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    When do you estimate that the 10600K and KF variantes will become readily available?

    I'm sitting here growing old waiting.. finished build waiting for the 10600kf to show it's face.
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    HP Proliant Microserver - Missing Key

    What should this be in? This is my HTPC, and presumably many other's.
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    HP Proliant Microserver - Missing Key

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement key? I seem to have lost mine, and would like to add a couple of hdd's to the server.
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    Best wireless audio streamer for the price?

    That might be a decent option, although it'd be nice to have something that had RCA outputs. Thanks for the link.
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    Best wireless audio streamer for the price?

    I've had a wireless streamer (Logitech bluetooth receiver) for several years. I'd like to upgrade to a unit that allows the music to be browsed/selected on the streamed end. I have a server that is always on that stores the music. I've been looking at several options, but found most to be...
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1's - Amp repair

    Ordered one from Harman for $25 + $3 shipping. Back rocking.
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1's - Amp repair

    Most likely the bash chip in the sub. When they go bad they usually cause crackling/whining. You can take the sub apart and wiggle the bash chip which control's the subs (one does subs and one does sat) to see if the noise changes. Mine's having a problem from one of the chips, and I'm trying...
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    Amazon kindle 2 now $189

    Nook supposedly took a price dive too.
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    Transcend Says DRAM Prices Are Too High

    I'll keep my 4gbs of ddr2 for $30. :p
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    Nvidia GTX 485 to be released this fall, 512 Shader Units enabled

    Eh someone jump in and correct me if I'm wrong, but the 6000 series, now 'Southern Islands', is due in late 2010. Most reports are saying "Autumn", September-October. I wouldn't imagine these having a problem with the competition. The 485 might release sooner though, which would give it some...
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    Logitech Wave Keyboard Wired - Dented Box $14 Shipped

    Got it today. Nothing dented about the box..
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    Logitech Wave Keyboard Wired - Dented Box $14 Shipped

    Yes, mine shipped on Thursday, which is the same day I ordered.
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    Realspace Magellan L-Shaped Desk and Hutch $36 (Reg $380) + $25 Shipping @OfficeDepo

    did in-store payment.. made it a little difficult for them to ring up there. Had all the employees like wtf how'd you get it for that price. I tried to pick up a second as they had three in stock, and my roommate wanted one, but I had to ring it up on the web to get the discounts -- the coupon...
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    Realspace Magellan L-Shaped Desk and Hutch $36 (Reg $380) + $25 Shipping @OfficeDepo

    I did in store pickup. Still came out to $38 after taxes. Had to be in stock, so I couldn't select my first choice (cherry). We'll see if I can grab it today. Thanks
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    Dual GPU GTX 470 Cards

    Pretty disappointing.
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    "Diamonds" awesome timely support...

    lmao. Day after warranty is up now?
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    Dual Fermi (2x GTX 470)

    You can bold anything you want, but that doesn't change how irrelevant your original post was about GTX470SLI being faster than 5850CF. The 5970 isn't merely 5850CF and the GTX490 isn't GTX470SLI. The poster was pointing out that the GTX490 is likely to not outperform the 5970, or will result in...
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    Dual Fermi (2x GTX 470)

    And what makes you think this card will run at the same speeds as 2xGTX470s, given that the 5970 doesn't run at the same speeds as 2x5870s? (And not given how ridiculous the heat envelope and power draw for this card will be)
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    Hints of the GTX490, 375W TDP

    Isn't going to go much north of $700? Due to the presumed limited availability of such cards, the likelihood of failure due to heat/power envelope, I would be surprised to see such a card go under $899. 3D Vision surround is probably the only reason I could envision buying one of these -- a...
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    'Hurt Locker' Sharers: Expect Docs Like This

    It is your internet connection. You pay for it, and therefore are/should be responsible for it. That's my opinion, but if you could prove it wasn't you, I'm sure you could get off for that type of thing.
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    GTX 465's on sale at Newegg

    It's sad pandas, too. I was hoping it would bring down the price of the 5850 by being a competitor..
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    Microsoft Certifications up to 50% Off for Students

    Microsoft and Cisco certs are great to have when job hunting for an IT position.
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    OCZ StealthXStream 700W, $35 w/ $25 rebate at newegg

    According to OCZ's response on the reviews, they've fixed the problem that was causing problems with many of these psus. But that's up to the buyer on whether you trust them or not.
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    Movie Censorship Hits Home Televisions.

    Yeah the likelihood of a monopoly failing.. slim to none.
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    RECERTIFIED OCZ 1010w PSU $59.99 plus shipping

    just 2x pci-e plugs?! But that is still a great deal.
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    I killed my machine?

    This is what scares me. The 4-pin cpu power supply? Did you try taking out/unplugging the gfx card and booting without it? Also didn't look at that guy's link, but you can use the paperclip trick to test a psu. If you smell something burning, something's definitely fucked.
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    Visiontek 5870 for $329 at Dell

    coupon still works.. bcb is also @ 5% for dell.
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    HD5770 opinions please

    If you're just worried about the sound.. slap on an aftermarket cooler.
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    Installed GTX 470 SLI - PSU now buzzing...

    Hopefully someone will chime in and actually answer the OP's question. From what I've read, the buzzing isn't necessarily going to indicate a quick demise of your hardware. Although if it were mine personally, I'd be RMA'ing the unit (once I confirmed it was in fact the psu), as it is not...
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    can you sli different models like in crossfire?

    bout time you make yourself useful :p
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    Blown solid capacitors: I've never seen it. (pics)

    Really guys? The fan's dirty? Have you opened up an average user's machine, smoker's, or corporate pc, ever? I've seen much worse than that.
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    can you sli different models like in crossfire?

    That's what happens in xfire. I'm not sure if in SLI you can independently clock the gpus - someone else might chime in on that.
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    How many video cards are failing?

    Personally, I think the first rev of the 8800gt's ran too hot with the single-slot/small fan combo. I think the failures were quite high, which is why they revised the design for a considerably larger fan.
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    TigerDirect has the Galaxy GTX 480 for $520 - $64 Bing Cashback

    There are some products on TD that say "This item is not eligible for BCB". So be careful.
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    Dell 24inch Monitor $200.00 Delivered only today.

    There are some Acer 24" refurbs on TD that are $169+$10ship-$20bcb = $159 shipped if anyone's interested, as well.
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    4870x2 vs GTX 470 SLI vs GTX 480 vs 5970

    xfire 5870s is your best bet for pure performance versus price.
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    Dell 23 inch monitor 1080p, $89 dollars

    dammit, I wanted eyefinity!
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    How many video cards are failing?

    I've had a few cards fail. One was oc'd, most weren't. I've had: Geforce2 Ti Geforce4 Ti4200 Radeon 9800 Pro -- died from personal fail -- didn't clamp hoses on CPU wb, water dripped onto card during use. nvidia 6600gt x2 Sapphire x800gto2 - clocked to x850xt speeds, failed after ~2...
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    ATI wins Again

    At least according to this comparo, xfire scaling > sli..
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    gtx480 tri-sli versus 5970 CrossfireX versus 5870 TripleX Sorry if it's posted elsewhere. Can't do much for translation, but Engadget also has a post on it, I believe. Looks like a pretty mixed bag. 3x5870s seem to do the best in terms of scaling from...