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    FS: Dell Vostro 3350 13.3" Laptop

    Decided to keep the laptop. I have a good condition Dell Vostro 3350 business laptop. There are a few light scratches on the outside, but screen is still very clean and keyboard is clean. I have a 4 cell battery (87%) health and an 8 cell battery (93%) health both are 3rd party batteries and...
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    Apple finally releases the new Mac Pro

    At these prices, they should have called it the Mac Elite.
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    Microsoft continues to back off of UWP programs, Win32 re-"elevated to full status"

    Does this mean Windows Lite is also dead? That was going to use UWP and a container system or virtualization to run Win32 apps.
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    Student Fried $58,000-Worth of College Computers Using 'USB Killer' Device

    This is worse than him sticking a USB with a virus and infecting the computers. At least with the virus, they don't lose the hardware. Anybody know if the USB ports are disabled, does this still work? If not, the school should have disabled the ports. I'm sure in the future they will.
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    Windows 10 right click bug

    Chalk it up to Windows 10 being forever in beta. How does that stupid Cortana speech go when installing windows 10? Modify it for a slogan for windows 10: "A little malware here and a few bugs over there."
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    YouTube TV prices will raise to $50

    Just stop watching TV altogether. It is only a bunch of remakes and mixing of two ideas into one show that has been seen before.
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    Windows 10 right click bug

    Running 1809 on Haswell i3 desktop and I have the bug too. CPU use goes to almost 100% and the two processes are Windows Explorer at 41% and State Repository Service at 55%. CPU use returns to normal after stop right clicking.
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    Windows 10's Live Tiles Dead? Windows Lite Will Reportedly Feature a New Start Menu

    I just finally got rid of all the tiles on my start menu. Never really used anything there, and if I need Charmap or Control Panel, I just type it in and open it.
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    Future Windows 10 Builds Will Reserve Storage and Tabulate It

    Anybody know if this space is going to be a hidden folder on C: or is it going to be a hidden partition? This is going to make system image backups bigger unless the 7GB is mostly empty. I hope you can clean this 7 GB in drive cleaner before doing a system image.
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    Future Windows 10 Builds Will Reserve Storage and Tabulate It

    I think Microsoft believes people are too stupid to leave space free for updates, so they are doing it for them. I saw the screen shot of the feature on, and it looks like something that Android has. It tells you free space that you can use, and then it says xxx GB of System...
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    Microsoft Pulls Another Windows 10 Update Following BSOD Reports

    I have this update on my desktop and I haven't seen any BSOD. I think their Surface products are sensitive.
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    Mozilla CEO: Microsoft's Adoption of Chromium Is "Terrible" for the Web

    I use Firefox on windows and Brave on Android.
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    Microsoft Is Replacing Edge in Windows 10 with a Chromium-Based Web Browser

    They should use a Chromium engine, but call the browser Surface.
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    Apple Confirms That the T2 Chip Blocks User Repairs

    Never owned an Apple product and I never will. Talk about forced obsolescence. No wonder Apple found a way to recycle the aluminum because any little issue (like moisture) renders their devices useless, and difficult to get repaired. I watch Louis Rossman's YT channel, and see him repair so...
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    Windows 10 October Update Might Not Launch In October

    I got 1809 on one of my laptops (through Win Update), an old Dell XPS L702X, and the update went fine. I don't store anything in the Libraries folder so I didn't notice any data deleted. But there are some other strange bugs. When shutting down the laptop, when the screen goes dark, it has a...
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    Epson Pushing Firmware Upgrades That Disable Third-Party Ink Usage

    Inkjets are such a ripoff. I like this video, , this guy tells it like it is, and I agree with all of it. Laser printers aren't too expensive. I picked up a Brother HL-2320D from Best Buy for $60. The replacement cartridges are $38 for a normal sized one and $53 for the XL one. Don't forget...
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    Netflix Criticizes EU Quota Plans

    I'm in the US, and watch a few European shows on Netflix and they are good, as long as they are dubbed in English. I don't mind watching subs on a 1.5 hour movie. I watch La Casa de Papel, Elite, Babylon Berlin, Rain, and watched a couple of movies out of Spain on Netflix. They get the good...
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    1st Sign of the Apocalypse - Youtube Down

    The only people getting really screwed over with Youtube down are those that subscribe to Youtube TV.
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    1st Sign of the Apocalypse - Youtube Down

    No pages load for me on Youtube. Using Firefox, I get that monkey error page. Be interesting to see how they explain this.
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    Amazingly tame Win10 "RS5" 17763.1 'goes RTM'

    I heard that they are deprecating Snipping Tool or renaming it to something. I use Disk Cleanup all the time to clean those multiple GBs of Windows Update Cleanup files. Windows10 keeps getting worse. And now with CoC, Linux looks like it will be in the toilet soon.
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    Your first flash drive

    Apacer Handy Steno 256MB USB2.0 paid $64.
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    Spectre Variant 4 Disclosed, Mitigations to Result in Another Performance Hit

    I think the latest and best performing Intel CPUs without speculative execution are those old Atom ones with in-order execution, the Pineview ones, D5xx. Or if looking at ARM, the best you can do is ARMv8 A53/55 type stuff. The ARM stuff is ok on an Android phone, but Windows would be screwed.
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    New Processor Vulnerability Discovered

    This sounds like another of the Spectre variants they were going to release earlier in the month. Great, I have a fairly secure OS on my desktop, but flawed hardware (Win10 & i3 4330), but my smartphone has clean hardware but an insecure OS (Snapdragon 425, 4x A53s & Android 7).
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    Spectre Next Generation is Coming Whether we Like it or Not

    I wonder if the future Intel chips that are coming out with former Spectre and Meltdown problems fixed will also have these problems fixed? These problems are getting out of hand. Wasn't China producing their own CPUs? Maybe they will be smarter and think about security up front.
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    Meltdown patch slices my USB3.0 hard drive performance in half!

    I am copying files over from a smaller hard drive to a bigger one. I was only getting 60MB/s as both were on USB3 so I figured maybe that is a feature. I am using the Haswell desktop in my sig. So I try copying a large drive backup from my internal hard drive, and again it is capped at...
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    Rhode Island Also Wants to Tax Your Pr0n

    Right leaning/Republican states pull this stuff because of morals. While left leaning/Democrat states pull this stuff because of money.
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    Samsung has New AI Plans to Further Destroy Language

    We don't need anymore stupid language destruction silly ideas. This and emojis are just stupid! I want to see Star Trek level universal translation, stop messing around with this crap.
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    Microsoft Outlines the Limitations of Windows on ARM Devices

    So even on newer ARM chips like Snapdragon 845, when it comes out, won't have 64 bit apps. Windows on ARM looks DOA with these limitations, and the prices of the devices.
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    Latitude E6530 upgraded to SSD, Invalid Partition Table

    This sounds like an issue I had trying to put a Adata SP920 SSD into a Dell XPS L702X laptop. I could install win10 but it never would boot after it installed and it just showed a blank screen. I don't remember if I got an error or not. I just put the SSD in my desktop and kept the hard drive...
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    Netflix Says “’Bright” Success Proves Film Critics Are “Disconnected from Mass Appeal”

    I enjoyed Bright. Decent action, fairly interesting storyline, and at least it wasn't riddled with SJW speak and obvious leftist agenda.
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    Inspectre:Meltdown & Sprectre check tool!

    If you need a 32 bit patch for W10 Meltdown, you can go to the MS Update Catalog and get KB4073291 Here is a link for that page. I needed this for Intel Compute Stick with Atom x5-Z8300
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    So a fix for the Spectre bug will it be a Mobo Bios update or a Win OS patch ?

    I was waiting for the January patch, and I run Avast, and the registry key was set correctly. I still wasn't getting the patch, so I figured let me disable Spybot Antibeacon, and boom, the patch came down. So if you are having problems getting the patch (or don't want it), disable (enable)...
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    UK Threatens to Tax Tech Giants If They Do Not Help Combat Terrorism

    Why doesn't the UK combat terrorism? Nation security is not the job of international private companies, it is the job of the government.