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    Airlink AR670W DD-WRT Mac Issue

    So I've this cheap Airlink 101 AR670W flashed with DD-WRT. Works well my Window 7 and Ubuntu boxes. For some reason, on all Mac devices, I completely lose the wifi connection when it's been idle for a while. This happens on my iMac and iPod touch only, and not the other...
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    Virtualbox Multiple Network Adapters / Outside Internet

    So I'm fiddling around with CentOS via Virtualbox. I have 4 network adapters setup. 1 is via NAT and 3 are local host only. The local host only obviously don't give me access to the internet, but the NAT one does. Problem is that when all 4 are active, I can't access the internet. If...
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    n00b lense question

    Can SLR lenses be used on DSLR's from the same company? I've got a bunch of Canon stuff laying around from the 70's and 80's and it's in great shape.
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    Annoying Windows 7 Blue Screen

    Dell Precision T5500 Windows 7 Pro 64-bit ATI FirePro V4800 with latest drivers My computer randomly blue screens while in Windows. No text or anything. Just a blue screen and I can't do anything but restart. Anyone else experience this? I know Google is my friend, but I've tried all of its...
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    Migrating from one Mac to another

    Is it possible to take a hard drive image from one Mac and transfer it to another without having to re-install anything? Thinking about getting more juice...not sure how this work with licensing, but I would then format the old computer.
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    MySQL Performance

    Generally speaking, how many requests per second could a MySQL database take? I know some of it depends on hardware. For example, let's say I have a crappy old AMD system with 256mb laying around and I wanted to run an internal web server and hammer it. Don't worry...I'm not trying to take...
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    RAID Question

    If I have a hardware RAID enclosure set to RAID 1 and Windows recognizes it as 1 drive, is there anything else I have to do to setup? I assume the hardware part takes care of replication. For example: 1 Sans Digital Enclosure set to RAID 1 Two 1TB Drives Windows sees 1 1TB drive /profit Correct?
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    RAID Question

    I just purchased an external RAID enclosure made by Sans Digital. I set the jumpers to RAID 1 and Snow Leopard sees the two 1TB drives as 1 1TB drive. I formatted it and started copying over. Since the RAID is being handled by the hardware, is there any RAID setting I have to set from within...
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    Good scren grab software?

    Anyone know of a free program I can grab screens with? Ideally something where I can use a keyboard short cut and go to town getting multiple grabs. Thanks
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    What's the damage to this iMac 24" screen?

    Hi, Bought this iMac and did not know it was damaged: Does that look like LCD burn-in or is it condensation? It's that way when the iMac is off too. The yellowish appearance is most likely because it was under a yellow light.
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    Asus M4A78T-E X6 recognition

    So I'm wondering if my Asus M4A78T-E will recognize the X6 cpu as unknown or if it won't post at all. Considering buying a Sempron CPU just to flash it to avoid wasting my time.
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    CPU fan won't spin all the time...

    I have a BIOSTAR MCP6P M2+ and AM2 5050E CPU. The 4-pin connector from the motherboard is really stiff and it seems like the CPU fan connector isn't lining up straight. The only way to get the fan to spin is to push it tight against the white part of the CPU fan connector on the motherboard...
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    Free Bootable Mac Disk Utilities

    Hi, I was given a Powerbook to fix. The owner is unable to locate the installation CD's. I'd like to install Ubuntu on there, but it can't locate the hard drive. Before I declare that the drive is dead, I would like to see if I can use a Mac disk utlity to locate and reformat the drive...
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    mini pcie / pcie x1

    Being the genius that I am, I purchased a Dell 1505 mini-pcie wireless card from eBay and thought I got a great deal. Unfortunately, it didn't come with a pcie-1 adapter so I cannot install in my motherboard...additionally, it did not come with an antenna. Is there any place I can get just the...
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    Good site for e-mail hosting?

    I'm currently running a site which needs to house a couple of contact forms. The mail server (sendmail) is set to block all e-mail messages. I want to use another service to use PHP's mail function via smtp or just regular mail. Are there companies that do this? I've seen a lot of mail...
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    Windows 7 Availability

    I originally downloaded the 64-bit version from Microsoft, but as we all know it's no longer publicly available. I want the 32-bit version. Is there any legal place to download from for free? I plan on buying the final version when it comes out, but I'm eager to start using it now.
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    Ugh I think I killed another motherboard!

    I had an old MSI KT4V motherboard laying around, and rather than remove an older motherboard from the case to test the MSI board, I was lazy and decided to put it on top of a static bag and short it on. The CPU fan looked like it was going to spin up a couple of times but didn't make it past...
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    Is my SB Audigy 2 ZS Gamer toast?

    The sound on my sound blaster stopped working...tried the onboard audio and it worked. i can't figure out what happened...there doesn't appear to be any physical damage to the card...could it have just shorted out? I guess I can live with onboard sound in ubuntu.
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    E6600 HSF

    Just bought an E6600 with stock HSF for $55. I've heard that the Intel cooler is complete garbage and I am wondering anyone has any advice for a replacement which will fit inside of an Ultra Microfly case. Thanks
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    Odd Site Stat Request

    Is there anyway for me to gather visitor info from a specific days from a log file on my web server? I do not have Webalizer installed. I have bandwidth stats, but not visitor stats. Any way I can do it via IP addresses? Strange and possibly dumb question, but I'd like to know. It's a RHEL4...
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    Insane Flickering

    System Specs: ECS 945GCT/1333M E2200 4GB Kingston Memory 40GB WD 400GB Seagate DVD-RW Radeon X800 My computer has stopped shutting down...screen will go blank but the fans keep moving...sometime when I unplug and replug it, the lights of the case will flicker endlessly. I'm thinking my PSU...
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    Need to Upgrade NT 4.0 Server

    I'm doing a favor for someone. His office currently uses NT 4.0...God knows why. Any suggestions about which OS to switch to (2000, XP Pro, etc.)? Stability is my main concern and I don't know much about networking.
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    Carrying Case Recommendation for Acer Aspire ONE?

    Just snagged an Aspire One off eBay with Cashback and 10% coupon. Now all I need is a good quality bag. Anyone have a recommendation. I looked at, but there aren't too many reviews yet. Thanks!
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    Flickering Monitor Diagnosis

    I've got a Chi Mei CMV-743A. Lately, the image on the screen will flicker when I turn it on. I can see the image for less than a second, then the screen goes black, but the green light stays on. It's not a computer issue, I'm 100% it's the monitor. What could this be? I'm planning to...
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    Database Structure Question

    I'm setting up a site with three user levels (admin, privileged user and regular user). All three need to have access to data, but the regular users should only have access to data assigned to them. For example, regular user uploads a photo. Admin and privileged users can see it, and so can...
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    Two gripes with Itunes

    1) Allowing me to download 10/11 songs from an album BUT EXCLUDING ONE SONG so I can't use codes to complete the album. 2) 128kps. #1 really annoyed the hell out of me today because I can't stand not having a full album and I'm not going to re-buy 10 songs.
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    PHP Form + Protected File Download = Headache

    I'm trying to figure out how to take data entered into a form and export it to a database, then allow whoever filled the form out to download a protected file. I'm a PHP n00b and don't really know any MySQL. This came up out of nowhere and even though I am in the process of learning PHP and...
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    Blocking RealPlayer Downloads

    The newest version of RealPlayer allows users to download progressive download flv files. Is there any way I can block this on my server (LAMP)?
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    Dual Booting + Grub

    So I installed CentOS 4.6 in addition to my Windows XP install and ran some updates, and I notice that there are four lines for 4 different Linux Kernels and 1 for Windows XP. Why isn't there just 1 entry for CentOS? I don't even know which one to choose. Thanks.
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    Linux File Sync Suggestions?

    I need syncing software that will automatically synchronize directories on my local Red Hat box with my live server. Is rsync the best choice? I've never used any syncing software on Linux before.
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    Upload Forms

    I am interested in adding an upload form to one of my photo pages on my site. I heard that Perl and Java are better alternatives to PHP. I have never worked with upload forms in the past. Any recommendations on good free scripts or even good pay packages? Will probably be jpg and pdf mostly...
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    PHP Contact + QMail + Me = Headache

    I'm trying to setup a PHP contact form on my web site. My mail server is hosted in house while the web server is out of house. My web server interface is Plesk and every time I try to send a message with the contact form, Qmail shows that it has bounced. Which settings do I have wrong? Am I...
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    Having a hard time choosing a console...

    I've decided to upgrade from my dead PS2. I am looking at the WII, PS3 and XBOX. My #1 priority is the longevity of the system. I don't want something new to come out just a few months after I purchase it. Why I want a PS3: Blue-ray, great graphics. (Blue-ray capability is a major draw...
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    vsftpd user confusion

    I've done some Google searches on how to configure vsftpd to work for me, but I just can't find the right answer. I'm running a server to test web files, and I want to be able to access via FTP. I'm using Fedora 8. I installed vsftpd, but I am not sure if I should be using my local username...
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    External Hard Drive Enclosure

    I feel silly asking such a simple question, but the external hard drive I use for backing up my work PC's is dying. Am I able to strip it of the current hard drive and install my own? It's a Maxtor enclosure.
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    Is anyone familiar with this company? I recently purchased two 512MB PC133 SO-DIMMS for my Powerbook (they match the specs of my current Hynix memory), but the machine wouldn't power on. Just wondering if it's a compatibility issue or if the RAM is bad.
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    Power RAM Upgrade Fail

    So I went to upgrade my 2x256 Double-sided PC133 RAM in my Powerbook to 2x512 double sided PC 133 RAM (different brand) and all that happens is that the power light blinks instead of the system powering on. Does this mean the RAM is incompatible or does it mean that I'm not installing properly...
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    P180B Front Door

    Does anyone know where I would be able to purchase the front door (black) for an Antec P180B? Antec sent me a replacement, but it's silver and I don't feel like paying to ship it back. Or maybe someone wants to trade silver for black :D
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    Powerbook G4 Ti DVI Memory Upgrade

    So I'd like to update my dated Powerbook G4 Ti DVI memory from 2x256 to 2x512 and whoopie, it's PC133. Anyone have any good places other than eBay to purchase this kind of memory? I'd prefer not to pay $100 for ancient RAM.
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    Plesk Help...

    So we're moving to a new hosting environment at work and we will be using Plesk to manage the settings. I've never used Plesk, but I have dabbled with Webmin. Can anyone recommend and good tutorials or training courses that would be of help to me? Thanks