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    Maybe it's the ASUS TUF for me, then. I like my Asus B450 and X470 more than my GB X470 due to the better UEFI menus and the GB X470's wonky BIOS. That, and it seems my B450 can overclock my memory pretty well -- Running 3200 C16 RAM at 3200 C14. My GB X470 can't even do XMP on 2 sticks or 4...
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    For X570, I'd look at the X570 Aorus Elite and the X570 TUF as a starting point. The entry level MSI boards this generation have been 'lacklustre' by X570 standards (don't get me wrong, they'll probably run a 3950X no problem), but they heat up a lot vs the Asus and GB counterparts.
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    Upgrade, Replace or run it til it dies...

    ^ How's that Q9400 holding up? With today's apps? Just to share: I've tried installing Win10 on an older 2 core Core2 a bit of a while back just to experiment since I thought an SSD alone would make Win10 usable for an older system. Win10 pegged the CPU at 100% for a few minutes every time on...
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    5 3600 vs 7 2700x - price parity now

    Without seeing benchmarks... For very high IO DB applications though, I'd likely lean towards the 2700X.
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    5 3600 vs 7 2700x - price parity now

    AFAIK but I could be very wrong -- the 3600 is faster in some multithreaded scenarios because it has some additional AVX instructions that the 2700X doesn't. For apples to apples comparison excluding these additional instructions, the 2700X still wins out I think in brute force multithreaded apps.
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    Good compact laptop with numeric pad for $2-3k?

    If you don't game, you can get the lower end P53 units with the 9750H and the T2000 for 1200-1300 when it goes on sale. The T2000 can do games at a lower resolution/lower graphical settings. You can customize it to be dual channel out of the box (2x8GB) and plug in your own SSDs later.
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    Kingdom Come Deliverance Free next week on Epic

    Will be picking this up. Thanks for this!
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    Ryzen - Tweaks?

    I think it will really be slower than a 7700K at 4.9ghz unless you're running something that will heavily load up more than 4 threads. Approximately Ryzen 3rd gen has about 10-15% more IPC than Sky/Kaby/Coffee but approximate operating speed will be around 4.2-4.3 max. quick and dirty...
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    Need a 512GB 2.5 drive for game installs. Recommendations?

    WDs, Crucials and Samsungs tend to get SSD sales from me depending on what I need, mostly for perceived reliability reasons. Haven't had the chance to try Intels yet but I wouldn't mind getting those as well.
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    The Division 2

    I don't have a main group and after finishing the main story mode up to maybe wtier4, it started feeling to me like the grind it is. Dark zone is also not my cup of tea so I'm guess im missing out on a bit of the unrepetitive replayability. Will be waiting for reviews before picking this one...
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    Games that should be revived...

    I'd like an entry in the XWING/TIE FIGHTER series and I'd run out and grab another joystick to play it. But given disney... I'm not holding my breath.
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    Blizzard’s last six months have shown a rapidly changing company

    Consider me a skeptic at this point. This is coming from a guy whose email address directly references a blizzard game.
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    Blizzard’s last six months have shown a rapidly changing company

    Given the debacle that was War3 Reforged, I'm not even sure if any of this will make it into the actual D4.
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    AMD: Still having a hard rtime with MB choice. Looking again for mATX

    I totally agree. But X370/X470 really lacks PCIE lanes for anything more than a GPU, an M2 and another x4 device. Cost saving measure from AMD I guess.
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    AMD: Still having a hard rtime with MB choice. Looking again for mATX

    Depends on the exact motherboard implementation. The Crosshair 7 will do exactly this if you have an M2 in the top slot nearest the CPU. It will take 4 lanes out of the X16, will drop the GPU to X8, and will have 4 lanes unused...
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    AMD: Still having a hard rtime with MB choice. Looking again for mATX

    The Prism isn't bad. I have a few. Noise on the prism is caused by the fan constantly spinning up and down in direct response to temps. If you manually smoothen out the fan curve to not be as responsive to temps, it should be fine. (IE instead of varying between 20 to 40% at low temps, I just...
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    FS - Adobe,IDM,Windows 10 $8 & Office 2019/2016/365,Server,Minecraft for Windows

    Interested in some Acrobat keys. How do we transact? Paypal then we can hook up the key to my Adobe account? Thanks!
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    Trident Z Neo for Ryzen 3800x, much performance difference in these timings?

    I can 'see' an FPS difference outside the margin of error from 3200 C16 to 3200 C14 to 3600 C16 when I am benching with graphs/results, but can't feel the difference ingame. I've currently OCed my RAM to 3600 16 20 20 20 40 timings.
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    AMD: Still having a hard rtime with MB choice. Looking again for mATX

    +1 on this post. AFAIK, a quick guide but is not always the case: 1 M2 and 4 SATA = B450 1 M2 and 6 SATA = X370/470 2 M2 and 6 SATA but GPU likely running at x8 = X370/470 2+ M2 and 6 SATA with GPU running at x16 = x570
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    AMD: Still having a hard rtime with MB choice. Looking again for mATX

    Re: the silverstone, you can search the following on amazon and it should be the first hit. B07N3HP8S5
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    AMD: Still having a hard rtime with MB choice. Looking again for mATX

    How about this for your fan header problem? It will only regulate PWM fans though. 3 Pin fans will fit but it will run at full speed unless you have a separate low noise adapter/voltage reducer.
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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (12nm refresh edition) *** 2/24 UP TO $99.99 (FROM $85)

    More like a <5% IPC. Most of the improvements are from the raw clock speed.
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    Ryzen 5 2600 vs Ryzen 7 2700 for daily driver desktop

    Are you in the USA? If yes, the 1600 AFBOX model is great for cheap. It's basically a 2600 with 200mhz lower clockspeed or something.
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    Ryzen 5 2600 vs Ryzen 7 2700 for daily driver desktop

    2600 is all you need. If you need more than 12 threads (doesn't seem like you do), then go 2700.
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    Going back to an AMD system

    Push the RAM to 3200. 3600 is nice but not necessary. I recently overclocked my RAM from 3200 C14 to 3600 C16. There are tangible gains but in the low single % range.
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    Asrock b450m pro4 bios 3.60 issue

    Noticed the same thing with my X470 when I moved the CPU on it from a 2700x to a 3700x. The 2700x took far shorter to boot. It still does on its current B450 board compared to the 3700x/x470
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    Asrock b450m pro4 bios 3.60 issue

    POST time was 'fixed' in 1004 for 3xxx CPUs. Not intel fixed but anywhere from 25 to 100pct better depending on the board.
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    Gigabyte Aorus X570 Master, bad luck or bad run?

    2 in quick succession. I'm guessing something else is killing your board unless you got a super early bad batch. I've heard that Gigabyte has cleaned up their game for the X570 series. A case short? Bad PSU?
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    Toasty - The Division 2 & All DLC 85% off

    Anyone have Anno1800? How's that game?
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    RAM won't go past XMP settings

    You can do 1.4V without problems. Im currently running a Vengeance LPX kit 3200 C16 at 3200 C14 and even tighter timings than XMP with minimal voltage... 1.38V
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    Microsoft’s new Edge Chromium browser launches on Windows and macOS

    Any way to customize this browser? I'm trying to get tabs opened from one tab put at the very end and not after the current tab. Firefox has this setting in about:config with a boolean called something like insertrelatedtabsaftercurrent. So far though, I'm finding Edge snappier than FF (don't...
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    Asus Prime x570-pro locks up at post...

    Remove the WD and one stick of RAM at a time. Does this still happen?
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    X570 Realtek vs Intel LAN

    This may be a *whoosh* moment but: I'm quite sure that guy knows a thing or two about testing and you may come across him around here one time or another. I'm also guessing said reviewer isn't using one big 10GB file to test max throughput of 1gigabit links.
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    What was your least favorite graphics card?

    I had a 9600 standard that wouldn't run warcraft 3 properly. Had to downgrade to an FX 5600 :/
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    My ASROCK motherboard is dead, what should I do?

    Z390s will work with the 8700K. However I cannot ascertain at this time that the motherboard is the faulty device, or if it is the only one that is faulty. Given how the 8700K is still very competitive, I'd suggest you stick with the Intel platform.
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    Videocardz: EVGA preparing GeForce RTX 2060 KO

    1080 is faster (2060=1070ti) but 2060 has the warranty. Almost a wash I guess
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    Calibrating Monitor Green/Yellows

    Thanks for the info. I'm inclined to keep the monitor anyway. Green icon apps and some webpages aside, I'm pretty happy with it.
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    Calibrating Monitor Green/Yellows

    Technically, it's just a 72% NTSC monitor. Do you think this is a panel-specific issue or is can something this far off be a one off error? Although at the store, the greens between the 3 monitors I viewed (1 had a stuck pixel, the other had a visible backlight from the edge of the display)...
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    Calibrating Monitor Green/Yellows

    Thanks. I'd do that as a last resort because it's difficult looking for someone with a calibrating tool here (not USA based). If that doesn't work out, then I guess it's not really a big problem Attaching a pic of how the screen looks like on the Asus and all the other monitors I've tried (VA...
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    Calibrating Monitor Green/Yellows

    Unfortunately, monitor does not have CMYK. Only RGB settings. It does have saturation though. Anything I can do at this point? I'm fine using drivers to adjust this as well. Will paying someone to calibrate the monitor work? Although I've heard some apps/games don't really use the monitor icc...