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    Max Payne 1-2-3

    Sorry to bump thread, but just got done playing the trilogy again. Honestly all 3 are awesome and to me a perfect trilogy. Never understood the hate for 3. Maybe because I just finished it, but to me it may just be the best out of the bunch. Love the change up, the graphics still hold up...
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    Doom Eternal

    Well crap, count me in the camp for Doom 2016. Eternal started off ok, but a few hours, the increasing of jumping, double jumping, dash jump, just had to throw in the towel. Pretty bummed too because the visuals and performance of this game are stellar. I'm all for changing the game, but...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Yup, i missed this whole side mission my 1st play through. Figured out pretty much from your description above, and loved the side missions. Mr Granger, he is awesome. While I agree with you that some of these side missions were obviously a challenge, I'll still call this the best SP game...
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    Serious Sam 4

    Maybe i'm just getting old, but just came across a youtube video for SS4. Uh, fantastic! SS3 was great return after a terrible SS2. Suprised this is not getting more attention. Need this yesterday. Hope August is a true release date!
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Just finished the 2nd playthrough myself, and was sad it was nearing an end.....again. I've said it before, best overall game...ever. Yup. I wish they'd concentrate on SP and give the MP a rest. alas, never happen.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Good lawd! Decade eh? Yeah I loved RDR1 and Undead, just fantastic. Guess after second play though on RDR2, I'll have to hit that back up.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I"m about to finish this for the second time (first on PS4, 2nd on PC). and I did not know this, so thanks for the heads up. I'm on the wrong side of 40, and have been playing PC/console games since early 80's. I can safely say I have put more hours in this game than any other game I've...
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    Games that should be revived...

    Rune Descent Soldier of Fortune
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    Yeah I just bought this on a website for 29 bucks. About an hour in using mouse and keyboard, a bit challenging and still tweaking, but doable for now. I have to figure out what to key for the force powers. Other than that, not bad. Being a Jedi Outcast fan, the feel of Fallen Order is...
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    Yeah it's coming down in price now, i can snag for bout 30 bucks. I still can't decide if I get this on PS4 or PC. Dang it!
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I think u can go to the app on the phone or on the PC to see your hours. I think on the PS4 i clocked around 5 days worth. holy moly.....
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    So yeah, as mentioned previous this is my 2nd playthrough, with the first one being on PS4 and now on PC. My wife thinks I have an addiction with this game and she may be right!. I rarely go to youtube or how to's for this game simply because to me it's a slow burn and I'll figure out some of...
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    Yeah i'm a mouse keyboard guy for every PC game I've ever played.....up until I played Red Dead on the PC, which I'm still doing, but I can see where the controller would be better off. I also see this for Fallen Order. I have a desktop PC, and actually tried to sync my Xbox One controller...
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    PS4 or PC Still trying to decide here. Leaning towards PS4 just for the controller. Heard Keyboard and Mouse is pretty tough to get a good lay out and I would have to add bluetooth capability to PC to use controller. I don't have the Pro, but i can take advantage of HDR on my OLED. My PC...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Well I for one finished this on the PS4. I'm sorta embarrassed how many hours I logged into RDR2. It's been about 6 months since completion, and did not really hesitate to pick this up again on PC. This time around I'm just riding my horse around taking my time. So yea, guess I do enjoy...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Well, average i'd say maybe 30 to 40 FPS And i have to admit I played and finished on the PS4, so yeah I was all about the aim assist lock on feature. That maybe made the game to easy, but I liked it. Moving to mouse/keyboard definately has it's challenges.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I respect that answer Nenu
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    So yeah i bought this as well on GMG sale. Overall, for my sytem, it looks good and runs average at 1080p. My main issue is the mouse controls. I was excited for this coming to PC to be able to play this with the mouse and keyboard and not have the auto aim assist like on consoles. Only...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Might have already been stated, but did the 500mb patch that dropped help at all with the optimization? I'm grabbin at straws here :(
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Yikes, i was thinking of purchasing a 1660 super to replace my 1060, however at those framerates on the guru3D test (1440p) that's really not going to cut it. Oh boy.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    So far this thread is the most informative. I am gonna have to delay purchasing on the PC for a few weeks to let patches come out. Specs below, i'm thinking this may tax my system hard. I played and finished on the PS4, put about 5 days worth of hours into it....and ready for more Red Dead!!!!
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    NVme XPG 8200 pro/Asus H170 issues

    Ha, well appreciate it anyway! Good Lord this thing is blazin fast. Now thinking I should have it as my primary drive, but for now, the games load so much quicker than my previous SSD and the 7200 rpm.
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    NVme XPG 8200 pro/Asus H170 issues

    Yeah, finally wanted to see what the hype was about and purchased the 512GB version of this M2 Nvme. Just wanted to use it as additional storage for future games. Thought this was going to be an easy add on, nope. Installed in MB easy enough, but once booted, I do not show it as a 3rd hard...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Dang, i guess i need another SSD, 150GB? Guess I could install on my 7200 HD. May be loooooooooooooong load times.
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    Resident Evil 2 Gets a Demo This Week

    Yes RE2 was in my opinion the best out of all of them. Quick question, PC?
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    Red Dead Redemption 2's HDR Isn't Really HDR

    Still waiting on my copy of Red Dead, but this story makes me a bit sad. I have an OLED, and I was looking forward to how this looks with the HDR format. It appears I'll probably be turning this function off as well. I'd like to compare though first.
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    Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered Free For Red Faction Guerrilla Owners

    I've been replaying this remarstered version. There is a slight uptick to the graphics....slight. Also, on my new rig i'm getting the same studders I got on my old rig. Don't think this will be fixed in a patch, but one could hope.
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    District 9 Director to Helm new RoboCop Movie

    He's a fookin Prawn mon! All seriousness, not sure Neil B is doing. Right now he does need to get right in the head and realize that District 9 (part II) is his path. No Chappie 2, no RoboCop 5.3, no Alien part 40, it's D9 time!!!! P.S. Any movie out of Oats Studios would be awesome.
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    Red Faction: Guerrilla Remastered

    Starting playing remarstered. Graphics a bit of an upgrade, but not much, but it's free, and I'm ok with it. Only thing that is driving me nuts is the studdering i'm getting, when I know I should not be getting. Is this a known issue?
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    NVIDIA’s First 4K G-Sync HDR Monitor Is Available to Preorder for $2,000

    Price is bananas. Anyone who shells out this cash for this price is nutz. Unless you have it I guess....:(
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    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus PC Requirements

    Yeah i'm another concerned i5 owner. My system is now 1 year old this month, and I'm already outdated :( I have not had an issue with a game yet with my system specs running at 1080p. I hope Wolfy 2 ain't the first.
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    Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Plot Posted By Writer

    Ugh this is frustrating. Think about all the great games on PC coming out right now. (well in my opinion) The graphics improvements that Valve could have taken advantage of, and what appears to be a great story to base the 3rd ep on. Jesus, I just can't believe they would let this lapse...
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    PS4 Games Have Finally Been Added to PS Now

    I'm a PC guy, but good lord Red Dead is a fantastic game. I just played it again last year, graphics still hold up, on the 360 no less. Can't wait for Red Dead II. On PC? That will be ridiculous
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    Neill Blomkamp's New Sci-Fi Short “Rakka” Now Streaming on Steam and YouTube

    Loved District 9, Chappie I just pretend it didn't happen. I loved this Rakka short. Yes borrowed from other concepts, but Blomkamp's style can be unmatched. Bring it on! Also, Sharto Copley is great, hope he makes a cameo in the next short for Rakka. I approve!
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    Metro Exodus Announced

    Yes please
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    Destiny 2 “Last Call” Teaser

    Dayum, really need another Serenity movie or something to get me outta this rut! Enough is enough
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    Shadow Warrior 2

    I've played a few hours so far. Not as exciting about this as I was Shadow Warrior 1 (from couple years ago). Frankly, there is almost too much to deal with. Maybe that's the RPG factor, but I'm wandering around right now just doing missions for my mechanic. I have some chick in my head...
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    Shadow Warrior 2

    About to finally get SW2. Came here to search the forum. This is a rather small thread on this game that is supposed to be great! Am I on the wrong thread?
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    Rise of the Tomb Raider

    So just got around to buying this one. Opening scene, I was like "THE SNOW!" Wow, very realistic looking and the foot prints it leaves in heavey snow. I just spent 10 minutes walking around the top there. Haven't got far at all, but love this opening scene.
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    Shadow Warrior 2

    So got my rig upgraded, and I'm ready for some Lo Wang. Pretty suprised of the lack of talk on this forum about it. 2 pages? Hmm. Anyway, looking to get it after I finish up Doom, which is awesome, just don't see much of anything feedback on the forum.