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    need help with NAS4Free system booting

    so i've had my NAS4Free system up and running ZFS with 5 drives plus a USB stick boot drive for over a year now without much of any issues. last night apparently the power went out, and now the NAS4free system will only get me up to a "mountroot>" prompt. from what i've been able to glean...
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    Gigabit cable internet & DOCSIS 3.1

    hey guys, for any of you out there who are on gigabit cable modem service, what make/model is your cable modem? i'm trying to find a modem somewhere that i could possibly buy retail, but i can't really find much of anything in the way of model numbers. also, if you could post what provider...
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    classic look in Win10?

    i upgraded my laptop to W10 and installed Classic Shell to turn the start menu back to the "Windows 7" look, so that part is fixed. however, the rest of the general look of the operating system really annoys me because they bloated EVERYTHING up in size (fonts, button/icon spacing, etc.)...
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    1080p on 4k?

    anyone who has a 4k monitor: have you tried running it at 1080p? since 1080p is exactly 1/4 of 4k resolution, does the downscaling cause any blurriness, or is everything still as crisp as if it were on a native 1080p monitor?
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    what should i expect?

    just got me the following after having some problems with my motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-UD5H-BK Core i7-4790K Devil’s Canyon and i'll be using my (4x4GB) G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series DDR3-1866 from my existing system i'm using a XIGMATEK Gaia SD1283 to cool the CPU. the system is...
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    which would you buy for HTPC?

    i'm thinking about building a new HTPC that's much smaller and much less power-hungry than the current C2D E8400 system that i'm using right now, and i've got a couple different systems spec'ed out. i already have a PSU & an old SSD that i will be using, so all i need is case, RAM, APU &...
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    GTX 980 8GB versions?

    anyone have any info on when these are coming out? i'm RMA'ing my GTX 970 due to the 3.5GB issues, and want to go up to a GTX 980, but i'd much rather have an 8GB card vs. a 4GB card. if they're coming out within the next 2 - 4 weeks, i can probably wait, but i don't want to end up waiting...
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    GTX970/GTX980 & PCIe 2.0?

    will PCIe 2.0 limit performance on a GTX970/GTX980 in a single-card configuration? i'm on a Sandy Bridge i7 2600k @ 4Ghz, running a resolution of 1080p @ 120hz.
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    recommended zfs implementation

    i have an Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 motherboard and an AMD FX-6300 (i will be getting 32GB of ECC RAM at some point, but in the meantime, i'll be using 8GB of my main system's 16GB of non-ECC RAM, just to get things up & running). i am going to use it for a ZFS NAS server as a back-end for...
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    Time Warner Oceanic (Hawaii)

    has anyone here ever dealt with these guys? my company has some accounts with them for some of our equipment, and it is currently set up on a DHCP address. we are already paying for a static IP on these accounts, we just have to call them to have the static IP's activated. problem is, the...
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    ZFS server, non-ECC to ECC

    if i were to set up a ZFS server temporarily with non-ECC memory, then take that out & put in ECC memory when i can afford it, will there be any issues, or will it pretty much just be like swapping any other RAM?
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    Firefox issues after update to 18.0.2

    i was on 18.0.1 and kept getting the prompt to update to 18.0.2, but put it off for a week or so because i didn't want to chance losing some of the stuff i had open in some of my tabs. i finally got around to it today and updated, but now the "Esc" key doesn't work anymore to cancel a webpage...
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    need help choosing HBA for ZFS

    i'm looking around for HBA's to use for a ZFS array, and want to be able to use at least 15 drives at some point. i currently have 5x 2TB SAMSUNG EcoGreen F4 ST2000DL004 drives (purchased 6/22/2011), but i want to have plenty of room for expansion later on. the motherboard this is going in...
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    problems with Skyrim/Steam on PC

    omfg, i hate having to run Steam in order to play this (or any) game on in point, i am trying to play Skyrim on my laptop, which i have successfully done already a few times....but now when trying to start the game, i open Steam, press the "Play" button for Skyrim once it loads my...
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    possible to re-use OEM Win7 license?

    ok, so i was working on a laptop for a friend of one of my family members, and it turns out that the motherboard is fried beyond repair, and it's going to be too expensive to replace it (water was spilled on it and it started to corrode some of the components on the MB). they don't want the...
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    differentiating more than one AP with same SSID

    i work at a company that monitors/supports multiple different wireless hotspot locations. we have some locations that have multiple AP's for our clients to connect to. all the AP's broadcast the same SSID, but are on different channels to avoid interference. this works well when all the AP's...
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    firefox tab groups?

    ok, so at work, up until this week we had still been using IE6 due to compatibility issues with certain applications that we use at work. i was using old-school Maxthon 2.x instead, since it gave me tabbed browsing and many other options, but still worked 100% with all our apps. however, now...
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    i'm pumped...ordered new laptop

    so i was researching laptops that i could get that would play games decently for when i got my tax return in, and i came across the Acer Aspire AS8943G-9319. it's pretty much the best system for gaming that i could find for the price.....and it looks sexy as hell too, IMO. then as i was...
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    can't boot Win7 with RAID0 SSD setup + 2 storage drives

    OK, so i finally got a couple OCZ 120GB SSD's to put in RAID0 for my boot drive and applications, and after a bit of difficulty with the RAID drivers, i finally got Win7 Home Premium to detect the array, got Windows installed, and i can get booted into Windows with no problem. and i have to...
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    reassign mouse button functions without mouse-specific software?

    So, as the title says, I need to know if there is any way to reassign the functions of the buttons on my mouse without installing the mouse-specific software some kind of registry setting or something. I have winxp pro with a logitech mx518 mouse, and basically want to set...
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    best 1TB 7200rpm SATA desktop drives for RAID5/6?

    ok, so i'm almost ready to purchase some hard drives for a large (5TB+) RAID5 or RAID6 multimedia storage array, and i want to know what desktop drives are best for running in RAID? from what i hear, the newest Western Digital drives have updated firmwares that will no longer allow you to use...
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    free cd burning software with cover/sleeve designer

    what free cd burning software is there that has a cover/sleeve designer built in, and preferably easy to use? my mom is needing some software, but doesn't want to spend much (if any) money on it.
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    LG Fusic & bluetooth file transfers

    ok, so i have an LG Fusic and want to be able to transfer files via bluetooth, both to & from the phone to the PC. the phone shows up in my PC's bluetooth devices list as being connected, but i cannot transfer files from the phone to the PC. i downloaded the Fusic manual, and it states that...
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    laptop users w/WinXP: screenshots needed

    hey guys, i need some screenshots for WinXP for some of the wireless network settings. i have WinXP on my own laptop, and have taken screenshots of what i have available on my wireless adapter, but different wireless adapters have different settings available,.....i need screenshots of the ones...
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    How to tell the rails apart?

    i just had my last power supply for my "Main Rig" in my sig below pop on me this thursday, and i don't have a lot of money at the moment for a replacement (the old one is out of warranty, so that's a no-go). anyway, i ordered an Antec BP550 Plus 550W for the time being (which will later be...
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    anti-reflective LCD screen protector?

    ok, the glare screen on my laptop is about to drive me nucking futs, since it's mostly used in an office environment where many flourescent lights are on....and it doesn't help that the keyboard area is an off-white color, which reflects in the screen on dark pages/scenes as well. does anyone...
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    help with CPU identification

    looking to identify the week/stepping/code on my new E8400 been 2 years since i got a new CPU, and up until now, it's been all AMD the writing on the CPU from top to bottom on the heatspreader: Intel '06 E8400 Intel Core 2 Duo 3.00Ghz/6M/1333/06 Q841A095 and on the green part of...
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    what can i expect?

    i just ordered some new parts to upgrade my aging Opteron 165 system (listed in sig), and i want to know what i can realistically expect as far as overclocking is concerned. parts list: DFI LP DK X48-T2RSB PLUS Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Kingston HyperX 4GB DDR2 1066 Thermalright Ultra...
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    Account security, XP Home SP3

    i'm in the process of re-imaging my sister's computer because it got swiss-cheesed with viruses/trojans/rootkits, etc. I'd rather not have to do this again, so i want to impose some restrictions on her computer. she has all kinds of friends over all the time using her computer, so i'd like a...
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    MS Outlook question

    hopefully this is in the right forum, but here goes: at work, we use an Exchange server and MS Outlook 2003 for email access. one of my job duties is replying to tech support/customer support emails, and sometimes need to search for an old email in the folders on the Exchange server, and...
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    difference in onboard audio chipsets

    ok, i'm looking at these 2 motherboards in a side-by-side comparison over at the egg: 1) ASUS M3A78-EM 2) GIGABYTE GA-MA78GM-S2HP it appears that, other than the number of USB ports on the board, the main difference between the two is the audio chipset used, and i'm just wondering which...
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    can't burn .img file?

    i downloaded FreeNAS in the form of an .img file, and when i try to burn it with any of my burning software (i've tried MagicISO, Nero, DVDDecrypter, Alcohol 120% & ImgBurn), i keep getting a message that says "invalid or unsupported image file format". i've tried 3 separate img files from...
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    FreeNAS + Areca RAID card?

    ok, so i'm planning on getting an Areca ARC-1230 RAID card for a 4+TB RAID-5 setup....i want to run some type of *nix OS on the system it's going on, and got to looking at FreeNAS. in the FreeNAS knowledgebase, it says that any hardware supported by FreeBSD is supported by FreeNAS, but i don't...
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    can't utilize full capacity of MicroSD card

    i have a 2GB MicroSD (not MicroSDHC) card from Sandisk that i bought for my cell phone, and for some reason, i can only get it to use 1GB of it. i put it in the phone and use the phone's built-in format option, and although it shows a total capacity of 1985024 KB, it shows that 995244 KB is...
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    recommendations on a distro.....

    i intend to set up a file/media server that will serve up MP3's, ripped CD's, DivX/XviD movies & TV shows, Tivo-recorded material, ripped DVD's, etc. to several computers throughout the house, including my HTPC. these machines will be running several different OS's, including Ubuntu (and maybe...
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    Xeon Quad vs. C2Q

    did a search, but couldn't really find much info. i've run all AMD up to this point so i'm not really up to speed on intel, but the prices for the intel quad cores are looking really attractive right now. i'm getting ready to start building a multimedia & file server, which may also double...
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    need advice on RAID-5 server system/appliance

    ok, i want to set up a monstrously-massive (in terms of home use, anyway) RAID-5 file/video/media server, and need some recommendations. the requirements: 1) it must be incrementally-expandable, as i won't have the money to buy all the hard drives that i want all at once....yet, once the...
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    NEC ND-3550A problem

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    NEC ND-6750A Slimline DVD-/+RW problem

    i purchased an NEC ND-6750A Slimline DVD-/+RW for a project that i'm working on, since my standard 5.25" DVD-/+RW drive won't fit (it's too long), and i'm having a problem with it. i bought one of the adapters that converts its native I/O to a standard IDE data + floppy-style power connector...