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  1. Ryom

    PCIe card with USB 3.1 internal header port?

    My case has a USB 3.1 (gen 2?) type C port on the front I/O panel but my motherboard doesn't have the internal connection for it, are there any good expansion cards with an INTERNAL header port that have Win7 drivers? I don't need an external type C port, I have one on the back already, I just...
  2. Ryom

    6600K Delidded & Conductonaut results

    So I imagine some of you have experience overclocking the i5-6600k with budget coolers. I'm just wondering if the numbers in the thread title are about the best I should expect with the Hyper 212 EVO? Vcore at 1.33volts Base clock at 3.5GHz Turbo clock at 4.5GHz Memory at 3200MHz Temps average...
  3. Ryom

    Corsair Obsidian 500D air flow

    I recently moved cases from a Lian-Li V-1000 to a Corsair Obsidian 500D. There were a few reviews that had stated it had bad airflow dynamics but I think it's actually pretty decent and the noise floor is quite low. I have a 120mm Corsair ML-120pro on the back, two ML-140s on the top, and two...
  4. Ryom

    Anyone here running an 8700K with Win7?

    I'm aware of the fact that chipsets past "Skylake" are now persona non-grata in Windows update. However, the newer chips still function just fine once the drivers are loaded. So my question is... who here has done the deed? What mobo did you use, did you have any issues finding specific drivers...
  5. Ryom

    Someone posted a pic of their kid looking at a 4k screen...

    I can't find the thread and have been searching this subforum and others for 2 hours now. The poster said something to the effect of they got tired of waiting for OLED (I think) and bought a 4k screen while they were waiting. They posted a picture of it, said it was a commercial model...
  6. Ryom

    Free Blizzard Overwatch weekend on the 26th

    If anyone here wanted to give Blizzard's Overwatch a try but didn't want to drop $60, they are running a free weekend starting on May 26th.
  7. Ryom

    Windows Server 2008 process monitoring and restart

    So I've got a small issue at work. We have a server running Windows Server 2008, and one of its functions is to run job ticketing software from Zoll which accepts runs from our contracted clients. The problem is that this program tends to crash, or the owner remotes into the server under his...
  8. Ryom

    XMPP Server and Clients for small business

    I'd like to get some thoughts from anyone who has implemented XMPP for Windows server, with client software for a LAN. Ideally free software (even for small business use) but pay software is ok if that's what you've got experience with. In short, some of our employees are looking for a secure...
  9. Ryom

    Can't get my Google Voice # to ring on Boost Mobile

    Anyone else here using or familiar with using Google Voice with Boost Mobile? I recently switched away from Virgin Mobile due to a phone failure, and Boost offering a significantly better plan than Virgin (3GB 4G data w/ hotspot for $35/mo, vs 2.5GB 4G data w/o hotspot for $35/mo). I added my...
  10. Ryom

    Master of Orion is coming back

    This is the series that defined the 4x genre and remains the gold standard to this day, 22 years later. Wargaming bought the rights to the Master of Orion franchise during Atari's bankruptcy sell-off. They plan to create something that isn't a sequel but a combined re-make of the classic MoO1...
  11. Ryom

    Issues with volume control

    After I freshly installed windows 7 ultimate, my Logitech M510 will change windows volume when holding the left button and scrolling up or down with the wheel. I'm trying to disable this but there doesn't appear to be a toggle for this in setpoint. I know it can be disabled because I didn't have...
  12. Ryom

    Third failed SSD :(

    General venting... I've recently had issues during windows update that render my system unbootable for a random length of time. After that my system started hanging in Windows. Not long after that the BIOS wasn't detecting the drive during the POST sometimes. So it wasn't difficult to narrow it...
  13. Ryom

    Boot drive temporarily inaccessible after windows update

    So this is the third time this has happened... I'll get new update notifications in Windows 7 64-bit and apply them. Reboot... and nothing. There is no boot drive found. The BIOS sees the drive. Mess around with windows recovery options a bit, nothing works (i.e. no system restore or SFC)...
  14. Ryom

    Comcast business internet - migrating away from static IPs

    So here's my conundrum. I have Comcast business internet with 5 static IP addresses to host a few servers. Servers that I no longer am running. I'd like to drop the static addresses so I can save $20 a month AND so that I can use my own modem (Comcast forces you to RENT their modem to use static...
  15. Ryom

    Remote video streaming: PC->Tablet/Phone (Android)

    So I've seen various way to stream content from your PC to your mobile android device. What I haven't seen is anything that INTEGRATES well. I could install a DLNA server, but that's not quite what I want. Ideally, I'd just want something that would create a remotely shared folder link on my...
  16. Ryom

    Defense Grid 2 (beta is out)

    Anyone here participating in the Defense Grid 2 beta? It has two levels available for play with a few games modes available. I've got some pretty rocking scores so far, managed to get to rank 16 on elite. Who else is playing?
  17. Ryom

    Robotic Vacuum...

    If anyone of you finds yourself unwilling or unable to vacuum as regularly as you like (or dislike!) then I've got to say one of these little guys just might be for you. I had found that despite my OCD tendencies and neat streak I still don't keep up on the vacuuming, and when I do I need to...
  18. Ryom

    Parallax - Master of Orion spiritual successor w/ Timothy Zahn As a great fan of the original two Master of Orion games, I'm cautiously optimistic about a game with the same flavor released with modern tools and using modern technologies. You can bet I'm going...
  19. Ryom

    Replacing a 6950 2GB?

    I have an MSI Twin Frozr II 6950 rapidly approaching total fan failure. I love the hardware, and HATE the software/driver. I'd like to go back to Nvidia but the card absolutely must have HDMI audio out which supports HD-Audio codec bitstreaming as I use a receiver for PC surround sound and...
  20. Ryom

    MSI doesn't cross ship on RMAs?

    I just had one of the fans fail on my MSI Twin Frozr II R6950 (just under a year old). I setup an RMA with MSI's online form and just got a RMA ticket in my email. The thing is, there is no mention of the possibility of cross-shipping the video card. Since most PCs are useless without a GFX card...
  21. Ryom

    New Receiver, no sub output

    I decided to up my PC audio game a bit and got the following: YAMAHA RX-V867 7.2-Channel Digital Network Home Theater Receiver Polk Audio PSW Series PSW10 Powered Subwoofer Polk Audio RM8 Satellite speakers I also have some pretty nice Altec Lansing satellites that I'll use as surrounds...
  22. Ryom

    ATI Tray Tools / ATI Game profiles

    Every time I reboot, ATI Tray Tools says it can't connect to the low level driver and it needs to be reinstalled. When I install it (as admin) it works up until the first reboot and then I have to reinstall it. Is this a common issue and does anyone know how to keep it from happening? I use...
  23. Ryom

    Jerky HD after upgrading to a 6950

    Hey guys, I recently upgraded from a Nvidia GTX 260 to an AMD 6950. I record HDTV over-the-air and I've noticed that the files that require deinterlacing are a big stutter fest. When I set deinterlacing to weave in CCC the problem goes away, but with bob, adaptive, motion adaptive, or vector...
  24. Ryom

    I went from a GTX 260 896MB to R9650 2GB

    I had recently upgraded my system due to a motherboard failure, but my graphics card (an EVGA GTX 260 896MB) was ok so I kept it. I realized that while I was still getting good performance from it I was missing out on newer DirectX features (tessellation) and the hit I was taking to enable AA...
  25. Ryom

    Newegg: Trouble with sandybridge RMA

    I received an email on March 2nd from Newegg that the replacement boards are in and responded to it as instructed. The email said that they would respond within 2-3 business days to process the RMA. However, no return email was forthcoming so I re-responded. Still no email... Since I work odd...
  26. Ryom

    Anyone here have FIOS Business class internet

    If you have or have had FIOS business class internet, can you tell me if their Dynamic IP plans have public IP addresses? In other words that you are given a true routable internet address and not an internal network address that is natted either by the router they provide or one upstream.
  27. Ryom

    Opinions on this Sandy Bridge build

    I've got some kind of odd lockup/reboot issue and I'm not sure what exactly is the culprit. At the moment I have a Core2Duo E8600 3.33ghz with 4GB of Corsair XMS RAM and an EVGA mobo. I ran a stress test on the CPU (100% on both cores) and memory all night and had zero errors or lockups. I close...
  28. Ryom

    Gigabit NAS only using about 20% of link speed

    I've got a Buffalo LS-WXL5BF connected directly to one of my PC's gigabit ethernet ports. The link in the Win7 network and connections is showing it connected at 1Gbit but the actual transfer speed tops out around 150-200 Mbit or roughly 15-25MB/s (which is well under what the unit is advertised...
  29. Ryom

    Dragon Age 2 SE will not be on STEAM

    One of the Bioware devs announced yesterday that Dragon Age 2 signature edition will not be released on Steam. If you want the pre-order bonuses (a claimed $20 value + a companion) you'll have to buy it from the EA store downloader or one of the other many digital downloaders it has been...
  30. Ryom

    MP3/AAC player w/ built-in FM transmitter

    Anyone familiar with some players that have built in FM transmitters? It needs to be able to play AAC and MP3. The only one I've found so far is this one: It has AAC/MP3 playback as well as video playback which is a...
  31. Ryom

    Ryom's Gaming HTPC

    Parts List: Sharp 52" 700UN Display Altec Lansing THX MX5021 Speakers Logitech G35 Headset
  32. Ryom

    Master of Orion 1+2 on GoG! If you have any love for empire building games you must own these. If you aren't convinced, just check out every single 5 star review.
  33. Ryom

    Intel SSD toolbox - Can't connect to drive

    I just updated my X25m G2 with the latest firmware. I installed the Intel SSD Toolbox but it says: Error connecting to drive. I'm running Win7, the drive is connected via normal SATA (not RAID enabled). Any ideas? The firmware updated fine so I don't see why there should be any problems from...
  34. Ryom

    What use is an A male to A male USB cable

    The only thing I can find a use for it after searching is to simply power devices. Data transfer cables have special hardware/software in the middle and don't count. Does anyone know if there is some useful purpose to this type of USB cable other than just a power link?
  35. Ryom

    What do pirates keep data on?

    CD-Arrs! Good night!
  36. Ryom

    Sharp 700UN as monitor: Quality & Performance Review

    My 37" Westinghouse HDTV that I had been using as a monitor developed a very bad mottling problem and I chose to replace it. As many of you know the Westy was an INCREDIBLY popular HDTV to use as a monitor, driven mainly by this forum. It was an excellent performer, save for black levels. Thus...
  37. Ryom

    Westinghouse LVM-37w3 developing wavy pattern

    My Westinghouse LVM-37w3 has developed some kind of large dark and wavy pattern across the screen. I saw at least one other poster here mention the same thing. Any other owners of this monitor seeing this on theirs? This was a hugely popular monitor here a few years back so I know we've probably...
  38. Ryom

    Sharp Aquos 700UN

    Anyone here using one of these HDTVs as a monitor?
  39. Ryom

    Win7 w/ Vista OEM upgrade question

    Here is what is going down: There is a Dell computer with the OEM Vista license key stuck to the top. The hard drive when kaput. Installed an SSD, installed Win7 ultimate fresh without entering a key to put it in trial mode. Can I get the upgrade version of Win7 Home Premium or do I need...
  40. Ryom

    Help! Mouse locks up...

    Very recently my mouse pointer has begun freezing up. I'll be doing whatever and then it'll lock up, I'll hear Win7 make a "Duh-Dun" sound and it'll work again a half-second later. VERY annoying when I'm playing a game. I tried switching ports (three different ports), and that seems to affect...