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    Low Latency Wireless Router

    Hi, I have a need for a low latency wireless router. On my current router I'm getting 44ms response times between pings. I need it lower, much lower, something around <1ms or the equivalent of a hard wired connection. Do you know of any wireless routers capable of such times?
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    FPS Readings

    Hmm maybe I will have to do some more troubleshooting...
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    FPS Readings

    Howdy, What are you using for FPS readings these days? I was trying to use MSI afterburner to collect frames per second, but seems that with the most recent version (v4.40 - i think) that the frame rates are showing as zero. Installing riva statics tuner to capture the frame rates shows no sign...
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    Purple Pixel Pusher

    When IV Inferno V2 died it was a sad day. The computer was 4 years old at the time and was growing long in the tooth. The graphics cards which were originally bought for their Litecoin processing power were not performing well in games anymore. I'm typically the person who, if I can't play the...
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    Maximus VI Gene - USB BIOS Flash, How long does it take

    DarkPhantom0 have you replaced a BIOS chip before?
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    Maximus VI Gene - USB BIOS Flash, How long does it take

    There should be no issue re-flashing the bios if it got screwed up that is the whole point of this feature... but if it still isn't working there is a 3 year warranty on the MOBO, just fill out an RMA here: RMA Submittal Form (USA or Canada Customers ONLY)
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    Maximus VI Gene - USB BIOS Flash, How long does it take

    Make sure the computer is powered off when you do it, just not at the power supply. Make sure you are using the correct USB port for flashing, there is only one of them. Hold down the connect button in a way that you can see when it starts flashing, the instant it does release the button. Your...
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    Maximus VI Gene - USB BIOS Flash, How long does it take

    Nevermind, found this little tidbit: If the light flashes for five seconds and turns stable, USB BIOS Flashback is not operating properly. This may be caused by improper installation of the portable storage device, an error in the file name, or incompatibility in file formats. If this is the...
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    Maximus VI Gene - USB BIOS Flash, How long does it take

    Just wondering how long the BIOS flash takes. Started it about 30 min ago and the light on the MOBO is still on and the ROG Connect light hasn't turned off yet, the manual says it will turn off when complete. Just never expected it to take longer then 5-10 min.
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    Post Your Workstations 2016

    My Maker Lab/Gaming Setup for 2016, in YouTube format!
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    HTC VR/Steam VR Usablity

    well its good to know that you can do both, suppose I could always take the bed out of the bedroom... looking forward to this whole VR thing, pretty sure VR will catch on this time.
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    HTC VR/Steam VR Usablity

    I notice that one of the features of the Steam VR is that you will be able to walk around a room with the VR system, unlike the Oculus Rift where you are intended to stay seated. My question is if anyone knows if Steam VR will be able to be used while sitting? I think the Steam VR will be...
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    Ikea Drawer unit for under galant desk

    Hmm, would probably work good but kinda looking for more a furniture type thing
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    Ikea Drawer unit for under galant desk

    I'm wondering if anyone as an idea for a good drawer unit from that fits a galant desk. Hopefully something that looks good. Thanks.
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    Ikea desk gallery

    Anybody know of a good Ikea product that fits under a Galant desk that is a drawer unit? I want to put these under each side of a galant desk and have some solution that looks good too.
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    Post Your Workstations 2015

    2015 Replaced with 21:9 34" Dell! Looking forward to getting one of those once the PPI on them increases near 27inch 4k PPI's for my Gaming PC, I think these would be awesome for F1 games. Question for you: Do you play games on this? Does it increase your peripheral vision in the game...
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    Post Your Workstations 2015

    Looking forward to getting one of those once the PPI on them increases near 27inch 4k PPI's for my Gaming PC, I think these would be awesome for F1 games. Question for you: Do you play games on this? Does it increase your peripheral vision in the game compared to 16:9? (Would I be able to...
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    Post Your Workstations 2015

    I posted this in Workstation 2014, But since it was late in December I thought I would post again. The lab hasn't changed much since this was made except for a new router to replace the wireless bridge that I happened to fry when installing a Home Automation Lightswitch I did incorrectly...
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    Post Your Workstations 2014

    Yea good point I wouldn't trust anybody with three first names either... they could have 3 separate identities. :D
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    Post Your Workstations 2014 Labs, AKA My Workstation setup for 2014.
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    Need to make a 4 monitor 4k display. Radeon Eyefinity?

    Keep in mind that you will need an active display port connector instead of a passive. Using a passive connector means you can only hook up a maximum of 2 monitors. An active display port connector allows more then 3 monitors.
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    Do I have a real reason to overclock?

    Your temps are really cool, so it sounds like you got a bunch of headroom to go with the overclock so long as the overclock passes a Prime 95 or Intel Burn test. As always watch your temperatures when running either of the two programs, especially Intel Burn Test. In my overclocking...
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    1000W PSU Recommendation?

    I have always gone with Corsair, I have owned 3 corsair PSU's and never had a defective part. I run an older model hx 1000 in my gaming system, although now I would recommend a modular professional series. In my opinion a modular PSU is always the way to go, especially if your case has a...
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    Newbie question

    I would suggest a push configuration through the radiator this is a better way to cool then a pull setup, however it looks a little odd to have the radiator mounted on top of the fans. Intake on the bottom and Exhaust out the top as heat rises, no point fighting the natural flow. Put the 140...
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    No lan

    Try going into Device Manager in Windows (assuming your using windows) and checking to see if the port shows up there. Also check you are not using a crossover CAT5 cable... You can tell by lining up both ends of the cable and looking at the wires in them. They should be the same colour at...
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    getting into bitcoining?

    If you are wanting to do some mining of some sort with graphics cards, I recommend getting into Litecoin, much more effecient then mining bitcoin these days. You can always trade your litecoins to bitcoin if you want to, I have two 6970's and would make less then a single bitcoin per month...
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    gaming performance and overclocking

    In my experience overclocking the CPU tends to bring up the min frames per second more then anything else... proof in the numbers here (CPU Section): I run a 6970 at 1200p and run Skyrim maxed out with high-res texture...
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    Where to get a Windows 8 .iso?

    digital river at one point had windows 7 ISOs. Other ideas include Microsoft Tech Net and MSDN subscriptions. They will cost money but you get a ton of microsoft software. Better then buying it one by one... seems like overkill to get 5 downloads of windows 8 but if you split the cost with a...
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2

    There is an algorithm for that: (bitcoins earned per day * current value of Bitcoin) &#8211; (cost of electricity per kilowatt hour * (watts of electricity consumed/1000)). Comes out negative, your losing money, positive your making money.
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    Noob at WC! Anyone have any tips&tricks for me?

    I have done some watercooling for my computer, I wrote an article on my site It has some tips and tricks as a go through the build, so this may be of interest for you. EDIT: Just noticed you are using a Corsair H100, so most of...
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    Consumer Electronics Show

    They give you the badge holder when you get in, its the first time you meet a person face to face... you have to prove that you belong there... usually by business card. That said I got my badge holder without so much as a second thought from the guy handing them out.
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    Consumer Electronics Show

    Hope this thread fits the forum type, I couldn't find one more appropriate! :D I'm planning on attending CES this year, got the pass in the mail (for free). I work in Information technology at a building engineering company (this is what I am registered as). I also run a computer enthusiast...
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    Bitcoin mining

    I'm currently using a 6970 and it runs at 315 Mhash/sec. I get about 1 bit coin per week. Electricity costs are really low where I live 8 cents a Kilowatt hour, and the graphics card consumes 150 - 250 watts an hour over and above idle (can't remember the exact figure) I'm one of few people who...
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    Want some High End Headphones

    Would concider buying this over and above the cost of the headphones. Any issues related to it being USB2.0 feed? Is the processor going to be a quality bottleneck for the price of the headphones I'm buying?
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    Want some High End Headphones

    Fair enough, $300-400. Good god... Orpheus... ffffffuuuuuuuu
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    Want some High End Headphones

    Was thinking about getting some high end headphones, I listen to a lot of Trance and some Dubstep. Tried on a couple different pairs of Beats by Dr. Dre, and fell in love with the expensive ones, but thought I would ask opinions of you guys and see what your recommendations are.
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    Your GPU progression?

    ATI Rage Pro Nvidia gForce FX (Not sure on model) Nvidia 7900 GTX ATI 4870 X2 ATI 6970 ATI 6970 (2 in Crossfire)
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    Astro A40 Headset (Wired)

    ahhh screw it, just use them apple ear buds you got with your ipod...
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    Astro A40 Headset (Wired)

    I have a pair of these, and they are good, however the 5.1 isn't very good. if your doing gaming you will want seperate drivers for each "speaker" of the 5.1, this makes all the difference for positional audio. Check out these: (I own a pair of...