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    NVme XPG 8200 pro/Asus H170 issues

    Yeah, finally wanted to see what the hype was about and purchased the 512GB version of this M2 Nvme. Just wanted to use it as additional storage for future games. Thought this was going to be an easy add on, nope. Installed in MB easy enough, but once booted, I do not show it as a 3rd hard...
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    No Sound while Gaming-Windows 10

    So this is weird. Upgraded to Windows 10 about 3 months ago and it's been running games great on my ol' rig. Sound was working in and out of games. I can listen to youtube, spotify etc and it works fine, just in games it's not working. However a couple a days ago I decided to try...
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    Windows 10 Boot time very slow...but games improved?

    So upgraded from W7 to W10. So far really liking W10. Couple things: 1, Per Glary Utilities, my boot up time has increased from an avg of 30 seconds, to about 80 seconds. I have an older system as you can see, so not asking for miracles, but this was a big change. Doesn't feel that slow...
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    Far Cry 4 $40.19 on Steam

    Appears to be a weekend deal 40.19 PC Download Far Cry 4 UPDATE: As ReconSniper has said, it's 29.99 on Amazon! Done deal!
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    Overclocking Noob here

    Yeah that's me when it comes to overclocking. If you look at my sig you'll see i'm running ol' school and at pretty much at stock. I'm trying to find out the best way to go about overclocking my 8400 GPU, and just moderately. I'm not looking for crazy clocking, just enough to add a few...
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    Hard Reset-Free Expansion for existing users?

    Any word on this? Last dialogue was late April early May to be released. Since we are passed early May now, thought I'd ask if anyone heard anything?
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    The Darkness II

    So I just recently purchaseed Darkness II for $12 on Amazon. Didn't see a thread other than the demo, so thought I'd start. I'm not done, but so far I am suprised this hasn't been a topic. This game is suprisingly great. Not sure why I'm surprised though, the first which was only on...
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    BF3 vs. BC3 in graphic dept

    So 2 days into BF3 and so far I have to say great game on a strugglin system. It's a little sad. You see my specs and I know I need to do some upgrading if I want to run on High, or better yet, Ultra. I'm just wondering though, I'm playing through it initially on mix of high and ultra. It...
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    Arkham Asylum Patch 1.1?

    Just getting to this now and see that there is a 1.1 patch, however Steam isn't recognizing this. When I got to install 1.1 Patch from 3rd party, it's not letting me. Looks like the 1.1 also has some PhyX improvements. What's the issue here (if anyone recalls)
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    Arkham Asylum: Customize Controls?

    Yeah, late to this game, but thought I'd get around to it before AA C. Maybe I'm missing something here, but please don't tell me you can't customize the controls? Why can't I figure this out?
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    Windows 7 start up Lagging

    So I'm not sure if this is an OS issue or not, but thought I'd start somewhere. Yesterday while playing Homefront, the game crashed. That's never happened on this rig with this or any other game. Had to hard boot out. Anyways, on restart there seemed to be a lag on the boot up page while...
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    Crysis 2 Most Disappointing Game of Decade?

    Ok, I'm not saying it will be the worse game of the decade, but most disappointing. We're talking about Crytek, the inovators of PC graphics in gaming that started with Far Cry. Do you all recall the amount of upgrades or replacements that had to be done to the PC to run it? Good times...
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    Black Ops: Destructible environments absent again?

    So I've been playing Bad Company 2 for a while now, both single player and multi player. The thing I just can't get over is the environments and how almost everything can be destroyed. I love it. Obviously it's not just eye candy, it plays into the strategy of the game. I haven't been...
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    DX 11 issues in Stalker CoP w/460GTX 1GB

    Not sure how many here on the forums are running DX 11 yet with the new 460 cards, but one game I'm playing has issues that I can't resolve yet. Running the latest drivers WHQL drivers on Windows 7 64 bit, when I run Stalker CoP on DX11, there is some strange visuals with the NPCs as well as...
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    Gigabyte GTX 460 1GB, this one any good?

    I've been hearing alot of bad things on Palit so I'm not jumping the gun with it. However I'm seeing the Gigabyte brand pop up and was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on it? The card has 2 fans but again doesn't look like it pulls any air out of the case (like MSI) Looking to buy...
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    Stalker:CoP and Realtek HD 5.1?

    Got Call of Pripyat, loaded and been playing..yeah it's great. But the game for me is not coming through 5.1 audio. I recall this with Clear Skies and I recall a fix for us who have onboard audio, but can't remember what I did. Anyone remember what needs to be done to get this game to run...
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    Metro 2033/Steam Question

    This could be a stupid question that has been answered, but I don't know the answer so here it goes. A friend that finished 2033 sold it to me in retail box that included activation code. I wasn't aware that this game needed Steam to work, should have looked on back of box. Anyways as you...
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    No Prone in BF:Bad Company 2?

    So I haven't played it so can't say for myself, but read a couple reviews where they stated there is no prone in this game? That can't be right? Can somebody tell me I'm crazy and competely wrong?
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    Have 8800GT SLI, what single cards starts to beat this?

    So currently have 8800GT's in SLI mode. I've decided the next card is just going to be one because the advantages I've seen of SLI have come up short to me. If I were to be getting a new card, what single card either Nvidia or ATI is going to start beating the SLI config of the 8800GT?
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    Borderlands Patch 1.01 coming tonight

    So the Borderlands Patch is suppose to come out tonight. My question is, if I downloaded from Direct 2 Drive how am I going to get it? The instructions are saying if you bought on Steam of D2D, that you can't download it from the site, that you have to go to where you bought. How does...
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    Windows 7 and Sain'ts Row 2 wtf?

    So upgraded to 7 from Vista, both 64 bit versions. Played the Wolfy demo fine, then went to play Saint's Row 2. Everything looks good except for one thing. The game plays at 2x the regular speed. I can't figure out what happened, but I can't fix at this time. Not sure I'll get any hits...
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    Upgraded to 7...uh nvidia control panel?

    Where are you? Do I have to reinstall the drivers? I upgraded from Vista 64 bit Home Premium to 7 64 bit home premium. Went pretty smooth, but I can't find the nvida settings. anyone?
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.:CS-Hide to avoid emissions? How?!

    So i'm stuck. Yup it happened. Maybe I'm dumbtarded, but I can't figure out how to "hide" to avoid these horrible emissions! I can't take it! Where or how do you hide!? UPDATE: figured it out. no worries.
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    Uhh..Where are all the FPS PC games?

    So this has been talked about before, the decline of the PC game, but it never seemed to happen. There always were the big titles coming out whether it be Far Cry, Doom, Half-Life 2, now Crysis, Far Cry 2, Fear 2...but now we seemed to be in a lull. I am still playing STALKER CS, but it's...
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    F.E.A.R. II Patch? Where!

    So I don't even have the game yet, but played the demo and know there was room for improvement on several things. I heard some talk on other forums on a patch, but so far none that I can find. I was going to wait to see if one came out and see if it fixed anything like the studdering problem...
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    F.E.A.R. 2 demo coming tomorrow

    So the demo is planned to be released tomorrow and wondering if others are excited as I am to play this. The last expansion for F.E.A.R. was pretty horrible, so it will be interesting to see a true sequel. I'm hoping for the best.
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    360: Which movies are HD streams from Netflix?

    So just got the new experience. Awesome. Starting to watch movies. Watched John Carpenters "The Thing" in HD. Awesome. But now I can't find what other movies are presented in HD. I can't find any. I heard there are 300. Anyone know of the list?? Updated: Wanted to add this link that...
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    Installing 120mm Fan

    Didn't think I had to create a thread for installing a fan, but here I am. Current have the Antec 900 and decided to put the 120mm Fan on the side. Using an existing 120 from older computer. The fan only has a small 3 prong connection that I can't find in the new computer. Not sure what...
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    Crysis:WH..Initial Ice Scene...bring PC to knees

    So, you see my specs. I run with most things on Gamer and a few on Enthusiast. Shaders on Gamer. Things were running ok until the first Ice scene in the sub. This brought my PC to single digits. Horrible frames, unplayable. Is this scene infamous for crippling PC's? I just thought my...
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    Quake IV and Vista 64 issue?

    So I decided to install Quake IV again to play it on my new rig at ultra quality. Only to notice that the game doesn't seem to like Vista 64, at least that's what I'm assuming. When I try and use the auto detect in the game, it sets all my settings to low. When I try and set to ultra...
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    Digital Vibrance Grayed out? NOOOOO!!

    So this is weird. Put in my new 8800GT to rig and SLI system now. Reinstalled the drivers, Windows Vista 64-bit 175.19's So going into the Nvidia control panel to set up and my DV is grayed out, can't move. What the heck is going on here? Something weirder, I can move the brightness...
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    8800GT Fan clicking noise

    So just purchased an EVGA 8800GT to accompany my other EVA 8800GT for SLI. Turned on computer everything running fine. Fire up Crysis (or any other game) the new GT's fan starts to make a clicking sound. I can't find the source and it's baffling me. Right now as I'm writing this, there...
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    3 SLI Board, only two cards..which slot?

    So I have the 780i EVGA Motherboard. I've been running a single card until now. I have a second 8800GT to install. A question I think I should know....which slot do I use? The one closest to the other graphics card? Or the farthest away? Or...does it matter? Thanks for any help! I...
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    Any 64-bit spyware remover software?

    So without thinking I downloaded Adaware 2007 on my 64-bit computer thinking it would be compatible. It's not, and doesn't look like they will support until the end of the month if we're lucky. Is there any recommended spyware remover tool for Vistat 64 that people here use?
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    Safely Remove Hardware Icon?

    Ok, maybe a dumb question but I'm new with the Vista OS. Have had a about a week and want to know if this is normal. In the lower right hand corner, their is an icon "safely remove hardware" that shows up next to the other icons like clock, volume and sidebar. When I click on it, this shows...
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    Crysis problem in DX10..won't work

    So got a new computer with Vista 64 bit and it runs Crysis fairly well...but only in DX9. First time I tried to run it it froze on the intro. When I tried running in DX9 it ran great. I'm running in Nvidia 169.44 and Crysis 1.2 and Vista SP1 I'm not sure if it's a Nvidia issue, Crysis...
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    Oh no, AVA Direct problem.

    I think it will be my luck when ordering custom computers. I just received my AVA direct computer that uses the Antec 900 case. I have a Corsair 750TX power supply. The way they install it, the fan is pointing downwards flush against the bottom of the case. There is no ventilation hole on...
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    Hard Drive have anything to do with gaming performance?

    Just was having a discussion with a buddy of mine and the topic of going with a 7200RPM vs the Raptor came up. I understand that loading games and possibly stability in general will increase, but once in the game will this affect FPS or hitching? My understanding is it won't improve on...
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    Adding 2nd 8800GT in SLI, change MB voltage?

    So this could be a dumb question but I'm going to be purchasing a 780i MB with only one 8800GT running in until I have more money for a second. Question is, when I add the second card would I need to change anything other than the SLI set up? Like voltage on the MB or something else I'm not...
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    Stock Intel Fan on 8400...good enough?

    So this might not be the best time to ask this since I'm hearing of the issues with reading temperatures on this chip, but I'm wondering if the stock fan on this would be good enough for someone who doesn't plan to overclock. I love the fact that a Coolermaster TX2 can bring down the temps...