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    T-Mobile Money

    They keep delaying their full TV launch and for good reason. The last couple times I have been in Tmo stores, the audio was out of sync with the picture, like watching a dubbed KungFu flick. I'd prefer my phone company focus on the phone part.
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    Ubisoft Releases Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Launch Trailers

    They said on their State of the Game today that they will be addressing some of the UI complaints and have demonstrated they are very tuned in to their players. Their video podcast is pretty solid and their Community Manager, Hamish is solid. There have been some bugs and crashes, but overall...
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    YouTube Adds Feature to Fact-Check Viral Conspiracy Videos and Fake News

    Hysterical how "fact" is rarely involved with "fact checking"; Double Plus Ungood. I remember a wonderful time when my education actually prepared me to discern fact from fiction and I did not need to rely on others to check my "facts"
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    Amazon Acquires Home Mesh WiFi System Manufacturer Eero

    Well EERO just got crossed off my list.
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    The Division 2 Will Get an Open Beta

    Open Beta was announced for March 1st thru March 4th; I am cautiously optimistic about Division 2
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    The Division 2 Will Get an Open Beta

    The UI was improved in some spots and absolutely worse in others. Takes too long to access info, cluttered and difficult to read in spots. Overall, I think it was a downgrade to Division 1. I clearly needs to be another round of polishing. With only about 30 days until launch; I'm not too...
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    The Division 2 Will Get an Open Beta

    They are definitely going to need another Beta, while the game got progressively more stable as the Beta weekend continued; it is still riddled with tons of bugs. Some balancing issues with end game content, HORRIBLE sound bugs, hitching/frame drops, crashes(which were less frequent as weekend...
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    Apex Legends Hits 1 Million Players, But Replaced Titanfall 3

    I don't have the twitch skills to play a game like this, but it has been very entertaining to watch some of the bigger name streamers enjoying playing a battle royale game for the first time in a long time. It looks like this game may have some legs and appears to be perfect for tournaments.
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    Here Is the Tom Clancy's The Division 2: Story Trailer

    Allegedly, they started with End game and you can, if you choose, play it solo. Will the Dark Zone be another disaster, remains to be seen. I thoroughly enjoyed the Single player campaign in the first one and it was worth a buy on sale.
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    "Floss" and "The Carlton" Dance Emotes Removed from Forza Horizon 4

    DAMMIT!!!!! I almost bought the game while I"m waiting for Cyberpunk 2077
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    Apple Lowered Its Q1 Revenue Guidance Due to Slow iPhone Sales in China

    Their incremental upgrades and extortionate prices are finally coming home to roost; this is from someone who has multiple Apple devices and enjoy the eco system, but enough is enough.
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    Battlefield V Microtransactions Coming January 2019

    EA should schedule a proctologist appointment ASAP! I didn't think it was possible to shove one's head so far up their ass.
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    Gaming Chat Startup Discord Raises $150M, Surpassing $2B Valuation

    Discord's "bread and butter" is the information it mines from its users and sells to whomever.
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    California Considers Plan to Tax Text Messages

    Isn't this an infringement on a person's 1st Amendment rights? Does this unfairly penalize individuals that cannot speak on the phone due to various disabilities and need to text in order to communicate with others via phone? It is a damn shame that such a beautiful state with such an amazing...
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    Japan OLED Shows Off Upcoming Monitors

    OLED in it's current state seems like it would be a poor choice for gaming given the risk of burn in from HUDs that most games feature.
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    California Officially Becomes First in Nation Mandating Solar Power for New Homes

    The panels remain energized as long as their is light.
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    California Officially Becomes First in Nation Mandating Solar Power for New Homes

    Nope, I'm sure the will also charge you an additional fee to hook into their grid with your solar panels and make it mandatory that you do so.
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    Denuvo Fails Again: Just Cause 4 Cracked in Just a Day

    The only fun in the game is putting little rockets and balloons on people and things and firing them off. The game is utterly lifeless and looks rather poor. No need to use a cracked version as I am sure the price will plummet soon.
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    California Officially Becomes First in Nation Mandating Solar Power for New Homes

    I agree but it also introduces challenges with fire fighting
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    California Officially Becomes First in Nation Mandating Solar Power for New Homes

    Power plants are not cheap and suffer from NIMBY issues. California already suffers from rolling brownouts during high demand due to poor planning and closing of non-preferred power plants(fossil fuel or nuclear. Seems like a decent "kick the can" down the road solution and saving consumers...
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    Researchers Find That Few Blockchain Companies Deliver on Their Promises

    I can see its merits in contracts such as insurance policies; but I have yet to hear anyone adequately explain its use in granular detail. It is ALWAYS explained in sweeping examples of why it is good, and they do sound good; but lacking in detail. But even more importantly, just like...
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    NVIDIA RTX Titan Teased by Influencers

    Actually, "influencers" have been around fro decades. Alcohol companies paid young good looking people to go to bars and order specific a specific beer or alcohol and rave about it. Humans being what they are, would soon be ordering what the good looking folks were ordering. Modern...
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    RTX 2080 Ti FE Escapes Testing by Dying After 8 Hours @ [H]

    The pricing of the card is beginning to make a lot more sense; they had to factor in a rather large buffer for RMA'd products...SO glad the [H] didn't sign that NDA!
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    Facebook is Leaking More Information

    True, but still more nebulous than an account holder. Still disconcerting, hah.
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    Facebook is Leaking More Information

    I have Freedom from Facebook; never had an account and never will. Sure sounds like Facebook is in on the way to imploding; MySpace anyone?
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    Apple Allegedly Cuts iPhone Production Again

    Imagine that, the appetite for $1200 phones that feature an incremental change may not be as large as people expected? Apple's last generation phones were/are fantastic; My iPhone X is without a doubt the best phone I have owned and I see zero need to upgrade. I also have an 8plus from my...
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    Bethesda Launcher Won't Uninstall Fallout 76 B.E.T.A.

    This one is a hard pass for me in its present state. I didn't even bother to finish Fallout 4; it just didn't grab me like the prior editions.
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    Japanese Man Marries a Hologram

    Time for me to re-read William Gibson's Idoru. Scary how prescient a lot of his work was.
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    Warcraft III Is Being Remastered, Coming Next Year

    They're taking a page out of Hollywood; when in creative drought, why innovate when you can "spruce up" already told tales and bring them to a "new" audience.
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    Apple Stops Reporting Unit Sales Amid Strong Earnings

    One of things that often gets over-looked is the whole "eco system" that makes Apple products so easy to use with little to no technical expertise. They have a MUCH better track record as far as privacy goes and only have to worry about a few hardware profiles versus hundreds in the Android...
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    Apple Revitalizes the iPad Lineup and Announces New Mac Mini and MacBook Air

    I have a 2010 MacBook Pro 17" that is still going strong; just replaced the HDD with an SSD a year and half ago. It has been a rock. I am not a fan of their recent decision to make them difficult to replace parts!
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    Feds Hit LA Swatter With 46 More Charges

    It is my fervent hope that unrepentant pile of excrement never breathes a moment of free air after conviction.
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    Discord Updates Terms of Service to Force Arbitration over Lawsuits

    Federal Courts are already swamped and lengthy delays in trials. They do everything in their power to to avoid trials including forcing litigants to mediation or arbitration prior to proceeding to trial. Class Action lawsuits are incredibly expensive and rarely if ever result in a "decent"...
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    Homelessness Tax Would Target Rich Tech Sector in San Francisco

    It's an incredibly complex problem that has three basic groups; Mentally ill, drug addict/substance abuser, and the smallest group which is the people that have been granted a giant shit buffet through a confluence of awful events. My heart clearly goes out to group 3 and to some extent to...
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    Homelessness Tax Would Target Rich Tech Sector in San Francisco

    According to a bi-annual census done by the city of SF, there are 7,500 homeless. According to the article, $380M of the $10B city's budget is spent on homeless. Do the math and they're now spending $51K per homeless person and want to bump it to $91K per...
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    Magic Leap One is Widely Available Now

    Crap reviews and brutal pricing; can't believe they have some still available.
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    Audeze Mobius "Gaming" Headset in the House

    The boards over at Head-Fi indicate the a lot of issues with the first shipments to Kickstarter folks(hissing and such). They are just now beginning to ship the retail orders. I've heard some really positive feedback on the properly operating headsets though. Looking forward to the full review...
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    Facebook Launches Their First Home Hardware

    SUUUUUUURRRRREEEEEEEEE, Facebook. You would never invade my privacy or change the EULA 17 times in a week...