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    Should I join the 802.11ac bandwagon?

    No input on this?
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    Should I join the 802.11ac bandwagon?

    I just bought a new house and am starting my wifi setup from scratch. The cable internet is advertised at 30 Mbps. I don't have any wireless ac devices at the moment but was thinking of future proof. Also would like to get most out of my current wireless-n devices. I currently have a gaming...
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    i7 970/mobo/ram combo

    last bump
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    i7 970/mobo/ram combo

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    i7 970/mobo/ram combo

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    i7 970/mobo/ram combo

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    i7 970/mobo/ram combo

    good morning
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    i7 970/mobo/ram combo

    All prices are OBO Bump
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    i7 970/mobo/ram combo

    Time to get up
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    i7 970/mobo/ram combo

    Afternoon bump
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    i7 970/mobo/ram combo

    Evening bump
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    i7 970/mobo/ram combo

    Morning bump
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    i7 970/mobo/ram combo

    This is my main rig and currently in use so all parts are working. All prices are OBO i7 970, 6x4gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600, Asus P6X58D-Premium EK water blocks on mobo mosfets and NB/SB will be included $650 shipped......$575 shipped The rest will sell if mobo/cpu/ram combo sells first...
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    What to do with my Pandigital Supernova Tablet?

    I literally inherited a Pandigital Supernova Tablet. Model: R80B400 I am unhappy with the old school feel if the current Android version 2.3. I want to update the software/firmware but when I click the Firmware Update App it scans for a few secs then says check internet. I know the internet is...
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    LF: PS3 slim / super slim

    Just the console or games/controllers also?
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    FS and FT: E2140, affordably priced LGA775 Quad bundles

    Bump cause interested. I have 3 470's all watercooled. May split them up tho into two less powerful builds. So one will be extra. I believe I also still have stock coolers somewhere. Just not sure if I would be able to sell off the waterblocks without cards. Will think about it for a day or two.
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    WTT: Ipd 3 16gb att

    going from 4-6 cores. its all good thou was worth a shot.
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    WTT: Ipd 3 16gb att

    what about the I7-970 1366 socket cpu i have in my sig? Also the mobo with water blocks installed for both the 920 and ipad?
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    WTB: Logitech G5 Mouse in good working condition

    I have a blue G5. I found the weights to mine but not the actual mouse yet. Will look for it more tomorrow hopefully. Will let you know if I find it.
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    WTB: Silverstone RV02/RV03

    How much is it to ship a case of this size? I have a RV02 that I was gonna use in a spare build but I have other cases I could use. If profitable enough I may part with mine.
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    What opens .lay files?

    Not sure if this correct thread but I was wondering if someone could tell me what program, prefer freebie, can open .lay files? I have some that I want to preview for a build I am doing.
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    WTB intel 6 core cpu 970, 980, 990. 560mm quad radiator.

    Love my 970. Although I don't game much anymore and feel that its true potential is going to waste.:( Best luck tho and bump!
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    WTT Reference 6950 2gb for 1GB 2x 460 gtx, 465 gtx, or 470 gtx

    bump for looking and being intrigued.
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    FS/FT: Ipad1 32GB + Extras, DDR3 Memory (Desktop)

    what were you looking for in trades?
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    WTB intel 6 core cpu 970, 980, 990. 560mm quad radiator.

    I enjoy my 970. Dont need all the horsepower but is nice when i do.
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    [Microsoft] Windows 8 for $14.99

    for some reason I couldnt get this to work. Anywho, does anyone have a link to a student site with any Win8 deals?
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    [FS] Yurduns FS Thread

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    FS/FT V2000/Black Pearl Parts, Hardware and more

    bump while i check my fans for medium yate loon.
  29. R HOT DEALS! 5/24

    it seems lately its when ever THEY feel like throwing out deals. One would think that with the customer base these forums have that they would be throwing out deals all the time. They also dont seem to consider possible add ons that people may purchase if the deals are good enough. For...
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    Trade: Atom Mobo, GPU, HTPC case... for Xbox 360 Slim

    if u part out i am interested in the usb expansion. bump
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    What is best way to connect my non-wireless to a wireless network?

    I am in process of moving to a place that is alot larger than my current home. Although alot my electronic are capable of wireless networking via built in wireless, few of them are not. This includes my main blu-ray/media player and my main rig. They will be in same room but not the room...
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    Which is better USB Wireless N or PCIx1 Wireless N?

    thanks for the input. I figured good ole pci would be better thanks again.
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    Which is better USB Wireless N or PCIx1 Wireless N?

    I have access to a wireless network and was wondering which is the better wireless card to get. A USB wireless N or a PCIx1 Wireless N?
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    Delvryboy's FS Thread

    thinking on the ram...bump
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    Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 1850rpm fans - $14.81ea + $6 flat rate shipping

    conteplating getting 6 more for my two 3.120 rads so i can go push/pull but not sure if cost/performance gain is worth it. I know this is a good deal and all but its still $100+ I would spend.
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    WTB/WTT: HAFX, Ion mobo with power brick, and more.

    I am looking for a HAFX. . I am also looking to build a NES PC so I am in need of an Ion mobo that has a power brick with it. Shipping would be to zip code: 54311 As for trades I will be listing stuff as time permits.
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    FS:WD Caviar Green WD20EARX 2TB & more

    I might be interested in the caviar black.
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    OCZ RevoDrive 230GB (PCI-e x4 SSD) - $229.99 (MIR)

    was thinking about this but not sure how much faster than my 128gb corsair sata ssd this would be.
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    [FT] i7 875k, i7 920 D0, Asus Rampage III Gene, Asus Maximum III Gene

    Title says "FT", what you looking for as in trades?