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  1. S - Zotac GTX 980ti 546.57 +FS after Code + waived return shipping

    I used that promo code and got a fury X for 540 after the 50 off and 9 from using a debit card. The debit thing isn't sketchy as retailers pay less in fees when a consumer uses a debit card. Although depending on the CC you may get purchase protections so YMMV on that.
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    Half Of All Software In Brazil Is Pirated

    I've been there and this is very very true. I my old company had an office down there which I visited on several occasions. They have a huge import taxes to try and promote in-country manufacturing and development so everything imported has massive taxes sometimes approaching 100%.
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    Livestream is live! Really live!

    I hope the NDA expires soon.......I was hoping it would as soon as the announcement was made.
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    Netapp FAS2040

    Anyone on here have a netapp FAS2040 or similar series netapp?
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    390X coming soon few weeks

    let's bring this train back on track for a minute. Looks like rumors of an actual launch date have surfaced.
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    ASUS & HardOCP 20th Anniversary GTX 980 Gold Edition Lucky Draw

    Concrete-core chokes and hardened MOSFETs Asus makes some of my favorite tech
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    Vandalism Shut Down Internet, Cellphone, Telephone Service Across Arizona

    I live in northern Arizona and it sucked. ALL of the conventional ISPs up here apparently run through the single fiber conduit. The only thing that was working was Verizon Wireless service. Banks closed and even the regional 911 center shut down forcing all 911 to failover to the backup POTS...
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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    Replacing my 6970 crossfire setup and getting a major boost in Multi-display gaming!
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    Origin Sale

    Anyone play the dead space 3 expansion? I really enjoyed the first three games of the series.
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    [H]ot: WD Purple 2TB $79.99 @ egg with code

    Way back in the day you could user a application to change the TLER on drives but that was taken away and then they started producing the drives with firmware customized for specific uses. In today's market having these drives marketing in this manner makes it easier for less tech savy people...
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    From Sapphire 7950 Vapor-X 3gb to 780 Ti or R9 290x?

    The 290X is roughly 10%-20% faster depending on the game. You can overclock your 290 and get fairly close to a stock 290X but you can't "unlock" a 290. Your old crossfire setup is going to outperform a single 290 setup. I have a pair of 6970s and I've been on the fence about a 290x or a...
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    [Tweaktown] R9 290/x price cuts begin

    Has anyone seen any eyefinity/Surround performance comparisons? This is what will tip the scale one way or another for me. My 6970s are getting long in the tooth.
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    MSI GeForce GTX 970 GAMING 4G Video Card Review @ [H]

    This makes me really consider switching to Nvidia after years of AMD cards. How is NVsurround? I love my eyefinity.
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    Norco 3116 fan replacements

    No one has an opinion on quiet fans?
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    NAS for Hyper-V?

    The wd 1tb 10k rpm drives would be a great option to boost your performance especially over 7200 drives and sql dbs.
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    Dell Precision T7500 Lab?

    Ive got a lab running on hyperV on a t3500 so I imagine a 7500 wouldn't be an issue either. No driver problems. Runs great.
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    Norco 3116 fan replacements

    Need recommendations for fan replacements on my Norco 3116. Need 2 60mm and 4 80mm. Been out of the game for a while and haven't had to buy aftermarket fans for quite some time. I am looking for near silent fans. This thing is going in my office and I can't have a jet engine running in the...
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    How moveable are hyper-v vm's? and other vm questions

    Super easy to move Hyper-V VMs around to different systems. I would just use VHDx and not pass-through disks. It's a pain in the ass if you decide to move the VM. Gives you more flexibility on the storage if you put it in a VHDX if you decided to user a RAID or something on the backend in the...
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    MSI Radeon R9 290X GAMING 4G Video Card Review @ [H]

    I hope the price comes down on this at 649 it's just not worth it. I'm in the market for a new card and I was hoping to get one of these MSI cards but not that this price point. The MSI 290 Gaming model is looking a lot better at $469. I think this card at 569 would be a better price point...
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    R9 290 Eyefinity benchmarks

    I was actually hoping maybe someone did some non-CF benchmarks. I usually buy a video card every other Gen and in-between I grab another for CF but not until the following GEN is release and everyone starts dumping their current cards for cheap.
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    R9 290 Eyefinity benchmarks

    Any seen any numbers for eyefinity on a R9 290? I'm considering upgrading from my two 6970s.
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    R9 pricing

    Any thoughts on when the prices will settle down? I want to upgrade to one but paying $140 over MSRP is not going to happen.
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    AMD Radeon R9 290 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Can't wait to see some eyefinity numbers on this thing. I've been waiting for a good single card solution to replace my 6970s.
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    ESXi host for SMB

    I manage about 50 remote offices and have many setups. One of the solutions I've come up with offers pretty good failover ability and is pretty cheap. 1 HP Dl380 Gen8 with 24 disks slots. Enough RAM and disk to run whatever you need in one box. 1 Desktop with a iSCSI lun from a cheap...
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    2 x SANs 1 x Cluster - VMware failover (automated)

    Unless you're talking about SSDs in your SAN you won't see any difference in latency between iSCSI and FC. Especially going 10.
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    Win 2012, Hyper-V, VM resolution question

    Look into RemoteFX
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    Select Storage Device for ESXi install

    Sounds like it didn't load the driver for your storage sub-system. Double-check your hardware is on the compatible list. Otherwise you could go with Hyper-V 2012. Much more flexible in terms of hardware support.
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    Corsair AX850 Gold Fully Modular PSU $130 AR

    +1 more happy AX850 owner. Efficient, quite, and reliable.
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    7970 CrossfireX Eyefinity issues?

    run ATIman driver cleaner and remove your driver and reinstall everything. Then use the disable ULPS option. You may also want to set it to AFR friendly. I was having all kinds of issues after adding a second 6970. Those steps cleared up my problems.
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 6

    good cards, good warrany, good price. That's all you need to know.
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    Odd 6970 driver issues

    I'm having some weird driver issues with my MSI 6970 reference card. In BF3 if I use any driver newer than 11.9 I get artifacts and the game is unplayable. Sometimes when I load a new version explorer.exe crashes when I have more than two monitors connected. I even went as far as to do a...
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    Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

    I've got a Antec 900 that I'd love to replace with something bigger. Been using Antec products for years and I can't say one bad thing about them.
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    AMD Catalyst 12.4 Drivers Now Available

    Installed 12.4 and now explorer crashed with three LCDs connected whether in Eyefinity or not. If I disconnect one explorer will load fine. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and no luck. I haven't been able to play Bf3 on anything newer than 11.9 as I get artifacting. I starting to think I...
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    Space Marine $12.49 on GreenmanGaming Activates on Steam

    If was pretty fun game. A little short if i had to complain about it but most FPS games these days are short. Very satisfying cutting down orcs with various weapons. The jump pack sections were just stupid fun.
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    7970 price gouging? 6970 comparitive pricing...

    I'm going to wait for the card that will replace the 6970 in it's current price range and pick up another 6970 on the cheap.
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    BF3 Tweaks and Help Thread

    Eyefninity Issue Anyone else have the issue where the Friend or Foe marks only show on the left screen when in Eyefinity resoultuion? If I switch to single screen they work correctly.
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    HP P410

    i'll see if I can find it and you can have it if you pay for shipping which I can't imagine would be much
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    Consumer Internet Traffic Chart

    Canada was above us Really? WTH
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    HP P410

    I put the card in a desktop and it powered up and I saw it initialize. I put it back in the server and it works fine now. Weird
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    HP P410

    I am building a NAS for work and I picked up a HP P410 and a HP SAS expander card. The P410 confirguration option doesn't show up during boot. I am running it on an Intel 1200 series server board with a Xeon E3 1220. I setup the onboard intel RAID for the OS drives and those work fine. Any...