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    BF3. 3 days. Still wont launch.

    Someone please help! I bought and downloaded this game 3 days ago and have yet to play it! ( I have been waiting for months for it's release) In battlelog when I try to get into a server, the small window has "Initializing" listed and thats all it does. Updated everything I can think of...
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    Upgrade PSU for Crossfire Setup.

    I had a system upgrade forced on me a little while back as my AMD FX53/SLI system died suddenly after years of service. I put together a budget rig quickly ( Check sig.) to get up and running again and to be a base for future upgrades. Too quickly I'm afraid. As I was in somewhat of a rush...
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    Older Abit Mobo problem

    I have an old system with an Abit aN8 SLI motherboard, socket 939 aMD 4000+ CPU, and two 7800GTX video cards. Been working perfectly for years. Yesterday it shut down right when I was using it. When trying to reboot, get one long beep and the screen stays black. Looking at the postcodes it...
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    Ipod dock to speaker system.

    I want to hook my ipod nano up to a set of Klipsch promedia speakers using a docking system of some form. What I would like to find is a small portable dock that charges the ipod and allows audio out jacks to mate with the speaker system. Sounds simple right? Problem is that searches are...
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    Keyboard mouse for PS3?

    I just bought a PS3 and searches are not bringing up what I want to know. Namely, Can I use a USB KB and mouse with my PS3 to play shooters? I have seen Bluetooth KB's and mice as well and I wonder if they would work? Would like to buy Battlefield BC and use a KB-mouse and wonder if this...
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    IE WinXP Multiple homepages

    Weird problem with my Mother in Law's computer. Never seen anything like this. When you click on Internet Explorer ( Home page:Yahoo) it loads multiple pages of Yahoo. Like 100+ of them. I did Virus scans and Spyware scans with no help. Funny thing is... It doesnt do this all the time and mostly...
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    Win XP64 help.

    Anyone know how I can make Windows default to the 32 bit IE browser when clicking hyperlinks in an email message? I use Outlook express for email. I use the 32bit browser as default and now have windows set to use the 32bit when clicking on hyperlinks in IE but can't get it to work with outlook...
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    Please help with this laptop problem.

    I have my Father in Law's notebook here that he asked me to take a look at. I build my own desktop computers but I admit I know nothing about laptops. Heres the problem. Computer runs OK but not on AC power. Just runs off the battery when the notebook is on and begins beeping and dies in...
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    Clearing account from Xbox 360

    How can I clear my account from my Xbox 360? I am going to sell it and want to remove xbox live sign in and some other stuff. Did searches here and can't find anything. Thanks
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    Win XP Pro X64 Drivers

    A friend gave me a good deal on a OEM version of x64 as I was using a somewhat shady copy of XP and decided to go legal. Anyway... I can't get anything to work. Mostly, no Mcafee antivirus, Kodak digital camera dock, or printer. What bothers me most is the lack of printer. It's a Lexmark...
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    Need Windows XP Pro

    Anyone know of a good deal on buying XP Pro? I need to add it to another computer here which is not exactly Vista ready.:rolleyes: I searched Hot Deals and couldn't find anything.
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    Battlefield Vietnam stuttering

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    Weird browser problem

    A couple pages will not load for me. I click on them in my favorites and they begin to load, then the browser window is blank and "Done" is displayed in the lower left. No "This page cannot be found " or any other message, just a white screen. Same problem with google links. Half of them will...
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    Abit Uguru panel question

    Where the hell can I buy this? I have the AN8-SLI board and I really want this panel after reading about it. I heard newegg has it but searches turns up nothing. Google searches... nothing. I emailed Abit awhile ago and no response. Anyone have any idea where I can get this? Thanks
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    SLI Mobo, single 7800gtx question

    Just did a major upgrade. EVGA 7800gtx, AN8-SLI, and a A64 4000+... Question: In both the Nvidia driver screen and CPU-Z it is showing my PCI-E at 8x. Should'nt this be at 16x with using only one card?
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    Weird floppy problem

    First off, I don't know which forum to post this in. I think I am experiencing a problem with Win XP but I just don't know. I want to install a new Epox mobo but i am unable to get SATA drivers on a floppy. Windows says any floppy disc i use needs formating but then says "unable to format"...
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    Swiftech Storm In Stock?

    Anyone know who has the Swiftech Storm in stock? Out of stock at Jabtech, FrozenCPU, and VoyeurMods. I don't want to try direct as I heard somewhere you can wait weeks. Thanks
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    Lockup in BF2

    One of my clan mates asked me about a problem he is having in BF2. I am stumped... Seems that when he gets into a game of BF2 he freezes into a multiclolored screen after a minute or two. He tells me he can hit escape and it takes him back to the game menu. His video card is an ATI 850XT...
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    What settings for Corsair.

    I just got my twinX (2) one gig sticks and I was wondering about some settings. Heres a pic of CPU-Z. ( Sorry its a bit big) Now the bottom two values... What should I try to set these at? The SPD of the ram is Cas 3.0-3-3-8. I got it to 2.0-3-3-6 pretty easy.
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    I am at my wits end.

    My buddy has a Asus a7n8x and an xp2800 non barton rig. His CPU dies so we return it to AMD and get a replacement. In the mean time, his old Athlon 1.2 is put in and after setting the jumper, it boots right up. First CPU we get from AMD, no boot, no beep, nothing. Tried resetting the CMOS...
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    Unable to access Safe Mode

    I am unable to use safemode with my new motherboard.( Asus A8V) When I hit f8 during startup, I get a screen asking me which drive I want to boot from. IE: floppy, DVDrom, or HDD. Cannot get the safemode screen. Is this something with the A8V and the via raid drivers I am using? I need to get...
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    ASUS A8V Backplate

    How in the hell do you get the metal plate off the back of this mobo? I want to mount a CPU waterblock and it wont budge! ( I did take the screws out BTW. ) It seems its glued on. I tried prying it with a screwdriver, very carefully, and no dice. Any ideas?
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    case fan screws

    Anyone know what size case fan screws are? I put a fan filter and also added some dynamat to the back of my fan now my fan screws are too short. Anyone sell longer ones or can I adapt something from lowes? tHanks
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    Routing tubes

    I am adding an Aquatube res to my setup and I wonder whats the best order to put it in my loop. Stand by for an incredibly articulate and precise depiction of my setup using the venerable Paint program. You get the idea though. I have an Asetek setup which has the tiny res attached to...
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    6800Gt may be going back to the egg

    I've had it with this card! First off, everything was great in the begining with the Leadtek A400 6800Gt. Upgraded from a 9800pro for 299.00. Scores were about 2000 more in 3dmark01, almost double in 03 and 05. Couple days ago I started seeing stuttering in Battlefield Vietnam. Now 3d...
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    The longest leaktest in watercooling history.

    About one month... Not that I am that afraid but I am waiting on a Aqua-Computer grill to mount my rad. I don't want to set up my system and have to take everything out when my grill comes. ( Have to cut more material out of the top) Oh well... I decided to make an acrylic cage in the top...
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    Socket backplate under Mobo

    I just got my Asus A8V that I am going to use in my WC setup. It has a steel backplate under the socket to hold the plastic retention dodad in place. I have noticed in alot of reviews this is removed prior to putting the bolts for the waterblock thru the motherboard. I don't understand...
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    My first venture into watercooling.

    Pictures of an idiot in action. Well I decided to take the plunge (sorry for the pun) and bought an Asetek WC kit. This one. [URL=[/URL] The other night did the testing thing outside the case for the first time and water shot everywhere when I...
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    9600xt underclocked

    My buddy went to a computer show yesterday and bought a "powered by Ati" 9600xt 256mb for $200. I called him tonight and he is saying Rage is showing the clock at 325mhz. Shouldn't this be 500? Did he get smoked?
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    Question about SATA port

    Another dumb question... I recently installed my 74Gig WD Raptor HDD and seeing how my Gigabyte manual wasnt very specific, I hooked the Sata cable to a port called SATA1. There are 2 ports called SATA0 and SATA1 next to my AGP slot. BTW. It was a major PIA getting it plugged in next to my Vid...
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    I think my old drive isnt cutting it.

    I have an older Maxtor 40gig IDE drive that I think is slowing down my present A64 upgrade. I did a speed test through WinXP and here are the results. Theoretical Limit 133.3 Burst Speed 88.8 Sustained Speed 41.4 Doesnt sound good. Thinking hard about a Raptor upgrade. What do you people...
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    Quick questions about the raptor

    I am more than likely going to purchase the 74Gig WD Raptor today. Totally new to SATA so here are the inevitible dumb questions... Powering this thing. Do they use the standard 4 pin molex? The pic on newegg appears that they do but I see other sites like xoxide offering a SATA power...
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    What should I do about this?

    I bought a stick of PC3200 XMS 512mb Corsair back in Sept 2002 from newegg. This was to add to the PC3200 XMS 512 stick I already had. I recently upgraded my computer to a Dual channel A64 3500+ and noted some performance issues. Comparing it to a A64 3000+ I built for my Brother in law a week...
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    Good Modular PSU

    I was looking hard at the Ultra X Connect and thank God I found this forum. I really like the modular concept with the UV wires and such. Any good ones out there? My old 400 watt Antec is loaded down now and I want to clean up my case with modular wiring.
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    Battlefield Vietnam stuttering

    I have been having a slight but annoying stuttering problem in BF:V. When I fly in a chopper I get slight hesitations with the view of the ground below. Happens with groundpounding too but less noticable. What is weird is I get this in all resolutions! From 1600/1200 down to 800/600! I put on...
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    UV Paint

    Can anyone tell me who, if any, retailers carry UV paint? I was thinking of places like Spencers and Walmart. I know I could buy mail order but I want it tomorrow, because an idea just struck me. Any ideas?
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    Strange mouse problem

    Hello, Just upgraded my box with a GigaByte GA-K8NS-939 and a A64 3500+. However, my mouse light on my MS optical mouse stays lit at all times. Even with the computer turned off. Also, none of the USB's work for my mouse so I have it plugged into the PS2 slot using the adaptor. I did...
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    winchester/newcastle question

    I just bought a Winchester A64 3500+ socket 939 from newegg. ( Should arrive today)After purchase, I noticed they sell a Newcastle based 3500+ that states in the header, "Windows compatable processor". Does this mean that the Winchester is not Windows compatable? I am sure that all the...
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    Need a gaming soundcard

    I'm building a Gaming PC for my Brother in law and need a soundcard for it. He is definately working on a budget here so the 100.00 and up cards are out of the question. Since his PC will be mostly for gaming I need a card with a processor chip on it. Something that won't bog down the CPU...
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    Help with portable MP3 player

    I have a Creative Nomad II 128 mb Mp3 player that is driving me crazy. I loaded mp3's onto it when I first got it now I can't access it in Windows. When I plug the USB cable into it, WinXP makes the "Ka-Dunk" sound but I can't find the drive anywhere. I can't access it to change the songs...