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  1. J

    Post Your Workstations 2016

    Cintiq spotted!
  2. J

    Post Your Workstations 2016

    Yeah, I'm not going to pretend I need my Cintiqs. They are just a neat luxury. There are plenty of professionals using Wacom Bamboo tablets and cheap laptops who just feel they have no need to upgrade. The ram issue was just that the surface didn't have much flexibility for a large photoshop...
  3. J

    Post Your Workstations 2016

    I have one of them! It served me well (and still is my 'anime and chill' tablet) Such a good machine for the money. Biggest issue is the ram and screen size. 10 inches is a tad too small. Also the Companion 2 sounds like a jet engine compared to it.
  4. J

    Post Your Workstations 2016

    Haha, I was once asked "Is that a really old iPad or a really new one?" Glad to see someone gets it. Sadly you can't buy skill though so I'm working hard to fix that. Still working it out myself. They are apparently pretty maintenance free. You just don't want them to dry or too moist...
  5. J

    Post Your Workstations 2016

    That desk server looks dope! Love the wiring! New chair, cable management and terrarium.
  6. J

    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Post 'before and after's! :D
  7. J

    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Thanks! I find it hard to get cases I sort of like. The TJ07, 800D and 909 are some of my favourites. This Lian Li is pretty alright. Could be a bit more ridged though and the back is kinda ugly. Although this is a few years old now it can still play games pretty well at 1440p so I don't plan on...
  8. J

    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Not too bad for a back panel
  9. J

    Surface Pro 4

    He makes a valid point. Someone could argue that their surface pro having a cup holder is the most important thing but logic dictates that that might not be the most important thing for a mobile computer. If it doesn't work well as a mobile product with all of the standard features working...
  10. J

    PC Gaming Picking Up Again

    Black Mesa costs money now?
  11. J

    Windows 10 Will Come Pre-Loaded With Candy Crush

    I don't play it but isn't it popular with both genders? I see something like FarmVille mainly catering to a female demographic but candy crush? Isn't just like have solitaire or minesweeper on windows? What's the big deal?
  12. J

    Robot Arm Inspired By Octopus Tentacle

    Is it wrong that I kind of want to see that? Would be some dope scifi anime shit.
  13. J

    Microsoft Temp Bans Gears Leaker's Xbox Ones

    Welcome to the real world. Big whoop though. Having a $400(?) piece of electronics bricked. If you leak anything from a games studio job you can render yourself unemployable for life.
  14. J

    Anyone else miss being able to get a motherboard with no onboard audio?

    Correction: Old men who don't understand modern PCs use PCI sound cards. And there is your answer. Think you care about sound. Get an external DAC. Other than that onboard is great for powering everything else.
  15. J

    Monoprice 144Hz 24" monitor for $199

    Lol, no. I'm good. No TN panels.
  16. J

    The Age of Drone Vandalism Begins

    I think you give artists too much credit. The word is too encompassing for his work to be disregarded.
  17. J

    8800 GTX Bake / Video Card to go with Q6600

    What does then? :s If it didn't work -> baked -> working. Wouldn't that be called a fix? Plenty of people have had long term working devices after baking. Logan from Tek has had a baked Korean monitor sitting in the background of videos for a couple of years now. What do you want?
  18. J

    Drug-Buying Robot Cleared of All Charges

    You don't understand the concept of cash?
  19. J

    Father Of The Emoticon: I Think Emojis Are Ugly

    (*^_^*) (≧∇≦)(^◇^)(^_^)☆ v(^_^v)♪(; ̄ェ ̄)(^人^)(T ^ T)...
  20. J

    new upcoming video cards will only have DP ports (DVI/HDMI phased out)

    With my surface pro 1st gen I just bought a $10 dp to hdmi cable off eBay. Works great for audio and video.
  21. J

    If Apple Made Light Sabers

    That's actually really cool.
  22. J

    i7 3960X 0r i7-4790K

    Do I hear productivity? 6core.
  23. J

    Ooooookay, it's REALLY time for PC games to go Blu Ray now....

    You buy licences. That's what it always has been. Think this is crazy? Try spending $5500 and receive a number in an email. Welcome to the world of software. Aside from that when you are as old as me you probably realise that all you want in the room with you is your PC, chair, desk and a plant...
  24. J

    sharpness question for TEXT

    If you have a glass monitor the distance between the glass and the panel matters.
  25. J

    Upgrading to a 27" monitor from a 24" worth it?

    Yep, I went from 27 1080p to 27 1440p and the jump was well worth it. Now 1440p is my standard and 4k/5k etc is special. I wouldn't touch 1080p in 2015 though. Too many other options.
  26. J

    Best silent Air cooler out?

    Agreed. When I silenced my system with a custom loop I ditched the mechanical drives. Way too loud.
  27. J

    Metro 2033 is over hyped.

    I always liked the idea of the game but never finished it. Big Stalker fan though. Metro wasn't quite as immersive as stalker and obviously they played quite different. Still often related due to Russia, mutants, anomalys etc.
  28. J

    FS: 27" Apple Cinema (Display Port)

    $550 for a slim 27 inch imac?
  29. J

    AC:Unity, do I go with PC or PS4?

    PC version is probably also 30fps. Because Ubi teach us about how it's more "cinematic" that way. ;)
  30. J

    I'm torn... LG 34" 21:9 or 4k, help me choose.

    LG 34UC87 and a VESA arm.
  31. J

    The 5K Display is Coming

    Not everybody wants a 20inch screen.
  32. J

    Enough room for airflow in my psu?

    I agree. I always drive without a seat belt and I haven't died yet.
  33. J

    Surface Pro 2 Quietly Disappears from the Microsoft Store

    Companies pretty much always have some back stock. They could probably replace my 1st gen with another 1st gen.
  34. J

    Rumour : New iMac to have 5K Display & AMD Graphics

    Fair enough. Go buy a QHD phone and stare at it all day. If fancy phones are what interests you, have fun, bro. :)
  35. J

    Rumour : New iMac to have 5K Display & AMD Graphics

    I'd like to see your fanboy goggles come off for a double blind test. What do all you people do on your 400+ ppi phones? They can't run photoshop or decent games so who gives two shits? Your point is as dumb as Apple saying "Check it out! You can show people pictures on your Apple Watch!"...
  36. J

    Apple 5k Display

    You are missing the point. Dell are the only other company putting out a 5k panel. In 09 they were the only company putting out a 1440p panel.
  37. J

    Apple 5k Display

    Tbh, they are partly "famous for being overpriced" because people will hate for the sake of hating. Also, 2009: 1440p iMac = $1699 1440p Dell monitor = $1100 People still claimed they could build a better pc for cheaper...
  38. J

    Rumour : New iMac to have 5K Display & AMD Graphics

    $2500 You were right. $300 more.
  39. J

    Apple 5k Display

    Abeit costing $250 more (and I wouldn't touch one of these without an SSD and at least 16gb of ram) 4ghz-4.4ghz turbo i7 is a nice upgrade too.