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    DVD RW vs CD RW ?

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    Harddrives ATA100 or ATA133?

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    Home Theater DVD-Audio Question...

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    Under MY COMPUTER ...

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    Computer wont Restart....

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    How Do I boot into Safe Mode?

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    Current 15.2" Powerbook - any advice before I buy?

    I really want this laptop. Any reason why I should not buy it? Im going to get it new for $1599 at my school, I want to switch compleltly from pc to apple. How many years can I expect? This will primarly be a school computer for a biochemistry student. As for pc gaming, Im ready to abandon(...
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    AOE3: unable to resume saved games!

    Either Im an idiot cant cant find the official unpause button, or this game is on crack. When ever I try to resume a saved game, the game starts "paused" and I cant find a way to unpause it. Normally, when I got to the menu during a game and it automatically pauses the game, and button pushed...
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    How can I organize my music?

    I have many many music files(mostly mp3) that are just scattered apart from the counter mp3s from the same album in one big folder. Is there a free program that will automatically organize these scattered files into album folders? THANKS
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    Quake 4's Open AL make Quake 4 crash?

    The game crashes back to desktop with this option enabled for me. I have an audigy 2 zs. anyone else?
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    Am I the only one with lots of LAG in Quake 4?

    am I? or is the games net code not all there or something.
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    How do I add 1280x1024 lcd res to F.E.A.R.

    Subject says it. Thanks -Paul
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    anyone play fable: lost chapters?

    how is it?
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    is there anyway to try WOW for free?

    WOW looks cool. Ive been bored to death(suicide is a serious option for me right now) with computer games in past year or so and have always thought subscription based games were for hardcore gamers with no lives, well maybe i am one, or maybe not...but is there a way to try this for free(for a...
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    F.E.A.R...cant get higher than 1024x760

    Im running a 17'' Hitachi LCD with native at 1280x1024. How can I get fear to run at 1280x960 or 1280x1024. It maxes out at 1024x760. All other games run fine. Running it with a 6800 GT.
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    Do you guys recommend Guild Wars?

    Im the kinda guy that loves occasional FPSing( hl2 ) and rarely an RPG(Knights of the Old Republic), also dont like to game all that much. Maybe 10 hours a week. Guild Wars looks cool, but do you think its worth the money for me?
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    HL2 is purple!

    wtf, while playing HL2 deathmatch, all of suden when i loaded it up, some of the textures decided to turn purple and fuzzy( including my gun! ). whats going on here?
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    soo whats the best HL2 multi mod out now?

    Ive been out of the loop or a while in the gaming industry. NOT a fan of CS, but enjoy hl2 deathmatch. Any new muliplayer mods out for HL2 that are awesome?
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    BF2 # 234553987523987: Am I the only one that gets disconnecteD?

    I get disconnected randomly when I play online on any server. love the game, but when i loose the connection, i want to pull my eyes out and eat them.
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    What button for Chating in BF2?

    Maybe its becasue im retarded, maybe becasue im stoned almost every time I play, but i dont know the freaking button for in game chatting!?! I cant find my box/manual and the ingame control config is confusing and I dont see an option for it in there( only voip crap ). thanks paul
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    Do I need 2 gigs to play BF2 on high?

    Ive got a 6800 GT, 1 gb, Athlon 64 3200+. Battle field runs fairly choppy( esp. in the fucking air plane!?!?!). Im running 1280x1024(LCD) with every thing set to high with dynamic light/shadows @ medium. It is not running a playable frame rate imo. Do I need 2 gigs to play at these standards...
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    Computer wont Restart....

    Just accidently blew up my power supply while trying to install it in my dads computer for troubleshooting( btw, what would casue to to spark and smoke?). ANYWAYS, just bought a new 500W power supply, installed it, computer runs great, BUT when trying to just restart the computer, it gets stuck...
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    Did I install this motherboard incorrectly?

    My dads mobo got toasted some how, soo we ordered a new and installed it last night. After completing the install, when trying to boot up for the first time, it would just get a quick bolt of power(fans and lights would turn on for a half second) then die. Then, for no obvious reason, the...
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    gta 2 full download free from rockstar= where else?

    they just released this old classic as a free download, but where can I download it, rockstars web site is maxed out I think. Anyone know where else?
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    Doom3 Mods : ne good 1s?

    Are there any good D3 mods out YET? that jedi knight one looks fucking cool, but wont be out for ever probably...
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    DoD Source: When?

    I got silver, and want to know when they are going to release dod: source. Anyone got da info?
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    Steam Problem....

    Im trying to login to steam, but it just hangs then said there was a problem my my internet connection or steam is having problems or something. WTF, i was jsut playing HL2 couple hours ago, and now it cant login to play. Is it possible to play my games with out loging in( now I see why people...
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    What time will Hl2 be out in Arizona?

    im too dumb to figure this out. I think its 11pm, but does anyone know for sure?
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    How long to dwnload Hl2 today?

    Im on a cable, that can run 400kb/s if its a really good server, how long to download Hl2 Silver through steam? Im debating to get that or the retail( I want to play at midnight ). Thanks dudes.
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    Can I put HL2 on two computers?

    Im about to order HL2 through steam, but I have a question... I would like to be able to play this game while im at my dorm at school, and also on my computer back at home, is it possible to download the game on 2 seperate computers and play when ever?
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    I patched UXTHEME.DLL , where are the skins now?

    Where can i get some cool skins now that ive patched the UXTHEME.DLL ?
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    RTW : How do I add Governors?

    My citys are rioting like crazy(those bastards I should of fucking executed them all), how do i send a governor over to them or make one? im confused.
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    Windowblinds - Wheres my startmenu?

    I just got windowblinds 4.4 and when i choose a skin, only windows change to the theme and not my start menu, infact the menu changes to the windows classic theme for some reason. Any ideas?
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    Best Windows Skin program?

    What is currently the best skining program for windows xp? I dont want to create skins but just use already made ones. thnx
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    any 1 interested in SIMS 2

    looks kind of cool, anyone going to buy it when it comes out? Next tuesday is the release day.
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    What is the best free email?

    Ive been using hotmail for a while, and im starting to notice my emails dont go out very fast to people, and sometimes I recieve emails that have been sent days ago. Im sick of hotmail, whats free and is better than hotmail?
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    What engine is MOHPA on?

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    Under MY COMPUTER ...

    In my computer, under computer:, it says Athlon..blah...blah..1 GB memory AND then it says Physical Adress Extenstion, what does that last part mean. LOL, i just saw it and was wondering wtf that was. Thnkx