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    4k60 Streaming Stuttering

    Willing ot bet you're hitting your limit on that wireless card. That's an 802.11n card. 4k60fps requires pretty high throughput out of a wireless card.
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    Printing over VPN

    Why would you need to create a route if the router OP is connecting to for VPN is directly attached to both the VPN user and the printer? The VPN default gateway should already be the router VPN tunnel.
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    Configure a SWITCH with a VLAN that exits another network and internet

    So basically you want a separate VLAN between your router and switch and then another VLAN for your computers that is separate from the VLAN from switch to router? What router is this?
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    Trying to segment the network with 2 routers and a modem

    You'd of course want to get a capable router.
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    What to do with old 10/100 switches?

    Donate or recycle them. If you want to home lab with networking gear, you'll want to be looking at something like a Cisco 3750X or a Juniper EX3300. Those will last you some time and get you a lot more relevant and modern functionality.
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    Trying to segment the network with 2 routers and a modem

    You just need 1 router with switch ports on it that allow the creation and management of VLANs.
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    New house intranet wiring

    I honestly don't understand your bullying and negativity in this post. Liver came here asking for help and you basically told them to piss off and learn it on their own. bman212121 and BlueLineSwinger gave the best and most reasonable advice in the thread.
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    Interesting Domain problem - browsing the Internet

    If the web proxy is inline, it can still proxy traffic transparently. If you are putting a new machine on the network with an IP address it's possible the web proxy doesn't have an exception in place for it.
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    Need HelpDesk software suggestions

    You're not looking for Help Desk software - you are looking for managed services software solutions. I agree with the above poster that for just ticketing ZenDesk is great - a bit pricey, but worth it. As for the rest, you're talking MDM stuff, software patching, asset management. You're going...
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    Stupid question of the day

    Since the other question was already answered: I believe you can replace the fan in the 24 port switch. Is it something like a 2824 or 2724?
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    Need some VPN advice

    Are you hosting a game server for a lot of people to join or is this just for you and some friends to join casually? Online gaming doesn't require a lot of bandwidth and a symmetric 150Mb connection is more than sufficient. Unless you're looking for resiliency, specifically.... then an...
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    AP for Public WiFi - Need Suggestions

    I'd get the FortiAP and tie it into your Fortigate.
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    Use phone hotspot for internet, need to connect a router, possible?

    Get a Cradlepoint with ethernet passthrough to connect a switch and your own wireless router. An actual solution that will work without future hassle.
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    Question about combining two network via a VPN

    I would suggest still keeping Umbrella even on teacher devices. With the Umbrella VA on premises you can do user based policies when you integrate with AD rather than relying on a separate external IP (NAT policy) to determine the policies. The latter being another reason to get teachers and...
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    Does Airline wifi still suck?

    Not sure about internationally but it's usually anywhere from $6-8 per flight, or you can get a day pass for $15 or something like that. I fly Delta and this is usually what I see.
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    Question about combining two network via a VPN

    Find out if you can run a L2 fiber link between the two buildings and not do VPN at all. A wireless point to point is another option as bman212121 stated. I also recommend renewing and keeping Cisco Umbrella. Do you have the VA (virtual appliance on site?) If not, I'd recommend doing so! If so...
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    Question about combining two network via a VPN

    Creating VLANs and 802.1q tagged interfaces: Just remember - interaces that connect to devices that need to be aware of VLANs on that switch will need to be tagged. Frames are tagged with an 802.1q header as they egress the switch, not on ingress...
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    Sophos XG or pfSense/OPNsense

    For sure - I was just letting you know to hopefully help justify the purchase :)
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    Sophos XG or pfSense/OPNsense

    If you go over 200/10 from your carrier you'd need to upgrade the MX64 anyway. Meraki MX64 with all security features enabled only supports 200Mbps throughput.
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    Sophos XG or pfSense/OPNsense

    That was OpenWRT on the Meraki APs.
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    Question about combining two network via a VPN

    I used to work in K-12 and helped hundreds of network engineers and IT directors with limited knowledge integrate solutions. Important note: Kids are little turds when it comes to school networks. Absolutely, positively, 125% you need to have your servers and critical infrastructure on separate...
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    SonicWALL SSL VPN Question

    The default rules which can't be changed, IIRC, have the "Any WAN" interface and the option is greyed out to where you can't edit or remove it.
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    10GbE NICs which should I get?

    Look for a Yotta mark on Intel adapters:
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    The Official Borderlands 2 Thread

    Titan Quest.
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    Private Internet Access 2 and 3 year deals (2yr $60, 3yr $80)

    The benefits are also additive too when you consider that on my home firewall I block advertising and malicious domains. Before I moved I also had a pihole in addition to the Meraki firewall blocking these domains and my mobile experience was just that much better.
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    Creating VLANs, Router and Switch Configuration

    The unmanaged switch would drop any tagged frames since it is not dot1q aware. So the topology with the unmanaged switch connected to the OPs APs wouldn't work since he needs to tag traffic on the Guest SSID to be on a different VLAN.
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    One PC, two networks

    What's suggested is to install 10Gb NICs in each machine. Then connect these two devices directly so that when the 2 devices communicate it will go over the 10G connection.
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    Creating VLANs, Router and Switch Configuration

    For best practices, you want infrastructure like APs on their own dedicated VLAN and not on your normal data traffic VLANs. So for example: VLAN1 - Untagged VLAN2 - AP VLAN VLAN50 - Guest VLAN Then assign a static IP address to your APs on VLAN2 - this way when you see traffic from these IP...
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    Route Redistribution between EIGRP/BGP on Cisco ISR4321

    Go ahead and paste up the show commands back here so we can take a look at it.
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    Route Redistribution between EIGRP/BGP on Cisco ISR4321

    What do you mean by "they aren't showing up"? Are you getting errors, or is show bgp just not giving you the info?
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    slow speed test on 2nd router

    I would try doing a factory reset on the TP-Link and make sure you've got the latest firmware and reconfigure. If still not having any luck, I'd order a new one and test it out.
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    One PC, two networks

    Get a 10G switch and NIC.
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    One PC, two networks

    1.) Yes you can have two NICs on a PC and connect them to two different networks. 2.) Data transfers are still limited by disk read/writes on both sides of the transaction. But, that’s not what’s going on here. LACP uses a hashing algorithm to determine which interface to use for a particular...
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    Creating VLANs, Router and Switch Configuration

    This is how you should do it without impacting your current production network: Keep the untagged VLAN how it is for your current network Create a new VLAN on the SG300 switch for the guest VLAN Configure the interfaces connected to your APs as trunks Create an additional SSID on your wireless...
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    Stuck trying to setup NAS remote file access

    There is so much misinformation here it is absolutely staggering.
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    Stuck trying to setup NAS remote file access

    Ok I think we've hit 'em over the head with it enough by now :)
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    Netgear XS505M SFP+ port not working?

    Still cheaper than $50 :)
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    Stuck trying to setup NAS remote file access

    Here's the Ubiquiti document on installing OpenVPN server and configuring your OpenVPN client: Basically, what happens on a VPN is your device will establish a session on your router's WAN interface. The router will...
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    Netgear XS505M SFP+ port not working?

    You've got the right type of cable, but the Netgear switch just might not be playing along with it. You could try buying the other TwinAx cable that's recommended to see if it works and return the others, I'd recommend - - this is the AXC761...
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    How do I extend my in-house WiFi?

    No. I'd also suggest starting your own thread instead of hijacking this one. What you'd want to do is connect a switch to that cable and then connect your computer and an AP to that same switch putting it all on the same VLAN. The only other way this would work is if you used an AP that has...