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    HP Proliant Microserver - Missing Key

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement key? I seem to have lost mine, and would like to add a couple of hdd's to the server.
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    Best wireless audio streamer for the price?

    I've had a wireless streamer (Logitech bluetooth receiver) for several years. I'd like to upgrade to a unit that allows the music to be browsed/selected on the streamed end. I have a server that is always on that stores the music. I've been looking at several options, but found most to be...
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    gtx480 tri-sli versus 5970 CrossfireX versus 5870 TripleX Sorry if it's posted elsewhere. Can't do much for translation, but Engadget also has a post on it, I believe. Looks like a pretty mixed bag. 3x5870s seem to do the best in terms of scaling from...
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    HP LX195 WHS 640gb Atom Box $199 + Free Ship

    Surprised I don't see this anywhere - maybe I'm just overlooking it. @ the egg for $199. Includes WHS, a 1.6ghz Atom box with 1gb of ram and a 640gb hdd + 4 usb ports + gigabit, about the cheapest I've seen a WHS box. HP has it for their black friday sales at $249.99...
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    Outputting to multiple devices simultaneously?

    Hi- I'm looking for a way (if possible) to output to multiple devices with the same audio stream simultaneously.. preferably under WinXP.. but it would be nice to know if you could with Win7 too. I have Realtek integrated audio, and would like to output to my computer speakers, as well as...
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    Quaker State Horsepower full syn $10-5qt. bottle YMMV Walmart

    Went to Walmart today to get my oil changed and bought some QSH syn to get 'er done, and the tag showed it was on sale for $18. It rangup at $10, and I grabbed 6 more 5-qt bottles. This was in Huntington, IN. Not sure about other stores, and the price was "displayed" as $18, which is why I...
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    Openbox 42" 1080p 5xHDMI Honeywell Altura LCD $475.99 (+$150 ship)

    The reviews of this item aren't too bad -- 42" 1080p LCD for ~625 is pretty good. Also if you can get paypal $20 off $200 or bing 10% cashback you'd be ~$550 for this set.
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    32" Magnavox Refurb LCD TV - $299.99 @ woot . One of the models is gone, the one left has 2 HDMI inputs as well as others.
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    Automated photo resizer and resolution changer

    I'm looking for a utility (certainly doesn't have to be free) that would allow me to setup a watched folder or similar, add in a series of images, and then output say 4 different versions of that image - with different sizes and resolutions. Any one have any good recs? Fotosizer for instance...
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    Windows Search Equivalent

    I'm trying to find an equivalent for Windows Search on the mac. Something that would index network locations (smb) - and you could search through the text of say a PDF document. I'm trying "Easy Find", but that doesn't seem to be working.. any other suggestions, ideas?
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    Cooler Master Refurbs - Hot for West Coasters?

    The Cooler Master Store seems to have some good deals on refurbed cases: Cosmos for 119, Cosmos S for 139, Stacker 830 for 125.. I was going to pick...
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    8800gt - Card Kaput?

    So I got home from work yesterday and started up my desktop machine.. Loading into Vista I am greeted by a 1024x768 screen that is normally 1920x1200. Looking at my display preferences, there is suddenly no video driver installed. I didn't make any changes recently.. So I uninstalled the current...
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    CD specials or high APY savings?

    I'm looking for somewhere else to begin stashing some retirement funds, anyone know of what the best deals currently going on for these? Thanks
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    Adobe Installers for mac are fail

    I switched a bunch of editors over to macs at work so we weren't going cross platform in our publishing and having issues from doing it. In the process, I gave them InDesign and InCopy CS4. Well, they didn't need those yet, but they do need the CS3 counterparts. So attempting to install those...
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    Charlie goes after nvidia again.. this time.. with evidence? For once one of his articles seems to have some merit behind it - but that still leaves the question whether this material has been the culprit behind the high failures of previous gens.
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    Replacing a sring of text in a web address

    Odd Q: Are there any routers or firmwares that have the ability to automatically replace a string of text in a web address with another? An example of this would be a google image search - say if I wanted to replace the value of the filter in the address string to prevent minors from...
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    Acer 17" Laptop (Refurb) $399 / free ship

    Acer Aspire AS7720-6155 Intel Core 2 Duo T5250 1.5GHz, 2GB DDR2, 160GB HD, DVD±RW Super Multi Double Layer Drive, 17.0" Ultrabright WXGA, 802.11 wireless, 1.3MP Webcam, Windows Vista Home Premium (Recertified)
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    Netflix 1-mo trials M184519196945 M164509196655 M184539196295 M134509196965
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    Magellan Maestro 4040 GPS $99 + ship (Refurb)
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    Soo I came home from work today and started up my computer. Got a nice "No Signal" response. Ripped out my nvidia 8800gt and swapped in my spare 7600gt. Yay I got video. This will now make my 3rd rma on the card since purchase in January. What a great $230 purchase. Anyone else have...
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    Toshiba Laptop 15.4" - $399 + Free Ship (refurb) Toshiba Notebook/Intel Processor 540/15.4" WXGA TruBrite TFT LCD display/2048MB PC5300 DDR2 SDRAM /120GB Hard Drive/DVDRW (R DL)/DVD-RAM/Card Reader/Intel GMA X3100 Dynamic Video...
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    LanOC v3.0 @ Ohio City, OH Aug 8-9
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    4870 XOC Edition

    Sorry if this has been posted, didn't see it anywhere.. and it deserves to be!
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    Cloning a drive?

    I'm trying to clone a drive from one 'server' to another. With one machine attached to the other via firewire, isn't there a way to 'mount' the slave machine's drive?
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    Access 2007 / Running the same query twice

    We have some databases at work where our users run queries on customer data. In access 2003 you could run the same query twice on the data (entering in different constraints and therefore two different result sets), however on Access 2007 after running the query once, the "Run"/Execute Icon is...
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    Fibre Channel SAN card for Leopard

    I'm starting to plan out our upgrade to leopard at work and already ran into an issue. Most of our current Fibre channel san cards are Atto FC3300's. Atto says they don't support leopard, and I cannot get the card to talk with our SAN while running the OS. So I'm looking for a couple of...
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    Sigh.. what to do, RMA number two?

    Well I bought a 8800gt sometime back in January. Used it for maybe 2 weeks, and then it started artifacting when I'd play cod4. So I RMA'd it back to MSI. Finally, yesterday, I got the card back. Put it in today. Installed drivers, and then was typing up a facebook post to sell my old pc when...
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    My 8800gt is poopy.

    :( My computer started freezing during call of duty 4 a few times lately.. screen would change funky colors.. and then freeze a sec later. Figured it was the video card and then ran atitool in combination with another gpu stresser and it reproduced my fears.According to atitool and nvidia...
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    R700 is 1H 2008?

    I'm sorry, I don't have any info on this.. but it's more of a curious question. I've read at a couple places that this is supposed to be a 1st half 08 product, but I've seen relatively nothing as far as news about it. And that's kind of surprising.. given that it's supposed to be a 1H 2008...
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    Eagletech 16 port ethernet switch rebate

    has anyone gotten this yet? Nothing for meh.
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    Search feature

    It's missing! I'm assuming you guys are workin on this?
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    Thermaltake 745 Kit versus Petra's Kit Is what I'm looking at. I will be cooling a sff (Ultra Micro Fly with G0 q6600) with the components in another "box" that will sit below the sff case. This kit provides 360mm of radiator goodness. The pump only does 400l/hr which certainly...
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    WC'ing a Ultra fly SFF - Suggestions?

    I'm building a new system to tote around for lans and what not (yeah toting + watercooling, probably not the best idea, but ahh well). It's going to be a small form factor fly. The vid card will be a R2900pro, and I'm not entirely sure if I'd like to cool it in the loop as well. The proc will be...
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    Looking for a gaming laptop <$1000

    A friend of mine will be in south korea teaching for a while and is looking for a decent laptop. I tried to set him on a desktop, but it just won't happen. So I'm trying to find something to fit his budget of $1k. I'm guessing to be powerful enough to do anything with games it'll need a 8600GT M...
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    News Replies

    I think it would be a good idea to make replies to news threads editable by self-posters.
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    Question: Drilling a hole in a side panel window?

    I'm not too familiar with modding these. Can you drill a hole in one using a hole saw without cracking/destroying the window? Thanks
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    Ridata 25-pack DVD+R .99$ ar shipped
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    Exchange Mess

    Well I've never even used exchange server before.. so if any of you guys have any ideas, it's greatly appreciated. Starting sometime Monday, the company I work for pretty much became a spam relay. Our ISP alerted us that we're forwarding out large amounts of spam. The IPs of the messages could...
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    AGP 3850 Released

    At least according to the'inq. I know this'll have some of you'se smiling.
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    R700.. coming soon

    at least according to the'inq