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    [H] Ryzen benchmark question/suggestions

    If/when the [H] gets their grubby mitts on some Ryzen hardware to abuse, what are you wanting to see as far as hardware used, tests done, etc? Personally, I'd like to see an older machine or 2 thrown in as a "holdout" setup. 2600k/3770k/9550/etc and some faster ddr3 to compare to would be...
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    Samsung Galaxy S3 GSM version $399 W/ Promo code

    Unlocked GSM Galaxy S3 16gb at NewEgg. Should work with most GSM carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, etc). Promo Code : EMCXSVP43
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    $416 A/R w/Promo Code at Newegg. Promo Code EMCXTWL46 Linkage.
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    Where do you draw the line between "Too good to be true" and "Too good to pass up"?

    I just pulled the trigger on one of these. Seagate Momentus XT 750gb - $33 Now I'm really wondering if it's gonna wind up biting me in the ass. So where do you guys draw the line?
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    (Scam) Seagate MomentusXT 750gb 32.99

    eBay seller appears to be Chinese but has very good feedback. If all else fails eBay should have my/your back in case of chicanery. I'm gonna go ahead and bite on this one. Linkage.
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    Galaxy 680 White edition $456 BEFORE rebate.

    Either something's going wrong with my browser here, or Amazon has a SICK deal going on the White Edition GTX 680. $456 before rebate, $426 after. As of this post they're showing 9 in stock. Jump on it!
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    Upgrading ancient videocard. NEED OPINIONS.

    I'm going to be upgrading the video card in my sig (GTX 260) for Christmas. My budget is ~$450, and I'm stuck between a Galaxy 680 2gb and a Galaxy 670 4gb and can't decide. It's driving a single 1200p monitor for 3d/gaming and a 1050p auxiliary monitor for monitoring temps/time/etc, so no...
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    Does ANYONE still make 25.5/26 inch panels?

    Bought an ASUS vw266 a while back and it's been good to me. I'd like to snag a couple matching monitors, but everything similar in size is 1080p. I'm cool with ebay/refurb stuff. I've already googled the crap out of it and so far all I'm turning up are dirt merchants asking way too much for...
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    DGAF about AA. Recommend a video card?

    Here's the rub, my friends. I'm by NO means sensitive to aliasing or screen tearing. I DO get incredibly pissed having to play a game without aniso, and DO install a lot of high-res texture packs though. Now, since AA isn't a big deal, VRAM isn't a big deal. All I'm really dealing with are...
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    Overclocking vs Undervolting

    Has anyone else ever come across a CPU that undervolts like a champ but hits a MAJOR wall overclocking? My 2600k stays rock solid at stupid low vid (I've gotten it as low as 1.0v @ 4.0ghz), but I -CAN NOT- get the bastard stable over 4.7ghz, regardless of voltage. Tested and confirmed in a...
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    Simple Automotive-grade paint job

    Not sure if this belongs here, or in mobile computing, but I'm sure it applies either way. I've discovered that Duplicolor paint (Snag it at any old auto parts store) is AWESOME, and am going to attempt to give my old Dell Vostro 1500 a bit of new life with it. I'm gonna keep a simple...
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    BCLK issue, or "My battle with OCD"

    Evening everyone. I just slapped together the rig in my sig and noticed something a little funny. With the BCLK set at 100mhz x 44 multiplier, I'm noticing that several different programs (CPU-Z, CoreTemp, etc) report BCLK as 99.1mhz for an overall CPU clock of 4.3-something Ghz. It's a pretty...