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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    I really couldn't tell you which one would work specifically with your server chassis, but I'd recommend something like: For an HBA: IBM m1015 (Flashed to IT mode) or LSI 9211 or RAID: LSI 9280 There are others that would work as well. You can find all of these used on eBay for...
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    Basically the SAS expander allows you to add an additional 16 HDD's to your system, as if they were local drives. How exactly they show up would depend on what type of interface card you use, an HBA (Host Bus Adapter), or a RAID card. HBA's just pass the HDD's through to the OS, whereas RAID...
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    I have not tried this, and would not recommend it unless you have this in a climate controlled room. The PSU puts out a fair bit of heat, and even without the top of the enclosure on, the rear case fans will have a hell of a time cooling both that AND the HDD's themselves. The only way I can...
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    Finding a 9211 for $100 incl. shipping is a great deal. Even if the m1015's could still be found for $80, you'd likely still have to pay shipping on top of that. Grab the 9211 if you haven't already.
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    If you're going to use something like Drive Bender, then you don't need a full hardware raid card. Stick with an HBA, as they're cheaper. Something like an LSI 9211 would work great, and be cheaper. Others can recommend their preferred HBA's if they have any.
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    It's been a while since I was inside mine, but I seem to recall that they are just 3-pin fans. The 2x case fans are definitely 3-pin and have a standard fan connector. The 40mm PSU fan is some sort of non (or less) standard fan corrector, and I really don't remember how many pins it had, but I...
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    Depends on if you need hardware RAID or not. If you're gonna use software raid (ZFS, MDADM, FlexRAID, etc) then you should get an HBA from LSI or other reputable company. If you're going to use a hardware raid solution, then I'd recommend checking out the LSI 8888-ELP Raid card if you will...
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    Win7 can't find network printer

    While you might be right, the answer of who keeps track of a thread that old is quite simple. Anyone with default forum setting - the same way I did. I got an email notification saying there was a new post. Anyway, you're likely right about not hearing from the OP!
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    Win7 can't find network printer

    What's your point? If the person who resurrected it was looking for a more detailed explanation on how the problem was solved, then what is the issue here? Maybe the OP can supply more detail, and help another out in the process?
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    getting into bitcoining?

    What rigs are you using? Are they GPU based? If so, have you tried switching to Litecoins? The difficulty has gone up a little bit lately (When I started mining LTC it was 850~ difficulty, now up to a little over 1000). You get way better yields with GPU then with BTC. If your BTC income is...
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    Don't know if there's anything out there better priced since I haven't looked lately, but I personally use one of these with FlexRAID (Very similar to SnapRAID), and it works like a charm. I know quite a few people from [H] have picked one up for their own setups. They are pretty cheap, and...
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    Netflix using html5 on 8.1?

    Yeah but it's a premium video service. DRM is REQUIRED to some extent or another. The DRM is in place to ensure that people aren't ripping/downloading/restreaming and so on via Netflix. Not happy with the way Microsoft and IE11 have implemented it? Wait until the other browsers finally catch...
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    Can Vista Upgrades be used more than once?

    The licenses would in all odds be useless. The discs themselves would be useful as physical install media. It depends on why you would want to buy such an item. Why would you wish to purchase Vista in any case? In any case, the rule of thumb is never buy a used license for Windows. It's a...
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    Advice on a Large Screen HDTV

    Plasma is still king if you want the best picture. If you got the money to spare, then check out the Panasonic VT60 or ZT60 series.They are both available in 65" models. Though I think the High End HD Projector idea from Nenu (Who sounds like a sales rep :P haha) may be better for such a long...
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    HTPC Streaming

    I use a dedicated Media Server running FlexRAID + Plex Media Server software, then any of my clients can install Plex Media Center and playback the whole library. You can install Plex Media Server on any Windows or Mac based system (I believe there is Linux support as well), so you could drop...
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    How to buy..TV's? What to look for?

    I'll second this. While I live in Ontario (Much less sunlight than Phoenix), I have double sliding glass doors right beside my Plasma TV, and it's manageable. The Window has those crappy plastic blinds that are like 4 inches wide and there are dozens of them dropping down. They do NOT keep light...
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    Leaving a Homegroup without being connected to it

    We need more information: What version of Windows is it? I'm assuming Windows 7 or 8, but without that, directions to help you are impossible. Also, why are you connecting to a Windows Server 2003 as a workgroup, and not using the server as a domain controller? If you're going to be sharing...
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    How to buy..TV's? What to look for?

    In post #11 he states that his budget is around $1000. I personally still think a Plasma would work very well, especially a Panasonic one. You could even get last years model (as suggested ToddW2) from Amazon. This will allow you to get a higher end model within that budget. (And really...
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    How to buy..TV's? What to look for?

    In terms of brands, any of the "well known" brands will do well for LCD/LED tv's. Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba (I'm probably missing a few). They'll all make a good set. Samsung LED units tend to be quite exceptional in quality for the value. I used to have a Sharp LCD HDTV and...
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    How to buy..TV's? What to look for?

    Okay so you basically have 2 choices: Plasma, or LCD (Or 3 if you count the 2 sub types of LCD: CCFL or LED backlit). Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. One thing I recommend doing right off the bat, is skimming through this thread:
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    120gb SSD and 2 x 3tb HDDs Raid 1 setup with cache

    While I agree that he SHOULD indeed install all programs onto the SSD (and thus getting an appropriately sized one for current needs plus reasonable growth), games are a different matter. 99% of games will see NO performance difference between being installed on SSD vs HDD. Yes, loading times...
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    Blu Ray drive for HTPC

    I imagine that the full supported Blu-Ray players have to pay license fees for HDCP and for Blu-Ray itself, so that itself will help to drive the cost up slightly beyond a normal "Paid" player. Arcsoft Total Media Theatre is simply awesome, and they're having a sale all summer long (At least...
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    Petition Wants Microsoft to Continue TechNet

    I can't speak for most of the users here, but I for one, do not use my TechNet licenses in production. I'm using it for tinkering, learning, and demoing. And yes, sometimes I need to use a license for more than 180 days. For example, if I build a test server in which I'm testing various...
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    DIY SAS enclosure part-agony

    You shouldn't have any trouble with that combination. I have an SE3016 which is connected to an LSI 8888-ELP raid card. I have 3 drives in the SE3016 right now and it has no issues detecting the drives. One thing to keep in mind: The expander card for the SE3016 is 3Gbps only. It does NOT...
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    Do You Need 4K HDMI Cables?

    This is the first review you see of that cable: Absolutely brilliant!
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    Litecoin miners can't connect (cgminer and guiminer-scrypt)

    I did indeed figure it out. Basically long story short, it was a Driver issue. I was using 13.4 drivers, and then I downloaded 13.6 Beta drivers and all my issues went away. I'm now happily chugging away using cgminer at a kHash rate of about 625 kHash/s. If you're having similar issues...
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    Best HDTV's: Plasma VS LED

    Well... then we are in perfect agreement :D :p
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    Best HDTV's: Plasma VS LED

    This is also a Plasma TV from 2001. The technology has evolved A LOT around anti burn-in technology since then. On my Plasma TV, I have experienced no burn-in, and it's been connected exclusively to an HTPC since I got it (something like 4 or 5 months ago now). It has even sat on the desktop...
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    Microsoft retiring the TechNet Subscription Service

    For those who are arguing about the direction Microsoft has taken in regards to their software (Windows 8 error screens being childish - or not) perhaps you should focus back on topic a bit? Whether you feel that the direction Microsoft is taking with Windows 8 and Server 2012 is bad or not...
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    7950 to gtx770

    Moving from an HD 7950 to a GTX 770 makes pretty much no sense, as the 770 is a slightly upgraded GTX 680. Switching to a GTX 780 would be an actual worth while upgrade, except that it's basically double the price. I'd wait until we actually have firm release dates for the Radeon camp. Also...
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    Upgrade from WD TV Live Plus

    I can guarantee that Plex does not transcode over the Local network (LAN). As long as your device can read the file type, no transcoding is necessary. The transcoding CAN be used on the local network, but it's an option that you choose. I have my Plex server set to never transcode locally, as...
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    What is the BEST OS for home media server?

    One thing to keep in mind is that (Unless this has been patched/updated recently) Storage Spaces is still considered buggy and unstable by many. I personally have encountered a number of bugs with Storage Spaces that ultimately lead to my decision to downgrade my Home Server from Server 2012 to...
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    Haswell 4.7 ghz 1.375v max 55 C good/ bad?

    Frankly, you need to stress test your overclock (OC). Not because you might actually use it anywhere near 100% on all cores, but because you need to test system stability and see what your upper temps are. I personally recommend running Prime95, but people also recommend the Intel Burn-In test...
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    Xeon E3-1230v2 for gaming

    Well, it's an option. I wouldn't say it's the best option though (Unless you can get a good price w/ with motherboard). Whether you need ECC I believe relies on the chipset and motherboard. Since it's LGA 1155, you have TONS of motherboards that support that socket (z77 chipset), however, you'll...
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    Storage Setup Options Without Separate Server / NAS?

    I highly recommend FlexRAID. It's similar to SnapRAID in that it's a Snapshot based parity RAID system, but also incorporates a very robust Drive Pooling technology into it as well. This is the major advantage to FlexRAID over SnapRAID. You can also mix and match drives of varying...
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    Litecoin miners can't connect (cgminer and guiminer-scrypt)

    Hey guys, I've been mining Bitcoins using Guiminer for several months now, using an AMD HD 7950 3GB WF card, but as anyone mining knows, the difficulty increases with the ASIC units finally arriving have been becoming too large. Since I don't pay electricity (included in my rent), I can still...
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    Bought LED TV, broadcast TV looks great, Blu-rays & DVDs look horrible

    It sounds like you have some post-processing motion smoothing going on (The 120 Hz True Motion mode or whatever Sony calls it). Great for sports, awful for movies. Try to see if you can turn motion smoothing off, or look for options that reference "motion" or "sports mode", or anything of the...
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    Upgrade from WD TV Live Plus

    You should look at getting a Roku or Pivos set-top-box. Both can use XBMC, which will support pretty much anything. Otherwise, yeah, an HTPC is the ultimate in compatibility. I recommend using Plex or XBMC as your interface client. Both support the use of a standard Media Centre Remote (You...
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    AMD On Building Custom Silicon For New Consoles

    I really think people are underestimating the amount of money AMD will make off of these. I HIGHLY doubt either XBox or PS4 secured full production rights to the APU's. AMD owns too much of the technology for that to happen. Even if Sony did contribute some of the technology, odds are 75% or...
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    High Court Gives ISPs 30 Days To Block The Pirate Bay

    Despite what many of us more liberal and future thinking individuals might want to believe (Or what might be partially true now as an accidental byproduct) the Internet was Not invented for that reason. The Internet was invented by researchers in conjunction with the US (and possibly other...