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    proxying an internet connection through a work computer (not illegal)

    here's my situation. I live on a ski resort, up on the mountain in one of the buildings that is not used in the summer (think "the shinning" but in summer). They do not have phone lines or cable lines that I can use up there. They do have a network set up though. When talking with IT, they...
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    does LGA 775 support 478 chips?

    probably a really n00b question, but its literally been 2 years since I been paying attention to mobo tech, and its time to replace my asus P4-800 E deluxe, and I don't want to replace anything else. can I look at LGA 775 boards with my 3.06P4? I eventually will replace everything else...
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    no USB functionality on Asus P4800-E deluxe

    none of my USB ports are working correctly on my Asus P4800-E deluxe. With USB 2.0 activated, I get a hard lock up when a device, or "USB device has malfunctioned" error, no matter what port I use, no matter what device. With USB 2.0 turned off via bios, I get "unknown device"...
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    bthprops.cpl will not run in XPproSP2

    hey, I am having bad luck with USB and bluetooth right now, I can not even get bthprops.cpl to run, at all, and this is a fresh install how do I trouble shoot a cpl not running? I can't find a good answer via google thanks
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    need help trouble shooting USB issue

    would there be a hardware mobo issue that would cause all USB ports to fail, with no ill effects on the rest of the system harware wise? USB devices (USB1 and USB2) is often registering as "unrecognized device" in winXPsp2, or sometimes a voltage error reported within winXPsp2. in the BIOS...
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    Asus P4C800-E USB failure after updating windows

    hey everyone, I have a asus P4c800-E that's confusing me alot. whenever I attatch a USB device, to either version, winXP locks up with no reported errors. And this only happens after i totally update winXP to current SP2 etc etc. Prior to updating windows after a fresh reinstall, when...
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    should I upgrade from 8500AIW for photoshop?

    a client of mine is currently getting really into photoshop for his buisness, and it is making things difficult because he is using a pretty average home media PC to make things more difficult, he thought it would be a good idea to by some off brand 32'' widescreen LCD, not a high quality...
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    Does SV51g support dual vid cards (agp and PCI)

    client wants to go dual monitor, he has a AIW 8500dv AGP, and has a free PCI slot. does shuttle allow this type of setup? thanks
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    best free drive zero'ing app?

    need to do a full zap of my IBM, and was wondering what a good free app is for this? thanks
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    Boot drive and System Drive (yes, 2 seperate drives) how to fix? guru needed

    I hope I can get a guru on this, because I think my situation is kinda unique, since google or search hasn't helped.... I built new machine using all my old drives laying around, 6 in total so far. when I installed winXP pro, I had an issue deleting a particular partition on a particular...
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    firefox seems way slower than IE

    I am doing a side by side comparison of IE and firefox, and to me, firefox seems dramatically slower, what do you guys think? I was expecting alot more
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    how do I delete an old MBR from a drive from within windows?

    I installed a new system yesterday, and I used all my drives from my old raid setup... well, drive C: retained it's old master boot record, forcing windows to install to D:/ whats more annoying is that I can not delete the old MBR from C:, which is a 6 gig partition on a 80 drive. I would...
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    network noob needs help setting up wide area network

    The company I work for (a bunch of restraunts) wants to set up a simple network solution where the owners can access and edit real time there quick books and excel sheets remotely. Basically, all the financials are store on on PC, and they want to be able to log on to that PC from say another...
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    monitoring eithere temp or fan speed on 9700?

    my stock fan is flaking out on my 9700 pro, and I was wondering if there is an app out there that will tell me when it quites on me? or when the vid card temp is rising? and no, it's not feasable to just keep looking in the case in this circumstance. also, can anyone point me to a good...
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    is IDE dead?

    sorry if this s slight doublepost, but I want to mobo answers too.... are we being forced to dump all our IDE drives for SATA? I have a crap load of ide drives, and all the decent mobo's out there have maybye one ide port, and at least 2 sata. I have no sata drives, and 6 ide drives...
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    what to do with all my UIDE drives?

    OK, so I had to get a new mobo, the P4C800-E DELUXE, and it seems like I can put 2 ide drives in there. I have 6 ide hard drives, and 2 optical drives. are there converters out there? Or do I have to dump all my drives for sata?
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    replacement board for sv25, blown caps. need help ASAP

    OK, I am now being caught up in the bad cap fiasko, and I need to repair a couple clients PC's which used the shuttle SV24 and SV25, where do I get replacement motherboards from? thanks much!
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    where to DL S25 drivers? (shuttle site DL dead)

    I need to find the drivers for the SV25, and the shuttle site no longer has downloads. can anyone send me a link? thanks
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    anyone else seeing a wave of dead caps?

    suddenly, every comp I have built over the past year is suffering from burst caps... anyone else seeing this? and this covers most major board makers.
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    how safe is partition magic?

    I have to adjust the partitions on a very sensitive drive (very important data), and I have no ability to back it up at the time. has anyone had issues with partition magic? I basically need to remove the partion
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    recommendations for certifications?

    I am desperatly looking to switch careers, going from service industry to tech... I specifically want to get certified leaning towards support and hardware, maybe networks I do not want to go web, graphics, or anything else like that any suggestions from those who have experience? I...
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    anyone here own or operate a PC building company?

    I am thinking of starting a small design company for high end, HTPC, and small business PC's out of my house, just wondering if any of you have taken building comps past the "building for freinds here and there" and what are your experiences and thoughts. thanks
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    gapless playback hack for ipod yet?

    anyone figure out how to hack gapless playback yet? the slight gap is horrible
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    keyboard randomly locking up

    on my girls comp, she has had none stop problems with her keyboards. she started with a logitec wireless, after a while, it wouldn't respond. broke out the old generic IBM PS/2 keyboard, and after a few minutes, it would fail. The only way to get it to work was to remove it from device...
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    where to get info on all new technology???

    OK< it's literally been a year since I have even considered upgrading, and I haven't read anything on all the new tech out there... Is there anywhere I can go to get the basics of what is what?? Particularly with motherboards... The last things I read about were sata, USB2, DDR dual...
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    need to know the function of a specific cap

    My comp fell an enormous distance down a flight of stairs... the case is totalled, but it did fire up. The only damage to the mobo seems to be a small cap, which is totally missing, located by a USB port that is used for case USB plugs. since it fired up, seemingly fine, can I determine...
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    switching raid chipsets, possible without reformat?

    hey guys, it's been about a year since I last posted... anyways, my it7max died, and I had a RAID1 set up. Unfortunately, I didn't have anything mirrored, and those drives hold an enormous amount of info. Can I migrate my drives to a newer or diffrent chipset? I don't care about...
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    what mem for GA-7DPXDW-P ?!?!?!

    I can't find a clear answer for what memory to get for my fiance's duali rig, she wants massive amounts of memory, but first off, it *seems* to only except ecc (even though they say in the manual that it supports both non and ecc) and what brands? I checked gigabytes site, and they only...
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    what player do you use for large HTPC libraries accessed via HDTV and workstations?

    hope that wasn't too lengthy a title, and BTW, I am concerned right now with only audio, since I have none of my video ripeed yet... here's the scope, in detail: building a large (500GB+) media server, was wondering what you all use as a app to access and play your audio/media files on...
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    RAID suggestions for 500GB+ media servers (HTPC front end)

    just finished ripping my last CD to highest quality variable bitrate MP3, resulting in a 478GB library, and that does not include my video and games, or even my vinyl record collection (rare and large). the BIG problem is that I didn't think ahead and I did this all on a RAID0 array, which...
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    best hotel for E3?

    never been to LA, anyone have suggestions for hotels? I want something close to it (walking) and nice, but on the e3 site, i notice a lot of hotels are booked solid. thanks
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    how to get DVI-HDTV and CRT monitor to do dual on 9700?

    yeah, that topic seems a little confusing. im new to HTPC stuff. I have a 9700pro, and sony HMD-A400, and a HT 65swx20b HDTV i want to hook up the HDTV via the DVI output on the 9700 to the DVI input on the TV at the same time, i want to have the desktop display on the trinitron...