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    Calling P4C Owners: List Your O/C

    1. Stock Processor Speed 2. O/C'ed Speed 3. FSB Acheived 4. Memory Used 5. Memory Timings 6. Cooling Used 7. Vcore Voltage 8. Memory Voltage 1. Stock speed 2.6c (800 fsb) 2. Overclocked speed 3.575+ 3. FSB achieved 275 4. Memory:512 Kingston value ram 3200 5. Timings controlled by...
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    E-Machine BABY!!!!

    See the thing is, Alienware is shit, just build your own pc and mod your own pc, and dont b a pus.
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    Logitech MX900 Bluetooth Mouse

    Well, I like bluetooth, but its not worth 90 bux for a mouse, i mean, well i guess if your using a shi*box mouse or something, man, its all about those cheap 4$ microsoft ball mice w/ the scroll wheel.
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    Overclocking my 2.6c HELP please

    Cant find it, im hopeless.
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    Overclocking my 2.6c HELP please

    I have raised the vcore and then tried to raise my fsb to 230 and it still wont even boot, i do not know how to "lock" my agp/pci, however i noticed as you raise your fsb the agp increases so i just ended up raising the fsb and then lowering the agp/pci back to normal... oh ya, did i mention i...
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    How to clean My tubing?

    Just go to an aquarium store and ask them for the same thing... a pipe cleaner, and for like 3 bux you will get this long pipe cleaner that will totally eliminate buildup.
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    EhEiM PumPs

    Well, the thing is with these water cooled systems is that we are often using pumps from aquarium outfitters or comparable pumps made by the same companies. I actually use those eheim pumps for my fish tank, But i just wanted to say that usually when i buy a pump i will look at the gallons per...
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    Overclocking my 2.6c HELP please

    I need help because im doing something wrong obviously... I have a p4 2.6c and i have an msi 875pe mobo and of course i just HAD to get pc 3200 now im trying to get this thing to go faster and all ive been able to do is raise the fsb up to 215 and then i just bsod out of life.... Ive...
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    Just overclocked my CPU

    I have a 2.6c and i have it up to only 2.7 now, because i am a retard and i got 3200 ram and am too lazy to mess with the bios. But good luck with yours, and you certainly should b able to get MUCH higher speeds than 100mhz out of that processor, btw 100mhz isnt that noticeable.
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    P4 2.6C teh Overclock Computar

    its real simple, get some 3500+ ram....
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    Anyone know of a program that allows you to adjust FSB from your desktop?

    Well, if you were smart enough to purchase an msi board, then maybe you would have gotten core cell technology WHICH lets you modify your fsb FROM your desktop, but, if you ask me, i like the good ol fashioned bios shit... but do with it what you will.