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    Onboard vs dedicated sound card?

    What are your thoughts on add-on sound cards these days? I've been using built in sound in every build I have done. Im researching new surround speakers for gaming. Do you all think that its worth getting add on sound cards like a Creative X-fi or the like while I am at it? Will it sound that...
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    Hannspree 23" HF-237HPB

    I was walking bestbuy yesterday and came across this guy. I wouldn't have looked twice at it except the price.... $139 for a 23" wide? Its not a high-end monitor to say the least... 5 ms response time; 15,000:1, 1920 x 1080.... VGA and HDMI only. And I did not recognize the name... Didn't...
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    Dell 30" or Westy 37"?

    OMG I hate decisions like this...... ~_~ Ok so its time to get a new monitor. I want to go with a bigboy and the 2 monitors I am looking at are the 30" from Dell and the 37" from Westinghouse. I have heard great things about both.... and im having a hard time deciding /cry Here are some of...
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    Memory recomendations please...

    Hey all, Im looking at putting together a new system and have a memory question. The system I am putting together will probably include the P4 Extreme running at 1066fsb. I was going to probably throw it on a matching Nforce MB. My question is what kind of memoru should i throw in this thing...
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    Samsung 215TW... mixed feelings

    So it was time to upgrade monitors. I had been watching the forums for a while now and I knew I wanted to go Widescreen. Since I promissed my wife I would upgrade her first she got first dibs.... I picked up a Samsung 215TW. I must say I was HELLA impressed with it. The screen was near...
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    Can you mod a thermal control fan?

    I have 2 fans I sleeved for a project im working on. They are just a noname brand from compusa, but are hella quiet. I think better than my stealths at same speeds. Anyways, I egerly sleeved them for installation and I realized I made an oppsey. The fans are thermal controled. Thermal...
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    Watercooling Path & Pump Placement?

    Hi all, About to finally complete my water cooling setup, and I just want to solicite advice on the routing. Here is what I have for the loop: CPU Block GPU Block NB Block 2x HD Blocks Res 240 Rad Inline Flow Sensor Pump In what order do you think these should go in? So far the...
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    Using X-Connect cables on a ModStream

    Ok ok I know it may sound like a goofy idea. I have this Ultra X-Connect that I refuse to use in my main system. I've read enough about it not not have a warm fuzzy about using it. But thats not the story of this post. I picked up a OCZ ModStream 520 to put into my system, to power the...
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    Lapping Silver Blocks: Should I lap this?

    Hi all, Ok so I got my silver watercooling blocks in, and what I want to know is 2 fold. First, should I lap this block? Tried to capture the reflection quality as best as I could.... The finnish isn't bad, but mill marks are visible. Though it feels smooth I'm sure it could...
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    Error: FTP not resolving host names...

    For some reason my FTP just up and stopped resolving URL host names. I can punch an IP in no problem, but if i throw the domain in there... it cant resolve it. Same error for any FTP i try to connect to. This problem is also affecting my Seti@home packets... they aren't going out either. WWW...
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    FX-53 Sudden Slowdown!!! (and very cool!) help >.<;

    Ok here is the problem..... So I got boared and decided to test out this Abit AV8 I had sitting on the side here. I like the MB :) I have been running smooth as silk on the board using the FX-53 939 processor for a few days. I had benched and was playing many games with absolutely no problem...
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    New System Troubleshooting: Help :(

    Hi all, I just got done completing my 2 identical builds for project stackers. However, one of the computers seems to be having an issue. Naturally its mine >.<; Here are the specs: AND FX-53 939 MSI Neo2 Plat mb 512x2 Crucial Ballistix PC-4K Antec Neopower 480 ATI X800XTPE (real)...
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    Creative SB Ribbon cable Replacement?? (you suck creative)

    Ok I have a major rant, along with a question. WTF is up with creative using a non-standard pinout for their livedrive ribbon cable? They are suck friggin huge idiots! They use an IDE ribbon cable, but just had to insture the pinout wasn't compatable with newer rounded cables. The blocked...
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    Help with ATI: Turn off Anti-Aliasing?

    Hihi, I am trying to perform some benchmark tests and I want to turn off AA completely. I don't see how I can turn it off entirely. I see where I can raise it from 2x up.... and I see where you can set it to "Application Preference", but no "off". Does Application Preference turn it off by...
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    HELP: Video Card Benchmarks: What settings to use?

    Hi all, Ok the deal is I am testing the ATI x800xtpe (real not patch) against the Nvidia 6800 Ultra. I have several benchmarking tools, including Aqua, 3DMark 2k1 & 2k3, and Fraps to use with a few games. What are teh common settings used to test in these benches? Aquamark3's test #1...
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    Review: Cooler Master Cross Flow Fan & Window Panel (pics)

    Reviews this post: Cooler Master Cross Flow Fan Cooler Master Window for Stacker Last Update: 24-SEP-04 : 1236AM Reason: Updated information on CFF mounting problem. Related Review Links: Cooler Master Stacker Case Hi everyone, This time I have 2 reviews for you. We will be...
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    Review: Cooler Master Stacker Case (pics, pics, pics)

    Reviews this post: Cooler Master Stacker Case Last Update: 24 SEP 04 : 0340 AM Why: New problem added at end of review. And info on how to break your drive bay cover >.<;. Related Review Links: CM Cross Flow Fan CM Side Window Panel Hi everyone, This is my first review, so...
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    Project Stackers - High End Builds, Comparative Testing & First Mod! (56k Warning)

    Project Status: Complete Last Update: 23 Feb 2005 Reason: Finally doing some work yeay Actual modding starts on pg. 11. My apology for the delay in this project. I did not realize time would be against me, but it's finally getting going again. Thanks for hanging in there :)...
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    Links in the sig?

    Can links be post in your sig?
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    Radiator Fans: Push or Pull through the rad?

    Ok I tried doing a little search and couldn't find anything on it. Is it best to Pull air through the rad, or Push air through? Does it even matter? I wasn't sure if there was a right or a wrong way to do it.
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    Who makes the best UV sleeving?

    I see alot aplaces offer it and claim theirs is teh best... can anyone point me to really good uv sleeving? Especially blue.
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    Who was it that sleeves and mod's PSU for you?

    We were talking about PSU mods in class today and someone asked about a place that does it for you. I think i've seen a site offer that, but I couldnt remember to save my life. What company out there takes any psu you buy and turns it into a modular & sleeves in the color of your choice? Not...
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    What is the smallest MB?

    I know alot of you are into the micro pc setups. I would like to know what the smallest MB out there is, as I may be looking for one soon for a mod. Onboard sound is ok. Onboard ethernet a plus. Onboard video a big plus, but it can have an AGP port just incase I would have the room for a card. I...
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    Mod AGP & PCI slots?

    Ok just some off-the-wall thinking here. Is it possible to change out the actual AGP & PCI connectors on a motherboard if you had a fine micro-tip solder iron/kit? Example: Change non UV to uv connectors. Not sure if this can be done, because I don't know if the "layers" in the MB pcb have...
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    Anyone own a Formac 2010?

    Here is a link: a link 20" monitor with DVI. Looks very much like an apple screen but its not. Review sites said its better... if thats saying anything. This can be had for about 800$ and some of the reviews are good, but I don't know anyone that has it hehe. Any good?
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    Proud owner of a new Canon A80 (first pics)

    Well, off to bestbuy I went to pick up a Canon A80 on sale for $249. When they opened the display there wasnt any :eek: . Turned out someone "misplaced" 2 in another bin, because the department mgr knew there was still some suppose to be in stock. After alittle searching we found the secret...
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    Canon SD110 or A80?

    Both are on sale here for $249, but I don't know which one to get /cry Kinda leaning towards the A80.. its 4mp vs the 3.2 of the SD110. But because they are the same price I don't know :/ Anyone have any advice here? SD110 3.2 mp, 2x optical / 3.2digital zoom, 1.5" lcd A80 4.0 mp, 3x...
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    Raptor questions. How big does c: need to be?

    Ok, From what ive read and see, having at least 1 raptor in your system is generally a good thing. I was ganna get a 74gb for the main system drive, and I have a few Qs: 1. System drive only or no? I've been reading that alot of people only use the raptor for their system drives. This kinda...
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    Digi Cam Poll: What Digital Camera do you use?

    Sound out what Camera you own. :) EDIT: I didn't see this, which is also useful. Note From FLECOM: Sticked :) try to keep it on topic, if you have questions about a particular camera/lens/setup whatever make a thread about it
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    HAHA (doh!) ATI & Nvidia on the way o.O;

    *** THIS STORY CONTIENUES IN THE WORK LOG > CLICK < *** Ok it was a simple plan. Order both cards, and when the first batch shipped, can-x the 2nd batch. (I should have known better) I put 2 BFG 6800Ultra's on order at 1 place, and 2 PowerColor x800xt pe le's on order at another place. The...
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    Keyboard "Upgrade"? Better keep an eye out for big brother

    Holy big brother batman! Damn just one more thing to watch for. Honestly, how often do people look at their keyboard connections though? Ugh... :rolleyes:
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    Anyone using Aquacomputer or Swiftech WC?

    I'm trying to decide what WC solution I want to go with. The 2 that have caught my eye are Swiftech and now Aquacomputer. Anyone using either of these and can share any thoughts? I find the Aquacomputer interesting because of the low-flow and smaller hoses... curious how it performs vs other...
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    Western Digital RAID Edition worth the extra price?

    Can anyone tell me if the WD Caviar RAID Edition 250GB SATA is worth getting over the non-raid edition? The raid edition is 50$+. I do not plan on running raid or hot swap. Im getting a 74gb raptor for my system drive and a 250gb for everything else. Raid edition or no?
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    Help: What memory to buy? (I hate this)

    First, let me apologise for my lack of knowledge in this department. I have probably asked this a few times and I am still lost >.< I hate shopping for memory. Basically I want the BEST memory I can buy that will work well, and OC good later in these 2 mother boards: MSI Neo2Plat or an...
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    PowerColor X800XT PE LE @

    They popped up this morning on their site In Stock :) POWERCOLOR X800XT PLAT LIMITED W/ CARRYING BAG RETAIL $685 Priced alittle high because of the LE Backpack and whatnot I guess. Clickey Edit: Doh just looked and they are on Backorder again :eek: Story of my life :rolleyes:
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    Where to buy: AMD FX-53 (939) in stock? :(

    /cry Where can I get one? Noone has any in stock, and the ones that list it just keep bumping their date farther and farther back..... Anyone know where I can get one? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease /cry Edit: Please don't say Ebay.
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    Abit AV8 users: How well does it OC?

    I am just wondering how well you AV8 users have been able to OC. ^_^ Getting good stable results? Please do tell what memory you are using as well as timings would be a big help as well if you know them off hand. Thanks :)
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    Anyone have / use DVD X COPY?

    Just wondering if anyone has or has used this software, and how well does it work. I am trying to determin if its worth picking up a copy from a 3rd party while you can still get them..... I want to be able to copy all of my newer DVD's. Any recomendations?