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    Speakers <6.5" height or width?

    I had luck once before getting recommendations here so trying again: Got a new bedroom set and have a thing like this, not this exactly but same idea: Want to stick some speakers on that little shelf, but only 6.5" of room. Ideally get some sealed speakers...
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    Use DSR at lower than native resolution?

    I don't think this is possible but just double checking.... monitor does 4k@30hz or 1080p@120hz, I want to use DSR to render at >1080p and still output 1080p. But options seem to only allow scaling down to native resolution. Double checking I cannot get GPU to render at 4k and output 1080p.
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    X10SL7-F onboard LSI -> Expander?

    With a breakout cable can you use it 'backwards' to connect an expander to onboard LSI controller?
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    zfs send but also turn on compression?

    This isn't super critical, but I'm wondering how you're actually supposed to do this... I've got a zfs file system on one hdd pool for esx. I want to move it to a new ssd pool. Eg: zfs snapshot lolol/esx@asdf zfs send lolol/esx@asdf | zfs recv ssd/esx But i want the new ssd/esx...
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    How much power is your server drawing?

    Just wondering. I've got 2 Xeon X5650, 12x 4GB dimms, 3 M1015, down to 20 drives and still drawing 310 watts or so idling. If I spin down drives it only drops me to something in 280s. At 310w 24/7, and being in CA bay area and well into PG&E's tier 4 pricing of $0.35/kwh, this is about...
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    $300 24bay server

    FYI This guy seems to have gotten more in... $300 for 24bay Supermicro chassis + mobo/cpu/ram/sata controllers/cables. Just the case is worth it. Shipping is extra. I'm buying one just to...
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    Plug case's front panel USB2 ports to USB3 header on motherboard?

    Motherboard has 19 pin USB3 connector, case only has USB2 ports on the front with the 9 pin female connector. Anyone know where to get a little converter cable to connect these two? I don't care about USB3, I just want the front panel ports to work. All I can find is cables for the opposite.
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    M1015 / LSI 9240-8i new with IT firmware?

    Can you buy a 9240-8i with the IT firmware? Or what is the M1015 with IT firmware flashed to it? I use these things at work and sick of buying them off ebay and flashing myself. But don't want to buy new ones if going to still have to flash them myself.
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    I was subscribed, it ran out awhile ago and only now attempted to re-subscribe, but I can't. Like this just says: [H]ard|Forum does not have any paid subscriptions available to which you can subscribe. Shouldn't it have the 1year/lifetime options there?
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    MBA wifi antenna?

    So got a MBA just after Xmas. The other week while using screen went black. Took it in and they spent a week repairing it-- replaced main board or whatever they call it. Picked it up yesterday and was happy it worked, got home and realized wifi doesn't work. Well it does... but I need to be...
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    runProgramInGuest from esx host?

    Is there a way to run a program in a guest from the esx host? Using vmrun is great, but its not on the host, using vim-cmd or something possible? Kinda looked through options and didn't see anything. Maybe should I try to get vmrun to run on the esx host?
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    OI KP...

    Okay I've got a ESX5/OI server with a LSI SAS2008 controller (passthrough to OI), connected to it is a HP SAS expander, and then attached to it is a bunch of SATA drives. I'm running into KP. It seems like with heavy use, eg scrub, I can sometimes get it to happen within a few hours, and in...
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    What about using i3 laptop as htpc?

    So quick problem: Bought GF a Boxee last year so she could watch netflix and stream stuff off my fileserver (movies & tvshows) in bed. She likes it but most of the movies I dl are 1080p and stutter too much on Boxee. In addition it locks up every couple days and is generally just slow. So...
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    How do you get old versions of Vmware?

    Eg how do I get a iso of ESXi 4.1? It wants me to call sales or some bullshit to dl older versions. Trying to repo a customer's issue.
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    Simple mixer setup?

    I've got three stereo sources and one set of speakers. I don't want to switch inputs, I want all three to be mixed together and play at the same time. Is there any cheap way of doing this? Eg <$100? One of the items is a Boxee I use to play movies/tvshows off a fileserver. Is the best...
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    HDMI Audio + monitor sleep = no more sound

    So how do you deal with this: Sound goes through receiver via HDMI, and it works whether the TV connected to the receiver is on or off (eg I can hit power button to turn it off when I don' watn to watch tv). But when windows tells monitor to go to sleep sound turns off. So how do you listen...
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    Android: Best AIM/Chat program?

    Seriously I think they all blow. Ebuddy seems like the best, but still sometimes I end up silently being disconnected-- eg the client says its connected but I no longer recieve messages. Pretty annoying. Am I missing something awesome out there?
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    PDU w/ssh?

    We have some old PDU/RPC stuff that you could telnet or ssh in and easily powercycle a port. Basically want to be able to do put unit in a rack, connect sytems to it, and remotely be able to run: ssh power05 'reboot 4' to restart server4 on rack5, for example. Actually this is what we do...
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    BIC F-12

    I currently have a 12" Dayton sub, which is like $160 after shipping is added. I need a sub for another room so I ordered a BIC F-12 off BTL for $181.76 shipped. I actually ordered it 5pm on Thursday and it was delivered this morning (Monday) at like 8am. So shipping was much better than...
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    Off topic, cheap method to getting systems in a rack?

    All I need is ATX mobo + 1 GPU + 1 HDD + PSU.... system basically costs $250... but then friggin rack case is gonna be $70 + $30 for a rail kit. Really the only time these systems are touched is to replace GPU or HDD. Having a case is just a PITA. I know over years I've seen ghetto rack...
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    Linux + LSI SAS + Expander

    If anyone runs Linux w/LSI 1068E and uses a SAS Expander to hook up their drives, here is a simple bash script to check your storage status. Maybe one day someone will search forum and find it useful :P. Requires smp_utils ( and sg3_utils (check distro...
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    USB or Optical?

    Does it make any difference? I got a Audio-GD Fun that has both USB & Optical in. Optical is from a Realtek ALC889.
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    ARGH SAS Expanders

    I have an onboard LSI 1068E, by itself it works GREAT. 8 drives = no problem. I then bought a Chenbro expander, CK12804, and argh is this unstable. I get these annoying messages in syslog: [ 862.673187] sd 6:0:9:0: [sdk] Add. Sense: ATA pass through information available [ 862.706747]...
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    Looking for small[er] speakers, but not crappy...

    Offhand anyone know of any good 'small' speakers. I've got the bookshelf speakers from BestBuy, forget their name, and I like them, but they take up a lot of valuable desktop space. I'm wondering if I could find something that is much smaller but not crappy. I've got a Virtue1 amp and a 12"...
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    |RocketRAID 2680 8 ports for cheap?

    Usually $280+ this card is now $140 on newegg... Seems like it may be a cheapo card to get for WHS or whatnot. I ordered one to try out under Linux. I'm...
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    Do you have a 120hz LCD?

    I'm just wondering if anyone with one of the 22" 120hz LCDs can give me their edid. There is some way to get it from Windows and hopefully you know how, in Linux if you've got a Nvidia GFX card you can do 'X -logverbose 6' to start X and Nvidia driver will dump the Edid in /var/log/Xorg.0.log...
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    Any home made desks?

    I bought two solid core doors from Home Depot for $55 each I think, this was like 4 years ago. I did one layer of clear coat on the top and got impatient and never did the rest. I bought a length of 1/2" copper pipe and cut it up for the legs. Then there is some galvanized plumping piece...
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    Ghetto backup of an array to multiple external devices (Linux)

    First of all, don't expect this to work or be helpful at all. I was going to make something useful but its been long enough that its clear I'll never get around to doing so. Currently this is a horrible horrible script that works perfectly for me. Take it as is. Okay with no expectations...
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    Upgrade from Tamp/Insignias to _____

    Been using a tamp and insignias for awhile now and was just wondering what I should be looking at in terms of upgrade. I don't want to spend money for the hell of it but I figure if I can end up with a better setup for <150$ or so I should consider it. My ideas now are a Dayton sub or maybe...
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    Small system...

    So this is unfinished but I sorta lost interest as always lol... FlexATX board, 4GB RAM, 3.0Ghz c2duo, onboard video, 60GB laptop drive, Pico PSU. You can see the ATX connector used to connect a Dell power brick from a laptop. Not all the pins are used, only the center 8. The two sides...
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    The most impossible problem ever... assigning USB drive a letter!

    I HATE Windows... at work E: on everyone's system is mapped to something for some god forsaken reason. C: is harddrive, D: is cdrom. Plug in USB key... C taken, D taken, E taken.... USB Key gets..... E! DUH! COMMON SENSE RIGHT? Why the hell does Windows do this crap? Manually go...
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    Cheap USB Soundcard please!

    Yay for ghetto rigging. DT770Pro + Zalman MIC + MIC arm broke off an old Sony headset + ziptie = PRICELESS. New problem though is I have no PCI slots and am using real crappy onboard sound. What is the cheapest USB sound card I should look at? All I need to connect is the headphones and...
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    Accelero S1 + 8800GT

    This is the greatest cooler but the ramsinks are total sh*t. Literally they will not work, they don't stick. I'd heard other people say they were bad but they're worthless. When I took off the stock cooler the stock thermal pad crap leaves some oily like residue... I thought people must have...
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    Too many harddrives... wip

    Needed more space for harddrives. All my options seemed pretty expensive for barely more space. Right now I've got 16 drives. To get 20 drives would cost a few hundered.. not worth it. I might just have to swap to larger size drives... which would cost money as well, but imo better spent...
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    Razer mice suck.

    Ever since laser mice have been out I'll buy any damn mouse that comes out and looks nice. Explorer v1.0 v2.0 v3.0, Logitech MX700 MX1000, the Dual Laser Logi, Razer Diamondback and Copperhead, actually theres others but I can't think of their names offhand. All the corded Logitech mice blend...
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    Lots of dimms not stable, why?

    Well this might seem like a generic question but I'd really like to know the real answer other than, just because. Why is it that when you use more sticks of ram the motherboard becomes less stable. For example when you try overclocking with 4 dimms filled, you get worse results than if...