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    Netapp FAS2040

    Anyone on here have a netapp FAS2040 or similar series netapp?
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    Norco 3116 fan replacements

    Need recommendations for fan replacements on my Norco 3116. Need 2 60mm and 4 80mm. Been out of the game for a while and haven't had to buy aftermarket fans for quite some time. I am looking for near silent fans. This thing is going in my office and I can't have a jet engine running in the...
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    R9 290 Eyefinity benchmarks

    Any seen any numbers for eyefinity on a R9 290? I'm considering upgrading from my two 6970s.
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    R9 pricing

    Any thoughts on when the prices will settle down? I want to upgrade to one but paying $140 over MSRP is not going to happen.
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    Odd 6970 driver issues

    I'm having some weird driver issues with my MSI 6970 reference card. In BF3 if I use any driver newer than 11.9 I get artifacts and the game is unplayable. Sometimes when I load a new version explorer.exe crashes when I have more than two monitors connected. I even went as far as to do a...
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    HP P410

    I am building a NAS for work and I picked up a HP P410 and a HP SAS expander card. The P410 confirguration option doesn't show up during boot. I am running it on an Intel 1200 series server board with a Xeon E3 1220. I setup the onboard intel RAID for the OS drives and those work fine. Any...
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    Anyone use an Archos Tablet

    I want small portable device I can stream media to from my WHS over my WiFi.. The Zune HD was a no go. I found this and it will run Android 2.2. Any thoughts or other options I...
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    MSI 6970 $349.99 AR

    Newegg has the MSI 6970 for $369.99 with a $20 MIR and $5 shipping. The rebate is good at any retailer according to the form so you might find it a little cheaper elsewhere. Check the form for terms. I...
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    Which 6790 brand

    I know they are pretty much all reference designs right now but which one should I get? HIS Sapphire, Powercolor, ect... Thoughts?
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    sound card for headphones

    So I have a creative fatality MKII headset that I use for gaming mostly and have been using the integrated realtek HD audio on my IP 35 PRO. My question is would it be a worthwhile upgrade to get an X-Fi? Would it be that noticeable enough to warrant the cost?
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    Crossfire problem

    So I have two 4850 512MB ASUS cards in CF mode. My performance with crossfire isn't right. I actually get better framerates in BC2 if I disable CF. Anyone Have any thoughts? My system info below: Intel Q9650 6GB RAM Abit IP35 PRO two WD velociraptors RAID 0 550W Corsair PSU.
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    Crossfire Q

    Is there a performance penalty for using only 1 bridge?
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    upgrade from CrossfireX 4850s

    I am thinking about upgrading and wanted to get opinions on what to get. I am leaning towards another ATi card for Eyefinity.
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    C&C RIP

    EA took a brilliant game series and slowly and painfully tortured it to death and C&C4 was the final nail in the coffin. RIP old friend.
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    How to connect more than 8 drives to SAS card

    Some of these cards say they support over 200 devices. How does one connect so many drives to a single card. I have seen cables that breakout to 4 sata.
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    Aftermarket cooler for 4850

    Looking for recommendations for an aftermarket cooler for my two 4850s. I have single slot cards and the fans can get crazy loud. I can live with a two slot solution for each one I just want something quieter. Doesn't need to be silent. I will not be overclocking or anything so it doesn't...
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    Intergrated Audio or Audigy 2

    I came across an Audigy 2 at work in a system that died and was wondering if it was worth putting in my gaming box. I am currently using the integrated audio on my ABIT IP35 PRO. I only have 5.1 speakers now that are pretty old but still sound decent and am mostly just using headphones. I was...
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    Wireless 802.11n headaches

    So I recently upgraded the firmware on my WRT310N. Right after none of my wireless clients could connect while the router was set in "auto" channel mode. If I manually set the channel in either 20Mhz or 40Mhz and a upper range channel number (5-11) they connect. My Intel 5300 AGN card in my...
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    WHS tip and Tricks

    ANyone have any WHS tip or tricks? I just set one up and it's pretty cool so far.
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    Velociraptor Raid 0 problems

    Ok so I have two 80GB HLFS Velociraptors on my IP35 PRO using the Intel ICH9R. I can't get windows 7 to boot after install. I just get a blank screen or the starting windows screen for a few minutes and then a black screen. If I reboot one the drives shows an "error occured message on the...
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    Need Cheap Raid 5 Card

    I'm building a WHS and the Mobo (ASUS P5KPL-CM) doesn't support onboard RAID so I need a 4 port RAID card. I don't want to spend a lot since its just going to be for a WHS. Any suggestions?
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    Need new Cable Modem

    Ok so my Cable modem is dying after years of fathful service. I have a motorola SB5100. I've seen a refurb linksys model for like $29. I'm not sure if I want to worry about getting a DOCSIS 3.0 one right now since there is no telling when COX COMM in phoenix will be offering any kind of...
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    Need new Cable Modem

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    32" LCD TV 1080P

    So I was thinking about buying one for my computer to game and watching movies. The price on these has come down a lot and I've been wanting something bigger than my 22". So what are some opinions out there on doing this instead of buying an actual computer monitor. I have a pretty decent...
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    Seagate Warranty returns

    Okay so I went to the segate site to request an RMA for my 7200.10 with the crappy AAK firmware and I entered the Drive info and it game me the option to return with no reason. Is it really that easy? Don't you have to provide a reason why you want to return your drive?
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    7200.10 Raid issues

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    write back cache

    to enable or not to enable is my question. Thoughts opinions? going to be a 5 Disk Raid5 consisting of 5 WD Caviar Blue 750's
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    4 SATA drive RAID confirguration

    Ok I just bought some drives and have played around with the setup and wanted to get some feedback on configuration. I have 4 750GB SATA drives all 7200rpm Samsung Spinpoint F1 WD Caviar Black 2x WD Caviar Blue I had the samsung and the WD black drive in a RAID 0 initially and when I...
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    openSUSE on xenserver

    Has anyone been able to get this running paravirtualized on xenserver?
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    crossfire Q

    I've read before that you don't need 2 bridges for crossfire to work. Is this true? I'm looking at picking up a second 4850 but it doesn't look like it comes with one.
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    SO I have I35 PRO and currently running a E6850 C2D. I want to upgrade to a Quad core. I wanted to get the fastest one this board will take. According to the Abit site it will only support up to a Q9550. Has anyone tried a Q9650?
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    if you had $50.00 to spend.....

    What kind of PSU would you get for a computer with a C2D e6400 geforce 7600GT and 4 HD's? trying to help a friend find a PSU just thought I'd gather some opinions for him.
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    Fry's B&M 42' LG 42LB5D 42" 1080P LCD HDTV $999

    This wasn't in the Phoenix area ads but it was posted in store at this price. They still had 15 when I bought mine today. the price is in store only. Ad Link Item Link...
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    Westinghouse TX-42F430S 42 inch LCD HDTV (1080p, HDMI)

    Tell me what you guys think of this LCD HDTV. I am planning on eventually putting tother a HTPC for it, Its on sale at best buy for $989 . It the best deal I could find on a 1080p at 42". I know westinghouse makes pretty good LCD monitors but I haven't heard much about their LCD TVs. Your...
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    abit IP35 and antec truepower trio, anyone using these together?

    I've read some reports recently of the ABIT IP55 board having issues with the antec truepower trio 550W. I just bought one of these PSU's from newegg because it was such a good deal(39.99 AR free shipping) and had received some good reviews. I was leaning heavily towards getting Ip35 but now...
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    PSU suggestions

    Ok I'm building a new PC and I can't decide on what PSU(among other things) to get. I have a budget of $50.00. I know its not much of a budget but I don't have a ton of drives nor do I plan to SLI. I do plan on light overclocking nothing crazy though. I would prefer one with a 120mm fan but...
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    6800gt coolers

    Ok here is my question whats the best aftermarket cooler for a 6800gt. I sent my card back to leadtek for RMA beucase it died now the replance ment they sent after 2 months of waiting is hitting 75c and cusing artifacts with no OCing I pulled off the cooler they use and put some arctic...
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    Vantec Aeroflow owners

    I just saw newegg has got these refurbs for 15 free shipping. Thinking of picking one up to replace the intel stock HSF until I go watercooling ina few months. Just looking for some opinions. the main reason is simply the price. I know there are better HSF the SP-94 or the 7000u but this is...
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    Anyone ever Watercool a LANBOY

    I was wanting to go with a watercooling solution on my machine but I really like the LANBOY its light and easy to take to LAN parties. I was really hoping I would be able to keep the case. I was wondering if anyone has ever installed a system in their LANBOY or seen it done before and could...
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    Giel Ram

    Just bought a P4 3.0 "C" chip and 2x512 of GEIL PC3200 anyone have any experience with this ram. got it all from the Egg :)