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    Get Ready for Targeted Ads on Your Smart TV

    I will never get a "smart" TV if this is the direction they will go. If the last TV ever sold is a "smart" TV then I will find a way to make a monitor work. "Enhance the viewing experience," my ass.
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    NVIDIA Controls AIB Launch and Driver Distribution @ [H]

    This level of power grabbing cannot be rewarded. Thank you, [H] and Kyle.
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    Who Gets To Be On The Steam Store?

    I can't agree with your reasoning. Killing people is also a crime. Therefore, the people stimulated by such content are almost all criminals per your logic. There goes most of [H]! Back to far as I know there has not been a link demonstrated between video games and violence. In...
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    GeForce Partner Program Impacts Consumer Choice

    Kyle, in the 16 years I've been following [H] I have yet to see you on the wrong side of an important issue. Thanks for speaking up and you have my support.
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    Tim Cook Calls $999 iPhone X a “Value Price” in New Interview

    To be fair, he's correct. The iPhone X is a terrific value for Apple's bottom line.
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    Introducing the GeForce GTX Battlebox

    No handles, god-awful aesthetics, price premium? It'll sell like hotcakes. Thanks but I'll keep on building my new computer with its DAN case. :)
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Tossing my hat in the ring. Thanks as always for an excellent review, [H].
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    YouTube Announces Streaming TV Service for $35 per Month

    I really want alternatives to cable companies to succeed but this idea needs work. As it is, it's just like what I hate. What I would go for: Three (could be more) tiers of channels Packages $10 and up (using Netflix as a baseline) giving you X, Y, and Z number of channels of your choice from...
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    Windows 10 Game Mode: Free FPS Boost Of A Few Percent, With More To Come

    Probably not very many on this forum. I also can't speak for anyone else but when I've introduced people to PC gaming they're amazed at how much better of an experience they can have in the right game. So long as the options are there I'll be happy but I really hope they don't want to make the...
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    Windows 10 Game Mode: Free FPS Boost Of A Few Percent, With More To Come

    More console-itis is JUST what the doctor ordered! ...said no one ever. The only way to make a gaming experience more predictable is to stop pushing boundaries which I sincerely hope doesn't happen. That's why I do PC gaming in the first place.
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    Kaby Lake 7700K vs Sandy Bridge 2600K IPC Review @ [H]

    Thanks for the write-up, [H]. Looks like I'm not upgrading from Ivy unless Zen rocks. I hope it does, just to poke Intel in the eye. And of course to give consumers more choice. Not holding my breath, though.
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    Watch Dogs 2 GeForce GTX Bundle: Get The Game For Free On PC

    Me, too. I don't think you're missing much. Dan should have my case delivered by the time Zen's impact on the market, if any, is clear. From what I hear Kaby Lake should be a good but not earth shattering upgrade. On this specific topic, I hope gaming bundles like this keep gaining in popularity.
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    Are We Supposed To Believe The Nintendo NX Is Coming Out In Nine Months?

    I'd bet on them frantically redoing it to avoid horrendous embarrassment. You can only thumb your nose at technology for so long before you're left in the dust. They could probablly target a middle range of hardware that is at least somewhat competitive feature-wise with their competitors and...
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    How Much Does Kyle Hate AMD?

    I've been here a long time. Long enough to see Kyle go back and forth on his opinions. So far as I can tell, those opinions are about what AMD/Nvidia/Intel/etc. is doing, not about the company itself. Every time Kyle has said he doesn't like something he gives you the reasons why. That's why I...
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    Corsair SF600 600W SFX Power Supply Review @ [H]

    How hard would it be to open the casing and replace the fan with a higher quality one?
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    Lawmakers Want To Stop Warrantless "Backdoor" Spying On Americans

    Sadly, this has no chance to pass. In a best case scenario someone will challenge these actions in court and win but I'm not going to hold my breath.
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    Crucial MX300 SSD Review

    I completely agree about MX300 being a bit faster in some respects than the BX100. That wasn't quite my point, though. It's the price of the BX100 that made it the real winner, especially if you like power efficiency. I frequently found it on sales a bit cheaper than the Samsung 850 EVO. That...
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    Crucial MX300 SSD Review

    Still not as good as the BX100. Sigh. That was an amazing budget drive and still is if you get a good price.
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    AMD Reports 2016 First Quarter Results

    I would love for AMD to turn things around and I'm happy that their margins are improving. However, that's sort of like saying you've plugged a couple of holes in a ship with a few hundred of them. Their revenue has decreased by $198m dollars in a single year. I'm hopeful that Dr. Su can turn...
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    The Internet Has Made Libraries Obsolete

    Google doesn't replace years of spelling lessons. :)
  21. P Suffered 316 Security Incidents

    I can't speak for Skripka, but the ACA is funded by all of our tax dollars, none of which care about the distinction between Republican and Democrat. We know that the incidents occurred, we know that the ones listed were fixed, and we know that no personal information was leaked as a result...
  22. P Suffered 316 Security Incidents

    Before this turns into a shit show about the ACA, I just want to point out that gamerk2 is on the money. The real question is whether it is improving and whether security is getting the proper funding. Just having incidents like these does not merit a OMG THE GUBBAMINTZ SUXX! Also, note the...
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    Intel Co-Founder Andrew S. Grove Has Passed Away

    Agreed, and RIP to Andy. Unfortunately it is much harder to pull this off today because while technology is now pervasive it is also at different levels all over the place. Look at PCs and consoles, for example. Despite NVIDIA and AMD releasing newer hardware all the time, it doesn't...
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    Never Ask The Internet To Name Your Boat

    That'd be awesome! And disturbing to anyone who googled it.
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    Never Ask The Internet To Name Your Boat

    You wound me, sir! Thanks, gents! I still hope they name it Boaty McBoatface
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    Never Ask The Internet To Name Your Boat

    Ursain Boat Murder She Boat My Pet Boat Need more coffee to think of better ones. But I do like Boaty McBoatface. Heck, it'd be their most popular ship.
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    Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 120 AIO CPU Cooler Review @ [H]

    Wow, impressive technology. I hadn't considered AIOs before but that could change. Question for you - I currently have an older system with a Thermalright TRUE Spirit cooler and will be building a new system this year. Is this good enough to justify replacing the cooler in the new system? Edit...
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    MIT Engineer: Cars Shouldn’t Be Fully Driverless

    I'd say it's likely there will be some sort of standards body and adherence to the standard will be the measure of liability. I would love a fully automated car but I won't be getting the first or second models!
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    Fallout 4 Patches Will Release On PC First

    Can you use Adaptive V-Sync for the Fallout 4 application using NVIDIA's control panel? It helped me quite a bit.
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    Fallout 4 Patches Will Release On PC First

    I haven't yet noticed anything other than a few clipping issues. Maybe I'm just lucky but the game has been pretty good to me. This update plan seems fine to me. I did make small tweals. I've put in mods to remove the base structure limits, allow craftable ammo at chemistry benches, and to...
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    Fallout 4 Performance and Image Quality Preview @ [H]

    This is why I understand where Bethesda was coming from. Fallout is one of their flagship products and they had just spent a ton of resources overhauling the gameplay and the story. I've been playing it is a much more polished product than F3:NV. My hunch is that F5 will retain the bulk of...
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    AMD ‘Confident’ Profitability Will Return

    My fear is that they squandered too much of the settlement money. That should have been their ticket to aggressively enter new markets. I'm a fan of AMD but I can't shake the feeling that it wasn't used to extent it should have been. I sincerely hope that time proves me wrong.
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    AMD ‘Confident’ Profitability Will Return

    I'm encouraged by AMD having an engineer at the helm. By 2017-2018 we'll start to see the fruits of Dr. Su's efforts. However, Neil's statement is really not very optimistic. A single quarter in 2016 with a penny of profit will meet that standard. Heck, it doesn't even have to be GAAP profit...
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    Google Now Lets You Download Maps

    Good! It's high time we could do this, will really help with hikes and stuff. Now we just have to make sure people know how to read them. I showed an old road atlas to my 9 year old nephew and he was completely clueless. Too used to having Google do all the work for him, couldn't even figure...
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    Vizio TVs Spy On You More Than Most

    Trading an unknown amount of data mining (Vizio) for a relatively known quantity with a privacy policy that I've read (Amazon). From what I read, and I'm no lawyer, it seemed that what they collect adjusts what is recommended to you in the store and on top of that didn't seem like much more than...
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    Vizio TVs Spy On You More Than Most

    Nothing I've read of "smart" TVs makes me want to get one. I'm perfectly fine with a dumb TV and a fire stick. Am I missing some amazing reason to get a smart TV?
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    GeForce GTX 970: NVIDIA's Recommended GPU For Fallout 4

    Duly noted, thank you for the sanity check. Time to explore FS/FT.
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    GeForce GTX 970: NVIDIA's Recommended GPU For Fallout 4

    Random question related to Fallout 4 performance.; I currently have a Sandy Bridge i5 and a GTX 670. I'm budgeting for a system upgrade in about 2 years (long story, but no cash will be available for a while). Do you guys think getting a 4GB GTX 960 will give a noticeable performance boost over...
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    The Graphics Technology of Fallout 4

    I did see that and the graphics did not look so bad that immersion was broken. I play games for the story. If a company allocates more money to the story/gameplay and has sufficient but not exceptional graphics, that's fine with me. This may all be a moot point-we'll see next week!
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    The Graphics Technology of Fallout 4

    Agreed. My personal standard for FO4 is at least incrementally better than FO3 and that they don't break realism. I get into games for a good story that plays well.