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    GeForce NOW Open for All

    I played the Witcher 3 in 4k streamed from my Steam account on the Nvidia Shield.. The save games even transfered back and forth from my PC to the Shield and vice versa. It looked way better on the shield, as my PC isn't too beefy anymore. I Didn't really notice any lag and it looked beautiful...
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    Microsoft returning to Flight Simulator in 2020

    I look forward to Airforceproud95 making some great youtube videos with this :P
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    Star Citizen's single player game delayed again

    Star citizen has run out of defenders.. these threads are no longer popcorn time :( It was a good run!
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    Official Note 10 announcement

    The power button being the Bixby button on the left looks awful. Also powering off through a software button seems like a terrible design. I was wildly disappointed in what I've found so far.
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    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    Great news. I gotta say I thought season 1 was hit and miss. Season 2 started off kind of weak but then got so much better. I really enjoyed the halfway point to the finale. Captain Pike was great. The change in writing staff was so noticeable. I am so glad they fired the previous crew that...
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    Steam Link Anywhere Enables Game Streaming over the Internet

    Wow that's some bad typing for me, must have been on my stupid phone. Some games like Fallout 4, Witcher 3, and Deus Ex work through steam and you can save through Steam . Other games from my steam library work, but have to be reinstalled each time you want to play through the shield and do not...
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    Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 Is Coming Q1 2020

    ExciTEMent DancEs in MY vEINS!
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    Steam Link Anywhere Enables Game Streaming over the Internet

    Will have to llay qith it. The steam library is already on the shield but only a few games actually work
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    Netflix May Be Losing $192M per Month from Piracy, Cord Cutting Study Claims

    I assume they are actually losing some money on this. They do have to pay for server load and bandwidth.
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    EA Files New Jade Empire Trademark

    It already is on mobile lol
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    "Floss" and "The Carlton" Dance Emotes Removed from Forza Horizon 4

    Duke nukem did a dance where he ripped off heads and shat down necks.
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    Ultima Thule Looks Like a Peanut

    That was my first thought when I read the subject honestly
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    The Most Popular Shows on Netflix by State in 2018

    Never heard of this end of the world show that is so popular, even in my own state 0.o Stranger Things seems to be the one Netflix show I hear everyone of my customers and friends talk about.
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    Star Control: Origins Has Been Removed from Stores Due to DMCA Take Down Notice

    I saw this pop up on my Nvidia Shield the other day. Been wanting to get it but limited time. Star Control 2 on my Panasonic 3DO was the greatest game I played growing up. Captain Fwiffo is my hero. sad they are fighting like this
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    Plantronics Reaches $36 Million Settlement with SEC

    Well, the new company that just bought them does in this case :P
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    Ford Unveils Its Noise-Canceling Dog Kennel

    Oddly enough my exact brand and bottle of earplugs for my wife's snoring lol
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    The Top 10 Highest Paid YouTube Stars: 2018 Edition

    Its crazy that these are the channels making the money. My 70 year old mother in law does watch Jeffrey star everynight though ugh. There are some good channels like Modern Rogue (highly recomended) , the hot ones interview videos are quite amusing, and early king of random comes to mind
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    US has the Most Expensive Mobile Data Plans in the World

    All that pink in the that paper.....Tmobile sending subliminal messages :O?
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    Owners of Classic Total War Games Get Free Definitive Edition Upgrade

    I think i have all the dlc for those but awesome. I keep hoping the newer total war games will go on sale . Been wanting to try the warhammers
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    Here Is the Announcement Trailer for Cities: Skylines - Industries

    How is this? I saw it on origin access. Havent played a city builder forever
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    Bein Sports Arabic?

    Hi Guys. Hope I'm not in the wrong forum. I'm trying to find a way to watch Bein Sports in Arabic. I've found that I am geo blocked from streaming. Having the account and wanting to watch soccer on there, I would love if there is a way I could get around this? I've never...
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    Robocall Firm Is Facing a $37.5 Million Fine from FCC for Spoofing Consumer Numbers

    Thank god. There are so many spoofers using the outbound dialing number so it looks like the person is calling themselves. I worked tech support for landlines in arizona 10 years ago and would get soooo many calls about this
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    Netflix’s “The Witcher”: Henry Cavill Cast as Geralt, Minority Sought for Ciri

    Cavill as Geralt fan photoshop doesn't look that bad. Ciri thing is just as expected in as cinema needs to appeal to a worldwide audience now. My guess is the A in bAme , for the huge Asian fanbase. Also probably a less expensive actress(sadly) Money money money
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    Google Assists Veterans to Search for Jobs by Entering Their MOS

    Mission accomplished. Good to meet you brother
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    Google Assists Veterans to Search for Jobs by Entering Their MOS

    Wow, that word really hurt you homey. Sadly looks like its still you.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 to Support NVIDIA RTX Raytracing

    Alot of games ran like shit when Anti Aliasing came out. I did love going back and playing those games over again, or trying games I missed with new hardware and maxing out AA for an even better experience. I think this is how we are going to enjoy this new technology.
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    Now MoviePass Will Only Let You See Certain Movies on Certain Days

    Thanks! gonna have to check on that
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    Now MoviePass Will Only Let You See Certain Movies on Certain Days

    glad I canceled last month. Welp, it was fun while it lasted!
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    Griefing in Fallout 76 Turns You into a Wanted Criminal with a Bounty on Your Head

    Turns the Griefers into celebrities ... no one remember UO? (20 year old website , pardon the shockwave/flash)
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    Cox Communications Sued for in Excess of $1 Billion for Ignoring Piracy by Customers

    I might possibly know a guy that knows a guy that can fix that........50 shouldnt be a thing anymore and might be preventing you from getting better discounts. Feel free to message me if you want me to take a look. Same goes for anyone having issues
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    Venom Trailer #2 Is Out

    Looks good.. but is it just me or did some of that CGI looks terrible and extremely dated?
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    “Star Wars”: Billy Dee Williams Reprising Role as Lando Calrissian

    lol was just listening to the adam carolla podcast that was playing this commercial right as I read this post.
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    Comcast Says it Isn't Throttling Heavy Internet Users Anymore

    Well I know 1 cable company in the US is pretty awesome..and if you have a problem with them you either had 1 bad experience and/or talked to the wrong person.. the [H] in AZ can reach out to me to fix their issues if needed ... although I hope no one has issues here :P
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    Comcast Says it Isn't Throttling Heavy Internet Users Anymore

    Always amazes me how people seem to complain so much more about the ISP bill than their cell phone bill.. almost everyone I knows has a much higher cell phone bill. Peoples' tolerances are interesting.
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    Official Trailer for Neil Armstrong Biopic “First Man”

    Looks pretty good. Glad to see those guys get their movie.
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    Underpaid and Exhausted: The Human Cost of Your Kindle

    Breaking "Chinese Labor Laws" sounds super bad
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    EA Announces Origin Access Premier

    Wonder if this is why I can't sign up for regular EA Access.. been wanting to try the latest Mass Effect. None of my Payment methods will work (yes they are good, I ordered steam stuff instead with them for my free weekend)
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    Samsung Turning off TVs in the UK

    I pity the cable company's tech support agents going to be affected by this.