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    Those who have/are thinking about moveing away from windows.

    Citation needed. This is true. What? That's exactly what I said - the clueless user isn't the one making a hardware choice, it's the technically competent person. I've never seen a functionally computer illiterate person make a hardware choice without asking for some advice beforehand...
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    Those who have/are thinking about moveing away from windows.

    WIth different punctuation it makes more sense, yes. But you're still not making a coherent argument. You need to start with facts and build a logical chain of arguments to a conclusion. We started off with this fact: Linux does not support all PC hardware. What doesn't follow is your...
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    Those who have/are thinking about moveing away from windows.

    Fanboy? I think not. I didn't take your statement out of context. You said "Im simply pointing out that it exists because some certain folkks prefer to live in denial and pretend it dont will never make it true." Which is provably false. If you don't want somebody to pick apart your...
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    Those who have/are thinking about moveing away from windows.

    This is NOT why hardware support for Linux isn't as complete as it is for Windows. Denial, selective blindness, or deliberate sandbagging have nothing to do with it. The only correct answer to the question "Why doesn't Linux have support for (this hardware)?" is that the hardware manufacturer...
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    Help me not ditch freenas, pleeeease!

    I think that point is well understood by everyone here. But there are backups, and there are backups. Quite a few shops use tape for backups, which is slow, somewhat inconvenient, and definitely not automatic or seemless (not talking about mega$ robotic libraries, guys). For more than a...
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    Help me not ditch freenas, pleeeease!

    Can't argue with that reasoning. 30 year retention? Optical media isn't reliable enough to meet that, except under controlled conditions, and hard drives aren't a sure bet, either. If you don't mind the question, what's the plan for achieving that longevity? If it's repetitive copying to new...
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    Help me not ditch freenas, pleeeease!

    I'm not the person that posted it, but I can answer most of your (rhetorical? I can't tell) questions. Performance of software RAID is good enough these days - even a three-disk RAID5 can saturate a gigabit Ethernet connection (assuming your application is network file serving). Battery backup...
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    Those who have/are thinking about moveing away from windows.

    The Joe Whatever strawman is made of fail. He is indefensible, don't even try to. Who brought up regulations in this thread? I think you're the only one in it that cares about Sarbanes-Oxley, or whatever it is you're alluding to. It certainly has nothing to do with the OP, which clearly...
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    tripple boot question

    Windows won't damage grub itself, just the MBR. Install Windows, then boot a Linux liveCD to fix the MBR and tweak the grub config file. It's simple, and there aren't any settings to save.
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    OMG! what am i doing!

    It's rather easy to dump a root filesystem into a tmpfs during boot on a Linux system. Using a compressed image is possible as well, and no functionality is lost if a union mount is employed to handle writes. Any distro can do this, just requires an initramfs that supports it and a bit of...
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    Software raid help

    An Opteron 275 should not have any trouble sustaining 50+ MB/s parity calcs. Are you sure that the array is healthy, and have you checked the SMART data for each drive?
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    Software raid help

    You've committed the common Internet troubleshooting mistake of not providing enough information. Which distro and kernel version? Are you using an out-of-tree driver for the drive controller? How are you doing the transfers (ftp, http, cifs, nfs3/4, netcat, aoe, iscsi, something else)...
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    Postfix Admins, Have a Restriction Question

    You could script a filter to quarantine that sort of junk mail. Another approach (a heavy-handed one) is to firewall the SMTP traffic to and from the offending IPs. Yet another way to deal with outbound junk is to tweak your local DNS to return an unroutable IP for those domains. Messing...
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    Install Help

    I always advise Linux newbies to forget about RAID altogether, at least until they become more comfortable with the system. Not because it's difficult to set up (it's not), but because newbies tend to do things like this: ...which indicates that you have some learning to do about managing...
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    DoubleSight DS-265W Official discussion!

    Mine had a red tint to it as well, when looking at black areas from the side. If that's a symptom of an A-TW polarizer, I guess mine had it. I certainly didn't see any sort of white glow from/around anything, regardless of viewing angle.
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    DoubleSight DS-265W Official discussion!

    Well, I've played around with this thing for fifteen minutes now, did several complete power cycles, still no menu access. So I'm going to send it back to the Egg. It's probably just as well, the power brick would probably have ignited my desk sooner or later.
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    DoubleSight DS-265W Official discussion!

    I got one yesterday from the Egg. My opinion is that the 263N is a far better computer monitor, from a feature set standpoint. The 265W seems to be targeted more at the television, rather than monitor, market. I'm not saying it makes a lousy monitor, far from it, but the 263N offered WAY more...
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    WD 1TB drive shows up as 33MB, anybody else seen this?

    The problem is caused by the Host Protected Area (HPA) setting of the hard drive. Pretty much any recent Linux liveCD or installed distro can fix this with a simple hdparm command. I didn't figure this out until about a week after I sent the drive back, naturally :rolleyes: I've since seen...
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    Adding a new hard drive

    lvextend only deals with the logical volume, it doesn't touch the filesystem contained within. You'll need to manually grow the filesystem.
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    Moving to another server

    Boot the old server with a LiveCD. Mount filesystems, tar everything using the -p switch to preserve UID/GID. Boot new server with LiveCD. Mount new filesystems as you like, then untar everything into that (again, using -p). Transferring the tar file between machines can be done however you...
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    RAID 5 Performance with dm_crypt

    Here's one for RAID5, 4 x Western Digital 640s: # hdparm -t /dev/md0 /dev/md0: Timing buffered disk reads: 738 MB in 3.01 seconds = 245.40 MB/sec That's from the RAID machine, unencrypted of course. Unfortunately, I don't have crypto compiled into the kernel on the RAID-5 box, but I do...
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    RAID 5 Performance with dm_crypt

    Your CPU usage is likely wrong, I'm guessing you watched top? It's not accurate, especially for short runs like hdparm. Also, the actual encryption is handled by a kernel thread, not hdparm itself, and is reported as such for CPU time. Encryption is definitely a bottleneck, but the degree...
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    hard drive shared between two computers

    Short answer: No, it won't work. Longer answer: It could be made to work if the enclosure supported simultaneous access from both interfaces (I'm guessing it doesn't), and the drive had a clustering filesystem (GFS, OCFS), and both hosts were running Linux. If Linux isn't your thing, I'm...
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    RAID 5 Performance with dm_crypt

    The hdparm run is a little on the low side, maybe, but not out of line with expectations for a non-encrypted RAID5... which is what you were testing. With encryption, you would be doing well to get half that. Since you didn't post the bonnie command used for that run, we have no idea what...
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    Need some help with Ubuntu

    When lots of programs just die like that, it usually indicates that some core library is corrupted, or didn't update correctly. Have you tried launching these programs from a terminal? What output do you get?
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    Format locked SDHC

    Doesn't look like a mounting issue. As long as the permissions on the dev node are correct, you shouldn't be having any problems with writing to the card. I'm stumped. If you figure this one out, would you post the solution, please?
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    Format locked SDHC

    Just plug in the card and type "mount" into a terminal, then post the output. I was thinking that your card is getting automounted read only, maybe due to a HAL issue.
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    Format locked SDHC

    How are you mounting this thing? What does the mount command show when you run it as root without any arguments?
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    What happens if you run Memtest in a Virtual Machine?

    :eek: It's only the greatest chipset ever produced by Intel. It was the power behind some of the best overclocker's motherboards ever, back when Abit was king and Asus actually meant quality. I still have a working BF6 that runs a Coppermine Pentium-3 550MHz (via a slotket adapter) at...
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    Format locked SDHC

    Post the output of this, please: hdparm -r /dev/sdb
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    Ubuntu troubles.......

    That can happen when grub isn't correctly installed to a VBR. Boot a LiveCD and start a grub shell. Manually install grub with the correct arguments to the root and setup commands: find /boot/grub/stage1 root (whatever find told you) setup (hd0 or hd1 or hd2... whichever drive was...
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    F9 goes black after logging in with this one user

    Sounds like a KDE session problem. Try deleting the KDE settings directory (~/.kdesomething, i think) and let KDE revert to defaults on the next startup. This approach is sort of like smacking a thumbtack with a sledgehammer, but does have the advantage of being quick and easy. Back up the...
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    just made the switch to ubuntu- installing stuff through the terminal

    It will shortly be possible to do that. I use KVM for virtualization, and there has been a lot of recent activity on the LKML and KVM mailing list regarding Intel VT-d support. When Nehalem arrives, it will bring a real IOMMU (and thus direct hardware access) to virtual machines, and Linux...
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    linux: centos w/ LVM 160 to 80 GB drive swap

    Conceptually, this is very simple; I do this sort of thing a lot with virtual machines. Boot a LiveCD. Create partitions / logical volumes as you like on the new drive, then make filesystems on each one. Mount the partitions from the old and new drive somewhere, and use a tar pipe or cpio to...
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    What is your Linux Server OS?

    This poll fails. Arch? Slackware? C'mon, you didn't even try. Also, *BSD and Windows are definitely not Linux :rolleyes:
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    Best price/performance PCI RAID for linux?

    Three Western Digital 640s in RAID5: # hdparm -t /dev/md0 /dev/md0: Timing buffered disk reads: 372 MB in 3.01 seconds = 123.77 MB/sec Nothing special is required to get reasonable performance from the md driver. These drives are plugged into a ICH9R, for example. [edit] Here's...
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    Seeking Opinions On File Server Rebuild

    The famous XFS zero file issue was fixed in 2.6.22, if I recall correctly. XFS hasn't had a filesystem corruption issue since 2.6.17, I believe. With a recent kernel, XFS isn't any worse off after a power loss than ext3 in writeback journal mode with a long flush timer. Which is to say, you...
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    read ddc/edid on amd64?

    Yes, it does. It works fine on my 64-bit Gentoo workstation, nVidia graphics card. # ddccontrol -p -r 0x10 -w 50 ddccontrol version 0.4.2 Copyright 2004-2005 Oleg I. Vdovikin ( Copyright 2004-2006 Nicolas Boichat ( This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO...
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    read ddc/edid on amd64?

    ddccontrol works on 64-bit machines.