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    How long till we see new X370 releases?

    I wasn't paying attention to the MB release times for the Z270, it seems like they had all of these boards out a month or two after release. So when do you think we'll start seeing the next iteration of X370 boards with better prices? I'd like to get something similar to the ASUS TUF series...
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    Sub Amp issue

    Hello all, I've been working on this for hours, no idea how I messed this up or why it isn't working. I've been involved with a DIY sub project for a few weeks, mainly due to the long shipping time to get my UM18 out here. I'm doing a wire test before I put everything into the box I built...
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    Bookshelf pair recommendations $50'ish

    Been looking for a cheap pair, non powered for a little project, may be moved to my PC later. Had my eye on the $40 pair of Daytons at parts express. Anyone have a recommendation for a better pair? Going to hook them up to a small amp either my 10 watt or 20 watt. Thanks!
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    Power Amp question

    First off my Amp right now can supply 80 watts RMS per channel just fine, I figured I'm usually pushing mid 40's with no distortion. But now I have a pair of Klipsch RP-280F's coming in, which are very efficient and with my current room will have no issue being powered with what I have. But I...
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    Intel 535 - 240gb $60, 480gb $130 @ MC and Got two 240's to run in Raid 0, for some reason standard shipping...
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    Avoton platform upgrade

    Did Intel plan to refresh or upgrade the Avoton platform? I want to upgrade my plex machine and the Avoton offers some great flexibility without killing the bank. I'm not opposed to getting a Xeon D platform but that is much more expensive.
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    Open Box Hard Drives

    Would or wouldn't you take a chance on open box HDD's? Or am I asking for a lot of head aches?
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    Upgrading NAS/Plex/DB server

    My server is running many services for me, none of which are super demanding except for Plex (which almost never sees 2 steams let alone 3). I've been thinking of upgrading but I've been finicky mainly because I'm worried I'll spend more than I need to getting this thing ready for the future...
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    Udemy - $20 courses

    Udemy - $20 courses sales, got an email on this yesterday. Currently...
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    Toshiba 5TB drive

    Thinking of going in on this deal: Any words of advice...
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    Raid Card, 3 TB drives for $100

    Hello, I was wondering if there was a raid card that had hardware raid 6 that supported 3TB drives for around $100? Or am I stuck with software raid? If so what would you recommend?
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    MSI B85M + G3258 - $105 + $10 MIR (NewEgg)

    MSI B85M + G3258 - $105 + $10 MIR For those of you not living near a...
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    Motherboard Assistance - looking long term

    I was about to jump on the Micro Center deal G3258 + MSI Z97 MB but I realized that this motherboard is incredibly anemic. Looking at Amazon there are a bunch of other options for around $125: MSI Gaming 5 MATX Don't see the difference between these two MSI boards other than form...
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    Note 4 Rumors

    There hasn't been much posted on this phone. I found a bunch of "blogs" of people just basically spouting off nonsense but Techradar did post something that was interesting to read...
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    HTC One Mini 2

    *disclaimer - didn't see any topics for this one yet :D While this new phone isn't revolutionary over the Moto X there are some notable things that I like what they did with it. I also think the hardware is more then enough...
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    Dolphin browser HD v11

    I don't really talk too much about individual apps but this is a bit different. Dolphin just updated their overhaul to their browser and it is awesome. This is the first browser to really take advantage of the larger displays by giving you a great navigation bar at the bottom. There are...
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    AT&T New family plan

    Later today I'm switching over to the new two line plan, or at least plan to anyways. While the plan was kind of expensive ($180 for two lines) but the service has been impeccable over here in Hawaii, minus the north shore and now I can save $50/mo. The four line (still cheaper) is so...
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    7950 price hikes?

    Noticed the price hike on the 7950's lately, for the ones left in stock that is. But this is insane! for that price I could like a lot of...
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    Steve Jobs: Parody

    Searched, didn't see it, I could just be retarded but thats obvious. I laughed.
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    Laptop w/ multiple HDMI/DP out?

    I've just done a mini-search for this and was wondering if anyone owns a laptop with multiple HDMI or DP out's and is working on multi-monitor with their laptop?
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    Cheap ATX Z77

    Been thinking of picking up the ASRock board off of newegg. There is a Pro3 and a Pro4 but they look identicle. Any other cheap ATX Z77 boards that are reliable?
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    Laptop for wife

    Hello, I am at it again! I know there are a ton of laptops out there and Im not too interested in maximizing out the processing potential of this laptop. I know what good laptops are but Im out of touch with a few things that laptops come with: Cam Quality Trackpad Quality Heat She...
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    i7-2630 + 6770m

    So I'm getting some suspect performance out of the 6770m. Issue #1 thats bugging me is none of the GPU-Z's out there can see my GPU correctly for some reason, 2 ROPS, 800sp's, 27mhz memory etc. Issue #2 I have only really tested out single player StarCraft2 so far, and I'm able to get...
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    I3-2310 + GT555M

    I had a thread earlier asking about a laptop under $500, but I was given a little bit more room to work with so now I'm no longer looking at barebones gaming with a laptop. I have heard people were dissapointed with how the GT540M performed and the GT555M was a really good sweet spot with out...
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    i3-2310, 14"-15" around $500'ish - questions

    Hi, My current bulky laptop is appearing to be on its last legs. I'm deploying soon and am eye'ing some 14" to 15" laptops as a replacement. Preferably I'm going to stick with the i3-2310, but the AMD A6 is always an option too. I would like to keep the screen down so I don't have to worry...
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    460GTX WHDI - who likes this?

    Who else likes this? the price is a little high for the performance of the card itself but I can totally justify the price with the quality of the product and what it will give you as far as wireless options are concerned. I'm a bit of a HTPC nut, I love my low end HTPC but if this can give...
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    Corsair 750TX $50 off at the newegg they also have alot of other deals on corsair products on newegg, don't know how much longer this deal is going on for, but I just ordered this and thought I'd share it. I understand the [H] did a review of this beast and it...
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    CNN on the Wii Interesting to see a news site put out an article that seems to be very into giving facts regarding the console and using the other releases as a point of referrence (and not a reason to buy it over this or that)...
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    Anyone else pick this up and feel ... dissapointed? it lacks alot of things, one being excitment. the world ... is pretty much done exactly like WC3, am i missing something here? it plays and feels ALOT like WC3. also the interface feels ... kind of inadequate, theres not a whole lot on...
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    they are doing sign ups through a magazine, i hate this type of beta signing up but if you are really into it and want to get some sneek peaks before it is to come out in full force, heres a chance...
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    Dead Rising, Lost Planet - 360

    Wow, just saw some sneak peak pic's of Dead Rising and LP, and man they look HOT, these are two games i will definetly be picking up Dead Rising, supposedly you fight massive zombies for a real time of 72 hours and a helicopter picks you up, you can use anything in the city for weapons...