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    New BIOS update for Asus H270 mobo

    Two updates available, I’m pasting directly from Asus website. Does the BIOS+ Microcode update 1001 include the ME update? I’m running Linux and cannot run Windows executable for ME. Version 1001 2018/01/04 7.87 MBytes STRIX H270I GAMING BIOS 1001 1. Update CPU Microcode 2. Improve system...
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    M.2 pin repair ?

    I posted this last year, but there were no replies. The photos are full resolution if you click to enlarge. Does this mobo look reliable to you? Any ideas, opinions?
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    NVMe SSD faster in PCIe slot adapter than onboard M.2

    I have two identical Samsung 960 EVO PCIe NVMe Both are connected to an ASUS ROG Strix H270I One SSD is on the mobo's M.2 slot, the other in Asus Hyper M.2 PCIE slot adapter...
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    Laptop keyboard deal-breakers

    I'm shopping for a laptop with separate Insert, Delete, Home, End, PgUp, PgDn keys but can't find any. They usually have some combo key that requires two hands. Also most have the Power button right next to some other key where you'll be pressing it accidentally. Any ideas?
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    eSATA or USB ports in unused Slim Optical drive bay

    I have a Lian-Li case with an unused Slim Optical drive bay. In its place I'd like a couple of USB 3.0 ports and/or eSATA connectors. I can't find any such device. Ideally it should mount in the case with the 4 screws that normally attach the slim DVD. Here's something similar, though it...
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    Windows 10 v1607 with less than 2GB memory

    I'm running Windows 10 v1607 as virtual machine under a Linux host in a laptop with 4GB memory. Before version 1607 w10 worked fine with 1GB memory, but now it wants minimum 2GB. Is there a registry hack that will force w10 to run with only 1GB?
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    Will this M.2 SSD fit in this mobo?

    I ordered this SSD last week to fit in an Asus H170I-PLUS D3. But I notice that the mobo has an M key and the SSD has a B+M key. Will this pairing work?
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    ASRock blinks on suspend?

    Does the power LED blink on suspend in ASRock mobos? I know Asus does, Gigabyte doesn't. I'm looking at the ASRock Z97E-ITX any opinions on this mobo?
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    Transfer SIM-card phonebook to new phone

    I want to transfer my SIM-card phonebook from old phone to my new Android phone. google says to plug SIM card into new phone and "import". But my new phone (LG Optimus) only has a micro-SD slot. Any ideas?
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    W7 Windows Update hangs

    Windows 7 update hangs at "Checking for updates", grabs 1GB extra memory and pegs CPU at 100%. Googled, found "Windows Update Client for Windows 7: June 2015" KB3050265, installed it to no avail. Lots of posts about HUGE memory leaks re, Windows Update, bla bla. Any ideas?
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    What combo for multimedia MiniITX?

    I had decided on ASUS Z87I-DELUXE + i5-5675C for the Iris Pro. But then I realized that the Z87I might not boot with a Broadwell, so I changed to ASUS Z97I-PLUS + i5-5675C But it looks like Broadwell will not launch. So next gen Skylake, I don't see any mini-ITX and Skylake has no Iris Pro...
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    TracFone -- which one?

    I have an old Motorola C261 GSM. Should I buy a new one? I can’t call Europe with it, otherwise it works fine. Also SMS to EU used to work, but it seems TracFone has disabled that. On the plus side, you can bounce the C261 off the floor and it still works. TracFone has a limited selection...
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    Website wants to install software

    This a Chinese TV network, broadcasting 24 hr news like CNN: A couple of days ago it stopped showing video, and Firefox pops a warning that the website wants to install software. Chrome offers no warning. My OS is Linux and Flash is working fine...
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    User Manual for Dell Inspiron i5748, does it exist?

    I'm unable to find the user manual for Dell Inspiron i5748-5000sLV. Does anybody have it, or a download link?
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    Samsung laptop 2nd HDD unbootable

    I have a Samsung Series 3 NP365E laptop with a Trinity A8 cpu. I replaced the DVD with a 2nd hdd in a caddy. The OS can see it and use it for storage, but it's not listed in the BIOS, so you can't give it boot priority. Samsung does not list any BIOS updates. If invoke the boot menu (F10)...
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    m12 without a fan?

    I have a couple of Seasonic M12 with old screeching fans. If I remove the fans, will they be OK running fanless with modest loads, 80Watt max?
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    IPS monitors repairable?

    I have a ViewSonic VP181 that stopped working. I press the Power button but no light.
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    Home theater WITHOUT a keyboard

    Here’s mine, using Wii remote and custom software: Sorry for the link but this forum doesn’t host pics as far as I know.
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    Explain Bitcoin please

    How does it work, and how secure is the software? What would prevent the NSA from crashing the network.
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    Best mobile device with Firefox+Flash ?

    Small enough to carry around, perhaps even in your pocket, large enough screen to watch online video. I have cable internet at home but can you get fast internet around town? I’m thinking of a desktop replacement, I already have a cell phone so it doesn’t have to be a phone as well. Is there...
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    120 Watt playing full-screen Flash video!?

    That’s 120 Watt at the wall measured by kill-a-watt. Idles at ~60W, plays Adobe Flash video in Firefox at ~70 Watt, but full-screen Flash video jumps to 120W (both in Windows & Linux). That’s a lot of juice! Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 (with EPU power saving mode enabled) Phenom II X4 965...
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    Screen blinks vertical stripes every few seconds

    Posting small video sample. Stripes are white & gray. I swapped the cable and the computer but problem is still there. The panel is a combo TV/PC monitor, Viewsonic NX2232w only ~3 years old. Sometimes it blinks constantly, or every few seconds, And sometimes it works fine for several...
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    Slim ODD for Lian Li Q-case

    I'm shopping online... are there really so few choices? Some seem to be replacements for specific laptops. Others look like auto-feed, while some just flop open and you have to snap the disk into place. They also use mini SATA connectors, so you need an $8 adapter! Does anyone really use...
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    Static discharge to the case starts the computer

    I reach over to press the power button and as I touch the button (or the case) the machine wakes up from suspend. It happens only occasionally. Winters are very mild here, so there is no static problem in this area. So what’s happening here? Static discharge closes/activates the power...
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    Tablet that can run Skype?

    Is there a tablet that can comfortably run Skype with video? Will an inexpensive $150 android tablet do it? Are there any tablets that will boot Linux off a USB flash drive?
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    Making anonymous donations through PayPal?

    I’ve used PayPal to make donations to forums such as, Firefox, Linux distros, charitable organizations, etc. The online transaction form always looks like a purchase order, showing Shipping/Billing Address. In the case of donations the payee is not shipping any merchandise so...
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    Cherry MX keyboards and Overtype Mode

    I noticed something disturbing ever since I got a Filco with cherry mx browns. My text apps switch to insert mode and I end up overwriting my text. For copy/paste I use Ctrl+Insert & Shift+Insert and it seems the mx Key Rollover generates more than one keystroke. Any ideas?
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    AMD mobo with Intel heatsink

    I found this accidentally. What do you think? and link
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    How to remove the nonexistent second monitor

    There's a 2nd monitor in Display Properties/Device Manager, 640x480. Not sure how it got there, I had my monitor (NEC PA231w) connected to the D-Sub port then I unplugged it and connected it to the Display Port. When I power off the NEC, Windows does the BING-BONG Device Arrival/Removal sound...
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    How many burns can a DVD-RW do?

    How many times can you burn safely? I have some that I've been using for years, I keep wondering how long they will last and if they're still reliable. Is there a utility that can tell how many burns a DVD-RW has done?
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    bios beep code 2 long-3 long

    It's a new Gigabyte mobo with AMD cpu. It worked for a couple of days then, no boot, no display, just beep codes -- 2 long-3 long. I swapped the video card, still the same beeps. Is it bad CPU or mobo? I googled but nothing, any ideas?
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    How to set GIGABYTE BIOS memory timings

    On my Asus boards, you can manually set for example, 8-8-8-24 1T and the rest of the timings remain on “AUTO” and presumably the BIOS will set them accordingly when you reboot. But on Gigabyte, once you switch to Manual, ALL the timings become manual. I know it should be 8-8-8-24 1T but I...
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    Setting up a Proxy to watch European TV broadcasts.

    I need some help. I watch evening news online from TV stations in Europe. I also watch EU sitcoms, I’m not a TV watcher, I do it to improve my language skills. TV stations are basically streaming their broadcasts using Adobe Flash, but some stations are filtering IPs to prevent users in other...
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    mobo changed command rate after I added more memory

    Mobo is a GIGABYTE GA-890GPA-UD3H It had 2x2=4GB of DDR3 1600 memory (G.Skill F3-12800CL9-4GBNQ) and memory was running at default 1333 9-9-9-24 CR 1T I added another 4GB kit of the same memory (total 8GB) and now it’s running at default 9-9-9-24 CR 2T Is 2T normal or should I set it...
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    NEC DisplaySync Pro and resume by keyboard/mouse.

    The NEC PA-series monitors have something like a KVM, you press the “input” button at the bottom of the display and you can switch between 2 computers, both controlled by only one keyboard/mouse plugged into the “DisplaySync Pro” ports. The “DisplaySync Pro” is basically a USB hub and it sort...
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    Large screen with Wii remote as a mouse

    I love the Wii remote, it works like a laser pointer in both Windows and Linux, especially when using the “infrared sensor bar”. I'm thinking that the Wii pointer might be even better with a LARGE screen for controlling multimedia from greater viewing distances. Anybody using a Wii remote...
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    iPad outselling Microsoft

    How do you like the iPad? It doesn't have a cover (like a laptop) so how do you travel with it? Does it have an Internet browser? How does it compare in overall usefulness with a small laptop? Can you do online banking with it? Apple shows very little on it's website about iPad. If iPad is...
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    X-type backplate on GIGABYTE GA-H55N

    Can you use an X backplate on the back of the GIGABYTE GA-H55N-USB3? I mean a backplate like the one that comes with the AXP-140 kit or even the Prolimatech 1156 X-type kit. I assume either one of these backplates will sit on top of the mobo's existing backplate and so will clear components...
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    Two computers with the same name on home network?

    If I have the wired LAN and a wireless network adapter both working I get errors in Event Viewer that "there are two computers with the same name". The DSL router confirms that there are 2 "DHCP Clients" with the same host name, different MAC Address obviously. Is there any harm in that...
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    Asus "repairing" mobos under warranty

    I'm curious what kind of experience people are having when returning defective mobos to Asus USA. I returned a new M4A78T-E with multiple defects to Asus RMA Dept in Jeffersonville, IN. A couple of weeks later I received the same mobo which Asus claimed to have repaired, and it was just as...