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  1. TheHig

    Need help with gaming rig

    What Ram are you running and at what settings? The reason for asking is that even on my MEG Ace x570 And 3900x I have tons of instability if I push the ram too hard. Also what GPU are you running now. The internet is on firer with 'AMD drivers are bad' at the moment.
  2. TheHig

    No Man's Sky - a procedurally generated sand box space exploration game

    Also trade Nav data to the Cartographer in Space Stations to get maps to points if interest.
  3. TheHig

    No Man's Sky - a procedurally generated sand box space exploration game

    One way is to find and claim abandoned ships and only fix the launch thrusters and pulse engine. Fly that to a Station or call it to a Trading Post — swap it with one of equal or lesser value that isn’t damaged. Talk to the pilots of the ships that come in to do this. There are tons of vids on...
  4. TheHig

    AMD Wraith Question

    I run a - .1v offset on my 3900x under a Noctua C14s. It gets a higher CB score with the offset in place. I’m guessing it’s sustaining higher all core with the lower temps. All other CPU settings are on default. Gaming boost clocks are always 4.2 or better on the cores being used.
  5. TheHig

    No Man's Sky - a procedurally generated sand box space exploration game

    Started a new save for this update. No market crashing. Not freighter save scumming etc. Just taking things as they go. Great so far.
  6. TheHig

    How long to make payment?

    Just lead with that when you contact the seller maybe? Seller can then choose to work with that or not. Generally first come first served means whoever pays first though. I use the watch and send notifications via email feature when buying and selling so coms are easy to maintain.
  7. TheHig

    No Man's Sky - a procedurally generated sand box space exploration game

    Mouse and KB for me but I do play NMS on my TV quite comfortably on the couch. I use a Corsair K63 wireless kb and Logitech G305 mouse for the TV setup. I made a “lap board “ out of an old shelf and cozy couch/recliner gaming for days. 😎
  8. TheHig

    A replacement (new) GPU for $500

    OP has two displays listed and if gaming is on the 1440p/60hz panel a midrange gpu is enough. I run a 2060s and 1440p/144hz and 60fps is easy to hold in anything I play. Settings are easy to adjust to stay there as well. SO the question for the OP is --gaming on which monitor? Because if...
  9. TheHig

    What Mini ITX Card Would Perform Better Than a GTX660?

    'equivalent' cards performace wise would be GTX 950, RX 460/560, or GTX 1050. The 1050ti is a slight upgrade and a GTX 1060 is double the performance of a GTX 660 these days. 1660ti and above even more so. So looking to replace an older card or upgrade?
  10. TheHig

    Looking to create a new Ryzen Mini ITX build

    I have done multiple builds with the Asrock B450 itx and have had no issues with 1400s 2400s,1600s and 2600 cpus. My Daughters PC is built around it and runs great. I just rebuilt my secondary box around the Gigabyte Aorus B450 with a 3600. Liking that one too. Both boards run GSkill Ripjaw V...
  11. TheHig

    Are the AMD drivers really that bad?

    I went from a 1070 to Vega 64 for that 'all AMD rig' and had wildly inconsistent performance compared to the Geforce card. Yes the 64 was overall better but had to be squeezed to get the best out of it. The Vega 64 was under custom water and really shined there but ultimately was too 'needy'...
  12. TheHig

    Activision Blizzard Pulls Out of NVIDIA GeForce Now Game Streaming Service

    Why have a one and done sale when you can milk that same costumer for years with “right to use” instead of own... Not this guy. Hard pass.
  13. TheHig

    Upgrade suggestion from 4790k and 1070.

    If you are looking to upgrade a GPU the 30% minimum gain is a good rule of thumb. Its not worth the cash to go less than that in general. From a 1070 you are looking at a 2060s or 5700xt at minimum to 'feel' the upgrade. Right now 6c12t Cpus are a nice sweet spot for gaming but at 1440p/60 you...
  14. TheHig

    G-SYNC enabled but I still get tearing.

    Last driver release added the frame rate cap on the control panel. I have been using it on my 144Hz panel without gsync. Seem to work great at 120fps cap for me with vsync off. Totally recommend giving it a shot.
  15. TheHig

    Building a new rig, looking for suggestions

    Nice recommendations all. No mention of the Budget Beast Ryzen 1600AF? It has gone up to $99 recently but if going to the 2600 the 1600AF can be considered. Personally I‘d go with a 3600 which will carry through a GPU upgrade down the line
  16. TheHig

    Micro Center 2700X - $139, 3600 - $149 (In-store only)

    I have a Microcenter 20 mins away and do a fair amount of shopping there. The GSkill Ripjaw C16 3200 kit in 16g or 32g has worked in every Ryzen build I have put together. SOME first gen CPUs had to have it run at 2933 but all of the 2xxx and 3xxx builds I have done will run it at rated speed...
  17. TheHig

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Picked these up this week to mess with. Really liking them so far: Razer Black Widow Lite Stormtrooper with Orange switches. I haven't used the included o rings but dig the feel of the Razer Oranges. Logitec G305 mouse My other KB is the older silver decked non back lit Corsair K65 with...
  18. TheHig

    FS/FT Ryzen 5 2400g CPU $85 SOLD| LGA 1150 Asrock H81 itx mobo, cpu, ram combo $85 SOLD

    I have a couple of items ready for a new home. Accepting Paypal and pricing is shipped CONUS. Ryzen 5 2400g CPU only in blister pack $85 shipped. SOLD This was the heart of my TV PC and was terrific for streaming, general use and light gaming but it turns out I actually like couch gaming...
  19. TheHig

    Who's Happy So Far with Ryzen 3000 Series?

    Just updated the TV PC for some couch gaming with a 3600 and couldn’t agree more. . Been gaming more on that than my main PC.
  20. TheHig

    FS/FT x79 Combo SOLD

    X79 combo- $180 shipped. SOLD to Beaflag VonRathburg Purchased here on [H] a while back and added the Xeon. Has been pulling light duty as my TV PC but I’m replacing it with an ITX box. AsusP9 x79 Pro 4x4 Corsair Vengeance 1600 quad channel for 16Gb total. E5 1650v2 6 core 12 thread Xeon...
  21. TheHig

    AMD: Still having a hard rtime with MB choice. Looking again for mATX

    Smallish itx cases that take standard sized parts have their place. Makes it easier to downsize a system with just a motherboard swap. I have built more itx systems for myself/ family and clients now that the boards offer everything 90% of users need including 32gb of ram, 12 or 16 core CPUs...
  22. TheHig

    AMD: Still having a hard rtime with MB choice. Looking again for mATX

    The AsRock B450 itx has a vertical mounted WiFi card that can be replaced if needed. Most on board WiFi/BT modules are mini m.2 cards. People often swap them for better parts even.
  23. TheHig

    AMD: Still having a hard rtime with MB choice. Looking again for mATX

    Dust filtration is something that you will probably have to add on to most anything you look at anymore. Personally I skip it and opt for more airflow but I get why people do it. For smallish ATX cases the Fractal Meshify C, Corsair iCue 220T, Carbide 175R maybe the Darkflash BF1. Basically...
  24. TheHig

    Tfue, Dr Disrespect and TimTheTatman react to Ninja's Fortnite skin

    As I rapidly approach the “middle aged gamer” years myself and being the proud papa of three... I am so glad that my kids think Fortnight is terrible. it’s success can’t be denied though and it certainly is pop culture. This is what celebrity looks like these days I suppose?
  25. TheHig

    WTB: ATX AM4 Motherboard & 16GB DDR4

    I have this kit at home that I’m pulling tonight (Going to 2x16Gb in that machine) $58 shipped Priority mail Conus. PayPal accepted.
  26. TheHig

    WTB: Skylake/Kabylake i5

    When I find a 6700 or 6700k for my Bro's PC you can have his i5 6500 for $80 shipped. I am still on the hunt for the i7 so no ETR but tossing it out there in case you are interested.
  27. TheHig

    New build advice

    Built my Son’s PC around the MSI B450 Pro Carbon AC (mouthful!) and it may work for you. Zero issues since first post and we have had it for 6 months or so now.
  28. TheHig

    If you are on a fence if you should buy new RAM now or later...

    Son of a.. I’m picking up all the decent open box ram at the local Microcenter as it pops up for a few months. Let the Hoarding begin!
  29. TheHig

    WTB Cheap Ryzen

    Deals like these are why I’m moving the Kids’ PCs off Haswell to Ryzen. My Brother is stuck on H170 and I7 6700 /k are 200 used... He can sell his board and i5 , and switch platforms for almost free. AM4 upgrade path such a better investment.
  30. TheHig

    GIGABYTE B450 AORUS M no usb's ?

    Did you perform a clean install of windows with the new board? Moving an existing OS drive to a new system can cause a lot of Windows issues.
  31. TheHig

    FS: Kit - I5 4590, MSI Z97, 16GB DDR3 1600, High Quality CPU Cooler

    M.2 Sata 3 drives are still out there. Western Digital Blue and Crucial Mx series off the top of my head. I still have a 1tb Crucial MX sata 3 M.2 drive that ran fine on an Asus z97i board. No experience with the MSI board posted for sale here but they should work. GLWS OP!
  32. TheHig

    Micro Board for Gaming, Computing?

    If you are into buying American and have the budget the Cerberus is MATX and the Cerberus X is full ATX. I own two and they are built like tanks and well worth it IMO. Very compact and their customer support is excellent.
  33. TheHig

    2019, any need for higher than 1070 at 1080p 60hz?

    High is for playing and Ultra is for screenshots ;) As others have stated - Any reasonable cpu can push a 1070 to 60fps on most any game out there with dialed in settings. Vram isn’t the issue on the 1070 either. Look at the Gamers Nexus review of Watch Dogs 2. The 1070 didn’t maintain 60 at...
  34. TheHig

    WTB GPU - Budget 50-90$

    970s on ebay for 90 shipped regularly. So after shipping costs and fees maybe 70-75 to the seller? So deruberhanyok has the hookup as his buddies cards are not mined on as I assume the cheapest ones on eBay are.
  35. TheHig

    Windows 10 Pro. Gibson Acoustic Guitar. Office 2016 Pro Plus. Logitech Mice. WTB i5 8600K. Visio

    No worries. Family first ! Not doing anything till the weekend PC wise.
  36. TheHig

    Recommend a GPU to Support 1440p High Refresh for a Fortnite Addict?

    Ditch the eye candy and high FPS is possible on most anything. Point being with dialed in settings he should be able to get to 120+fps on most any mid range GPU from current or previous gen. Gotta love Steve's charts at HUB/Techspot: I stand by my 1070ish perf tier or better recommendation per...
  37. TheHig

    Recommend a GPU to Support 1440p High Refresh for a Fortnite Addict?

    From what I’ve read Fortnite favors GeForce so green team for sure. 1070 or better with comp settings to get 120fps or better at 1440p. 1070ti/1080/2060 being a better starting point IMO.
  38. TheHig

    3900x lowers its clock speeds?

    Pretty light on details. But the cpu can’t be dropping to those speeds at 70c unless something is really off. It’s been mentioned that 70c maybe isn’t the actual temperature. I ran the stock cooler for a while with temps pushing 80-85 and didn’t ever experience anything Ike what the OP is stating.
  39. TheHig

    3900x lowers its clock speeds?

    Something seems off since the OP has verified that the AIO is functioning normally and seated well. Possibly bios shenanigans as posted by other ASUS drivers. That sounds fine to me. I don't really run too many 'torture' tests anymore on my stuff and just monitor everything while using the PC...