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    KÜHLER as it Gets! - Antec Big [H] Giveaway!

    I like how it exhausts hot air out of the case instead of swirling it around inside.
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    E2200HD Review, Part I

    I second this, input lag is a big concern for gamers and its not readily apparent until you are missing headshots left and right.
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    Galaxy Gives it Away!

    I'm in
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    NVIDIA Dictates Advertised Video Card Pricing

    I smell... damage control
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    What's a nice and free MMORPG?

    Free UO servers, woo woo
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    NON-PIRACY! Looking for NONCRACKED UT2k4 Download

    Call the company, you will be surprised at lot of times they will just send you all the disks again for a small shipping fee.
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    Great Games at the Moment

    Im almost afraid to try new games for fear I may get hooked. I know I would love COD4 and Sins of a Solar Empire but I got so much going on right now...
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    Card me
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    PR Nightmare Drawing - AMD 6400+ Black Drawing

    I love the news, I check it 10 or more times a day I love the forums, they are always informative and useful I hate that you guys don't come out and do the workshop and Quakecon anymore I hate how the off topic forums are pay only
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    MSI 8800GT $208 @

    Just ordered one, I hope it will be a significant improvement over my two 7800 GTXs in SLI...
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    Vantec Tornado

    Exactly what I said, the Tornado made me a fan of silent cooling.
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    Free Ultima Online Server?

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    Free 1 YR Stuff mag and Computer Shopper

    I also never got my mags. Oh well, no bikini clad women for me...
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    Need a TV Capture card?

    I'm not quite sure what I need, I have a computer I got Windows Media Center on when I ordered it. I would like to put in a tuner/capture card that is compatible with WMC and will be able to capture the S-video out on my Dish box. I would like to be able to record and watch TV in WMC. Could...
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    Running memory faster on Conroe than FSB

    Ok I am still pretty confused, so what memory should people get if they don't plan to overclock? Should the memory be run at a 1:1 ratio with the FSB or should it be run faster?
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    Running memory faster on Conroe than FSB

    I have been looking at some conroe MBs lately and all of them recommend DDR2 800. My question is why? Isn't the FSB 200? Shouldn't it only need DDR2 400 then? Do they want you to run memory at a higher memory-to-fsb ratio now? I'm confused since I've been out of the comp building game since when...
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    SLI Bandwidth limited on PCI-E 8X with 7800gtx?

    I could definitely see 2x 7950s being limited in an 8x since that would be like 4x for each card. I guess everyone is in agreement that single cards won't be bandwidth limited though?
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    SLI Bandwidth limited on PCI-E 8X with 7800gtx?

    So I am about to buy an older SLI mobo since they have gotten really cheap and was wondering if I would be bandwidth limited when SLI is enabled and both ports running at 8x instead of 16x? I have two 7800gtx cards, they will be the fastest cards I put in this mobo.
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    Quakecon2k6, Aug 3-6, Dallas TX

    I loved QC, and it was my first one. However, from what I read, I was imagining a huge national event. QC to me felt more like a small home-brewed LAN to me this year. I am definitely going next year though. Maybe it will gain some steam back this year.
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    Need help choosing a mobo for EE 955

    My brother won an EE 955 at quakecon and is willing to give me his old stuff if I set him up with this new processor. I usually build AMD setups and so all the intel chipsets are a little foreign to me. What chipset should I be looking for? I just need a PCI E X16 slot and the ability to change...
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    AMD Price Cuts are HERE!!

    I'm seeing a dual core 3800+ AM2 for $149. Seems like a cut to me, wasn't that processor like $290 or something (I don't keep up with the prices all the time).
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    Windows MCE Question

    I have backed up my entire DVD collection to .iso files on my server. I had a few minutes to play with Windows MCE at a friends house, and I saw you can add directories it looks for video files for the My Videos menu. However, is there a way I can specify file types in the OS so that if I have...
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    Quakecon2k6, Aug 3-6, Dallas TX

    After reading Kyle's post on the QC forums I was saddened also. I also think it was ridiculous how late the event was announced and how the BYOC has shrunk. The ball was dropped this year. Kyle mentioned an alternate even, I would like to see [H]ardCon next summer, if the people running QC don't...
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    PC Games being released unfinished...An Opinion Piece

    I did this also, but its actually a very fun game (sans the multiplayer aspect of course). I like when companies let me do whatever I want with my software, they deserve my hard earned dollars.
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    Free Ultima Online Server?

    Does anyone here play Ultima Online on a free server. This was my first MMO and I want to relive some of the great times I had when I was younger. However, they completely ruined the game a couple years back. I have heard there are good servers that have the game like it was with just The Second...
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    Any of you guys converting?

    I also go where the best price/performance ratio can be had and considering I build and upgrade computers for about 15 of my friends that game, we will be going to Conroe if all of the articles I read so far are right when it launches (unless AMD does some major price undercutting).
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    Trying to get ssh to connect, comcast problem?

    Success! I tried it from work and could connect just fine. I guess on my home network I cant connect to the same IP although thats what I do at work. Thanks.
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    Trying to get ssh to connect, comcast problem?

    Thanks for all the replies guys, Im gonna try and connect from work today. I really hope I can get this figured out, this is my first time doing any kind of internet server and while it is really fun to try and figure out, I am finally starting to get frustrated from trying everything. Maybe it...
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    Trying to get ssh to connect, comcast problem?

    Does anyone know if comcast allows ssh servers? I have my ssh server all configured and I can connect to it just fine when I put in the local addres. Then after I set the port 22 to forward to that address and I put in my WAN address I cannot connect. Any help would be appreciated.
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    CM Stacker 830 $252.99 Shipped @ Amazon

    I hope to god you are just trying to start a flame war
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    Gaming LCD advice (HELP ME!)

    I settled on the VX922 also and ordered mine from newegg.
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    Best gaming LCD under $300?

    I ordered the vx922 today, I will test the input lag vs my 2405 and perhaps one of my older CRTs, I am guessing I just get one of the clock apps, clone the displays and take a picture with my digital camera?
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    Gaming LCD advice (HELP ME!)

    Does anyone know the panel type on the vx922?
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    Best game evar?

    Fallout 1 closely followed by Fallout 2, that opening theme will give anyone goosebumps
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    Gaming LCD advice (HELP ME!)

    I know what you mean, I am far from being a pro, but I do get very competitive at LANs, but not so much that I want to lug a 70+ lb monitor around to them. I figure if I have the best gaming LCD out now, then it's going to be my skills holding me back.
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    Gaming LCD advice (HELP ME!)

    Im having the same dilema, but I have narrowed my choices down to the Benq FP93GX and the Viewsonic vx922, And I'm not sure what to buy. However, I am pretty sure that in the sub $300 price range and used for %100 gaming these are the two best. The Benq FP93GX is supposedly going to be the new...
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    Best gaming LCD under $300?

    Has anyone measured the input lag of some of these "gaming" 19" LCDs. I see lots of 20" widescreen and 24" monitors being tested, however with these new 2ms gaming LCDs out it would be nice to test. I guess I may just have to do the test myself...
  38. J

    Best gaming LCD under $300?

    well, they ran out of stock of the 2025wm, I shouldn't have waited so long. Anyway I guess I'm just gonna grab a vx922. One thing I'm starting to worry about is all this talk of input lag lately. Is the vx922 and the 2025wm for that matter affected by input lag at all?
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    Best gaming LCD under $300?

    Damn, I ruled that out because of the price, now I wonder if it would be a better gaming monitor than the vx922... What would you guys do, I gotta get this ordered this weekend.
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    Best gaming LCD under $300?

    I love mye 2405 but there is just no way I want to lug it to a LAN, plus I want to get something with a way lower response than its 16ms. So I am wondering what LCD I should buy for gaming. This LCD will only be used for gaming and the rest of the time will be a backup monitor for my server (ie...