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  1. J

    Sony's Xperia Z2 Tablet approved for the US of AT&T

    I'm hoping with this news that AT&T will carry the Z2 phone.
  2. J

    Ghosr Recon: Future Soldier

    Another console port job im assuming.
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    30" - need a new high end card. Advice please

    I currently have a single 8800GTX that I use with my 30" Dell. I'm looking at purchasing the GTX 295 FTW Edition ( Or should I spend the extra money and go SLI with the GTX 285/ATI Crossfire cards??? The upgrade is purely...
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    Frontline: Fuel of War - Beta Open Launches

    Open Beta to the public...NDA agreement has been dropped. I highly recommend it especially for the BF2 guys.
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    Mouse light won't shut off

    I picked up a cheap USB mouse for my kids computer that lights up bright blue but the light won't power off when I shut down the PC. I connnected to a different PC and it does power off. So its not a defective mouse. Is this a bios setting? Is there a way to shut this off? Thanks
  6. J

    Core Temp - Vista 64x

    Does it work under 64x? If not can you recommend another program for a Quad. Thanks
  7. J

    4g Memory with Vista 32x?

    I currently have 2 gigs and ram is so dang cheap. Is it worth upgrading since i'm heavily into gaming? Are there any advantages of 4g vs 2g at the moment?
  8. J

    Which Brand GTX? MSI vs Evga

    $480 = MSI overclocked at 610mhz $489 = Evga Stock Clocked at 576mhz Does it matter which brand? I don't care about the step up program at Evga...never used it before. What would be your preference?
  9. J

    Overclocking in Vista - Need help

    I'm looking to overclock my 8800GTS in Vista 32x. When I use the Nvidia control panel and adjust the overclock options and click "Apply" it automatically resets back to default. I tried to do the same with Riva Tuner but again it sets it back to default. Is there something I need to do...
  10. J

    Which card is faster?

    I have a nEVGA 7800GT 256m and an EVGA 8600GT 256m cards laying around. Which is better for gaming? The 7800gt is quite a bit longer and requires a power plug. The 8600 doesn't.
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    Next Battlefield for Consoles ONLY

    I hope this isn't true...I mean WTF
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    Q6600 - What Temp Software

    Curious what software you are using to monitor the Quad core in Vista. Thanks.
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    FREE - TrendNet 54Mbps Wireless Firewall Router, 802.11g, b

    costs $39.99 but has a $40.00 mail in rebate.
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    Stuck Pixels..What to do?

    I have two stuck (green) pixels in the low center part of my LCD. Their about 2 inches apart and it's pisses me off from time to time. I tried the cue tip with dampness over the stuck pixel but that didn't work. Any other suggestions that might help aside from trying to return the...
  15. J

    Basic overclocking question??

    I'm on the noobie side of overclocking so bear with me... I've overclocked my Opty 175@2.9 and everything is running stable (Vcore 1.375). I noticed in my Bios settings that my ram (set to auto) is defaulted to 333 (hz i think). The ram i have is Corsair DDR 400. I changed to manual and...
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    Opty 175 Installed - My feedback

    Made the upgrade from an Athlon 3700@2.7Ghz to the Opty. I purchased OEM from Newegg for 179.00 (too hard to pass up). My stepping is CCBBE 0617EPMW which I was very pleased to see. I was nervous...I'm currently running at 250x11 or 2750 with no issues. My idle Temp is 46c (using Zalman...
  17. J

    Upgrading to Opteron 175 - Need pointers

    I'm upgrading my Athlon 3700 San Diego to a Denmark Opty 175 tonight (overclocking of course). I updated my motherboard chipset and bios drivers to the latest. Aside from just swapping out the two processors is there anything else I should do??? I'm hoping I don't have to re-install the OS...
  18. J

    A8N SLI Premium - Is the EZ Plug Required?

    I am only running 1 EVGA 7800GT card. I am assuming I don't need to use the EZ Plug but I am not totally sure. For some reason my PC wont post when rebooting from Windows. I have to shut down the motherboard from the rear main switch, turn it back on and then it will then boot back up. Im...
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    1g Ram to 2g Ram = Slower Frames Per Sec

    Need help here.... I just upgraded my ram to 2 gigs (4 x 512) and noticed my 3dMark03 dropped slightly and my Frames per second in Counter Strike dropped about 5-7. My PC is not overclocked and memory times are set to auto (2.5 3 3 7) i believe. One Note - I had to update my bios from...
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    Asus A8V Deluxe Bio/Memory Question

    Just setup an A8V Deluxe with an AMD 3700 San Diego. I'm using 1G Corsair DDR 400 and I noticed in the bios it says "MemClock to CPU". Options are 1:1 DDR 200, 2:1 DDR400, etc.... I'm a newbie so my question is should the setting be at 2:1 DDR 400. Seems like a dumb question but I want to...