocked Actor Process: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\BF2.exe (PID 2192) Time...
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    Server 03 x64 woes....

    Need some help guys and gals. We have some new hardware at work and need to install SVR03 x64 R2. Well-to avoid all that floppy mess we've been using nLite. Well, I ran into an issue with the install that took a while to figure out. Basically while loading the controller drivers it had an...
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    Firewall question.

    Greetings. I'm looking to setup a better network for my home, and I've been trying to think of the best way to do it. Here are a couple options I came up with: 1. Use my DD-WRT flashed WRT54GL router for the firewall and wifi, creating two VLANs: one for production and one for the Cisco stuff...
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    Cisco Training/Resources

    I'm going to be getting a 2912XL switch soon so I can fiddle around with it and teach myself some Cisco stuff (might be getting other parts as well). Can anyone direct me to some web resources or books that might help? I'm a noob, so I probably need to start with the basics.
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    Help! Trying to install Ubuntu...

    Ok guys. This is my second attempt at trying linux and I'm just about ready to give up. I'm trying to complete a basic install of Ubuntu on a Tforce 7025 based system with a RAID1 array built with the nvidia raid utility. I've got the GUI install to see the array using the dmraid utility, and...
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    Brisbane is broken (possibly)....

    After experiencing some really odd temps with my two 3600 Brisbane procs I went searching for some answers. While it's not confirmed I'd say the conclusion this guy has come to is pretty damn accurate. Now my...