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    DVD RW vs CD RW ?

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    Harddrives ATA100 or ATA133?

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    Home Theater DVD-Audio Question...

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    Under MY COMPUTER ...

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    Computer wont Restart....

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    How Do I boot into Safe Mode?

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    Seems as though Best Buy got Windows running on the Mac

    hahahaha. man that is pathetic( just like bestbuy always is)
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    Current 15.2" Powerbook - any advice before I buy?

    Money is a serious issue, How expensive do you think the new powerbooks will be? Should I not take a current generation for such a good price($1599)? This is the 15.2'' 1.67GHz,80gig,superdrive one. btw, my parents are helping pay for this with christmas.
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    Current 15.2" Powerbook - any advice before I buy?

    I really want this laptop. Any reason why I should not buy it? Im going to get it new for $1599 at my school, I want to switch compleltly from pc to apple. How many years can I expect? This will primarly be a school computer for a biochemistry student. As for pc gaming, Im ready to abandon(...
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    AOE3: unable to resume saved games!

    Either Im an idiot cant cant find the official unpause button, or this game is on crack. When ever I try to resume a saved game, the game starts "paused" and I cant find a way to unpause it. Normally, when I got to the menu during a game and it automatically pauses the game, and button pushed...
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    Pics of 360 campers

    yeah cant wait to see those game nerd faces!
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    can you guys post some quake 4 screenshots?

    have u played it? it looks fantastic in game.
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    How can I organize my music?

    haha thats a good idea
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    How can I organize my music?

    this is bullshit, im too lazy. There has to be a program, i mean, this has got to be a global issue here
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    How can I organize my music?

    I have many many music files(mostly mp3) that are just scattered apart from the counter mp3s from the same album in one big folder. Is there a free program that will automatically organize these scattered files into album folders? THANKS
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    Am I the only one with lots of LAG in Quake 4?

    none taken, but yeah. Im talking about the kind of lag where you dont move for a few secs, then you just almost teleport 10 feet away from where you just were.
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    Quake 4's Open AL make Quake 4 crash?

    The game crashes back to desktop with this option enabled for me. I have an audigy 2 zs. anyone else?
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    Am I the only one with lots of LAG in Quake 4?

    am I? or is the games net code not all there or something.
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    How do I add 1280x1024 lcd res to F.E.A.R.

    lol went on fear message board and finally found it..... for anyone who cares. c:/documents and settings/all users/shared documents/monolith productions/fear/settings < that file. change the obvious numbers to what u want.
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    How do I add 1280x1024 lcd res to F.E.A.R.

    Subject says it. Thanks -Paul
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    Fear out at Best Buy

    Fry's has it in tempe AZ for 36.99! im on my way edit: FUCK, once i got there the little short idiot that told me they had them was smoking crack, he told me on the phone they had it in stock and it was on shelves. BUT, he saw the 215 copies in their "system" and matched that info with the...
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    F.E.A.R. Review: Gamespot 9.1

    Will this game end up supporting LCD res? 1280 1024?i hope. Games look blurry and gross when they dont support that res.
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    The game that started it all!

    Quake 2!
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    DOD:S Idea - Firing Range/execution...

    i think it is a pretty disugsting idea( although it sounds hilarious and I would play it), but if your going to say that is going to far, dont forget that you are playing a WW2 anyways that is a game full of non-stop violence, so whats the difference.
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    When will cutting hookers and making headshots be too grose?

    at least we arnt at the point of where the romans where(yet).
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    DIY Video Game Plotline!

    bad news: i have aids
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    anyone play fable: lost chapters?

    how is it?
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    is there anyway to try WOW for free?

    well, i see ure point. but if a million people are playing and it has raving reviews, its worth a risk
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    World of Warcraft has just stolen my life!

    HAHA i feel your disgust and hope i do not become a borg, cause i just bought the bitch
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    is there anyway to try WOW for free?

    isnt that just being stuborn
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    is there anyway to try WOW for free?

    aww fuck it, i just bought it....sometimes it just aint worth busting your balls to find holes in the system.
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    is there anyway to try WOW for free?

    anyone have info on this free download for 14 days thing?
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    is there anyway to try WOW for free?

    if you buy the game, is there any free tril period automaticaly? could i have the key for free please? lol
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    is there anyway to try WOW for free?

    WOW looks cool. Ive been bored to death(suicide is a serious option for me right now) with computer games in past year or so and have always thought subscription based games were for hardcore gamers with no lives, well maybe i am one, or maybe not...but is there a way to try this for free(for a...
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    Doom on iPod

    very cool. Anyone here willing to give that a try? haha im scared.
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    F.E.A.R...cant get higher than 1024x760

    nvm figured out how to add custom res.
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    F.E.A.R...cant get higher than 1024x760

    Im running a 17'' Hitachi LCD with native at 1280x1024. How can I get fear to run at 1280x960 or 1280x1024. It maxes out at 1024x760. All other games run fine. Running it with a 6800 GT.
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    Do you guys recommend Guild Wars?

    Im the kinda guy that loves occasional FPSing( hl2 ) and rarely an RPG(Knights of the Old Republic), also dont like to game all that much. Maybe 10 hours a week. Guild Wars looks cool, but do you think its worth the money for me?