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  1. AceGoober

    Windows 10 Warning: Anger At Microsoft Rises With Serious New Failure

    Sounds as bad as the errant '/' that brought Google Search down. It'll get fixed, eventually, but it does bring to light that Microsoft hasn't been completely transparent with consumers.
  2. AceGoober

    Nvidia Ampere Purportedly 50% Faster Than Turing At Half The Power Consumption

    I'll wait until actual, real-world gaming reviews arrive on the scene before believing anything an investor in the industry says. I do hope the 3080 Ti is a monster of a card but as of this moment I don't see anything that it'll be 50% faster than previous gen.
  3. AceGoober

    The Outer Worlds (New Obsidian RPG)

    That ship.. kinda has a Dune vibe in the mix.
  4. AceGoober

    Lawyers for QuadrigaCX customers ask RCMP to exhume body of Gerald Cotten

    The couple's lifestyle raises serious concerns over mismanagement. As such, I support the lawyers intent and hope the court approves exhuming Cotton's body for DNA testing, assuming that is really him in the grave.
  5. AceGoober

    GTX 1650 4GB oc

    1. Yes, the new graphics card will work just fine with UEFI + Legacy. 2. I do not see any reason why the i5 1440 would bottleneck the 1650. It will work a lot better than your current graphics adapter.
  6. AceGoober

    GTX 1650 4GB oc

    Please ignore his question. It would confuse you even more.
  7. AceGoober

    GTX 1650 4GB oc

    Most power supplies autosense and support up to 230v.
  8. AceGoober

    Patch, or your (HP Enterprise) solid state drives (could) roll over and die

    Note: original article title edited for pertenance to hardware affected. Hackaday is reporting certain models of HP Enterprise SSD drives suffer from a software bug which could cause the drives to stop working after 32,768 hours of uptime. The drives are supplied by a third party manufacturer...
  9. AceGoober

    GTX 1650 4GB oc

    I've already provided my opinion regarding your situation and have no further input to contribute.
  10. AceGoober

    GTX 1650 4GB oc

    None of us can predict whether or not you will have issues running a new video card on your current power supply. All we can do is make suggestions based upon common knowledge and experience. With 30 plus years in the biz under my belt I'd hope I'd have at least an inkling knowledge to know what...
  11. AceGoober

    GTX 1650 4GB oc

    Of course. Even with PSU degradation your system pulls very little power. The upgrade would have a minute power increase. If you don't want to worry about your PSU from 2009 failing and frying your stuff, replace it. I recommend higher quality brands such as Seasonic.
  12. AceGoober

    GTX 1650 4GB oc

    Per nVidia's GTX 1650 specifications page (scroll down for specs), recommended PSU is 300 watt. OC version should be fine with a 450 watt.
  13. AceGoober

    The Simpsons is finally ending after 30 years, according to show's composer

    OP article fake news. The Simpsons show is continuing much to the enjoyment of people like me who enjoy their style of humor.
  14. AceGoober

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Star Trek Fleet Command Buggy mobile game yet still fun to play when it works properly.
  15. AceGoober

    Why 8K TV is a non-starter for PC users

    At current time, 8K is a blip on the distant horizon. Current hardware is, in my opinion, inadequate to support 8K for gaming purposes. Professional graphics artists, office productivity? Sure, for those who feel thg hey need to have it. For me, 4k or 3440 x 1440 is plenty enough resolution for...
  16. AceGoober

    First RTX 2080 Ti SUPER in the world

    I'm totally geeking out on their project. Kudos to them for having the gumption to pull off a project like this. Well done! :D
  17. AceGoober

    Core i9-10980XE Review Roundup

    Thanks for posting the reviews; much appreciated. I'm far from enthused with the 10980XE. I Intel had moved it to 10nm then it might have been a contender. As it sits now it just seems like an old car with dents removed and a new coat of paint.
  18. AceGoober


    The short time (2 months) I used Mulvad the service was excellent. Great speeds and no hassle connections.
  19. AceGoober

    A man walks up to you with a 1080Ti and a 5700XT and says, "Free. Choose one."

    I'd take the 1080 Ti over the 5700XT in a heartbeat. More VRAM, PhysX support and great performance in the games I play.
  20. AceGoober

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Hitting up Skyrim original for a couple of hours to try out a Thieves Guild Overhaul. Works fairly good so far.
  21. AceGoober

    Mouse DPI

    I run my Logitech MX Master at 1,000 dpi which is right on the edge of usability for me. Quick turns and movement while using a minimal amount of desk space (roughly 4" square area).
  22. AceGoober

    Skyrim cosplay stuns fans with incredible Nightingale Armor outfit

    Dexerto posted an article showcasing Drakmire's (Reddit link) work re-creating Skyrim's Nightingale armor using real leather. An impressive feat, I must say. Level of detail is incredible. Kudos for him and his wife taking the time to create an outstanding replica.
  23. AceGoober

    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    My dream state wants a 3080 Ti with 12GB or more VRAM that outperforms a 2080 Ti by 10 to 15% and is priced around $900. Might not happen but one can dream. :)
  24. AceGoober

    T-Mobile says it owns the color magenta

    I was under the impression a Supreme Court ruling negated any claim to owning a commonly found color or such related to. Looking for the court case now. Otherwise, this is as ridiculous and outlandish claim and should be tossed out. The Earth has a much longer claim on the color than T-Mobile.
  25. AceGoober

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Super

    Unless nVidia drops the 2080 Ti non-Super down I only see the true enthusiasts wanting the maximum performance possible going for the 2080 Ti Super, if it is real.
  26. AceGoober

    The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix

    Netflix Geralt is disappointing vs game Geralt in physical features. Meaning: where's the scars from previous battles? Game Geralt had numerous scars whereas Netflix Geralt has none, from what I can tell. Let's hope the actor's abilities portraying Geralt live up to the standards set by the game.
  27. AceGoober

    Intel Core i9-9900KS Review: The Fastest Gaming CPU Bar None

    Dream CPU. Other than that, this is all I've got to say:
  28. AceGoober

    Robots Are Going To Kill Us All!

    Video may be fake but it's still hilarious. Good laughter in the morning is a good start to the day.
  29. AceGoober

    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    Lower cost, lower power requirement and more VRAM are what I'm hoping nVidia brings to the table. Still not interested in Ray Tracing and I'm doubtful the performance on the 30XX series will be substantial.
  30. AceGoober

    InWin presents "Alice" a new take on PC cases

    I'd rather have plastic or tempered glass covers than a fabric cover. Seems like a rehash of an old - but good - idea with a unneccessary addition.
  31. AceGoober

    Capacitor Explosion (Retro Graphics Cards)

    Released the smoke, He has.
  32. AceGoober

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Not a damn thing. Blackout happening in Northern California so no gaming, or anything else going on, this weekend. I will be using late afternoon/evening time today to continue working on a mod for Fallout New Vegas. Trying to achieve the goal of late BETA release by February next year but if...
  33. AceGoober

    Replacement fan - EVGA 1060 6GB SC

    Over the years I've found that a common cause of fan noise isn't the fan itself but a bent plastic support or a wire that has dislodged from the groove under the fan. Check those before going through the trouble of replacing the fan.
  34. AceGoober

    Food and Gaming

    Iced water, Planter's mixed nuts, orange slices is normally what I munch on during gaming hours and I get up every 50 minutes for a 10 minute break to stretch, refill water, etc.
  35. AceGoober

    Cascade Lake-X 10980XE 5.1Ghz boost all cores

    I think that overclock is impressive, despite the heat. What is of concern to me is longevity. How long will the processor and directly connected components last at that clock? I ask because I like to eck out as much longevity out of a computer prior to upgrading unless an opportunity arises...
  36. AceGoober

    What 18 GB looked like about 20 years ago

    Brings back memories seeing those drives. I sent FrgMstr an old Maxtor 155MB (yes, megabyte), full height, 5.25" MFM drive to receive tender loving care from a .50 rifle in 2010. As far as I'm aware the drive still worked. Pics for reference: You need to have a General Mayhem subscription...
  37. AceGoober

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Modding Fallout 3 to remedy mod conflicts. Also continuing Fallout New Vegas recovery/rebuild work on a mod I lost to HD and flash drive failures. No new areas but it will make extensive use of Crescent Canyon. :D
  38. AceGoober

    Video Card Packaging & Foam Inserts

    Go to your local fabric or craft shop. They should have bulk foam to cut to size and you can make a smaller box from a bigger box.
  39. AceGoober

    GPU-Z reports card as FAKE

    Got it, thanks. Yep, definitely not a 1050 Ti. (Not my image)
  40. AceGoober

    GPU-Z reports card as FAKE

    Can you provide a full GPUz screenshot? GF116 and DX11 give it away but it's be nice to see the remaining info for supportive evidence.