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    WD HDD locked drive, trying to get back into pc repair, 1st client lol

    the requirement to disable the HDD password is to secure erase the drive normally or enter the correct password to turn it off or if its a bitlocker hardware password then gets more complicated (using SED self encrypting drive then without the TPM chip and same laptop or backup Bitlocker key...
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    Failed 8,3 Years old WD Red drive 3TB (EFRX) - what now...?

    diskpart > list disk > select disk X (make sure its the right disk number) > clean all (again make sure its the correct disk before pressing enter as this does not warn before zeroing out the whole drive, unless its a system drive) monitor with smart as its wiping the drive (diskpart clean all...
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    Why 'zero' a HDD other than security?

    have to treat SMR drives like extremely slow SSD, they do understand that Zero byte write can clear a Shingle if they get enough empty blocks for consolidation if you Zero fill a SMR drive it will effectively reset the drive once its been idle for some hours (never fill with random or 1s on a...
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    Best SSD for Gaming

    any SSD that isn't dramless kingston UV500 (i buy UV400/500 a lot) or crucial MX500 or any samsung EVO if your looking at SATA i would recommend NVME for boot drive (like 250-500GB) or just blow all your money on a 2TB NVME SSD and spit it as 150GB/1700GB+ NVME does not make games load faster...
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    SSD Not Recognized

    open classic Power options and disable Fast startup (Zero point using it if your on a SSD,even on a HDD its a bad idea because drivers and system state is restored on bootup witch can result in an inconsistent system state becues last shutdown wasn't an actual shutdown more like a logged off sleep)
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    Average read/write speed needed for gaming for the next 5 years

    there is generally no diferance between a SATA and nvme SSD for game loading times (unless benchmarking) the IOPS of a Sata SSD is more than enough, CPU is the limit once you have at least a SATA SSD (this was before they optimized rust to not have 30k worth of small files loading) this...
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    Pulled the trigger on a new NAS

    synology and Qnap Read only cache should be fine they just fall back to the volume directly (doesn't even need to re-mount the volume), but qnap can't detect corruption in volume or ssd cache if using QTS OS synology can leverage btrfs and checksum if enabled on all share folders, so any read...
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    Does this SSD heatsink have a film I need to remove?

    looks like the film has already been removed
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    converting a WD 3.5" 14 TB external drive to 4K sectors

    512e is very normal ,from like vista windows and linux supports correct 4k boundly aliment automatically
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    SMART logs of mechanical drives - Are these bad?

    B looks bad but its the same LBA that was causing the UNC (and it looks like they all happened at the same time as they was 10,000 hours ago) no pending or relocated events was logged and it look like it happened at Power up with this age of HDDs raid6/SHR2 is recommended if inside a synology...
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    Windows 10 SSD - "Optimization not available"

    windows 8 and onwards changed trim to a task if you can't optimize it nor can the schedule run correctly
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    Windows 10 SSD - "Optimization not available" do make sure fast startup is unticked and do a reboot so it's a Clean shutdown somthing might be installed that has taken over the optimize function (norton for example still does this)
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    Windows 10 SSD - "Optimization not available"

    optimize/defrag from windows 7 and onwards runs a Trim command to the ssd (it does not defrag)
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    Help me pick a 2 TB SATA SSD

    if you not planning on having 2 disks get a 2TB SSD and when your setting up the ssd set it to 200GB for OS/base programs and whatever is left for second partition and point all your games/steam type clients to that (if you don't want to reload you can clone the OS but set it to 200GB size and...
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    Replaced HDD Windows still shows the old one.

    now this might be a case of fast startup (Classic power options > "choose what the power buttons do" and untick fast startup) this will make a shutdown a actual shutdown (recommend the First thing you disable fast startup on any system as it can cause problems with programs that expect a reboot...
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    Synology Hyper Backup is killing me, any ideas?

    turn off compression (have to start fresh again) the compression limits the speed to about 5MB/s on any nas dynamic LACP needs enabling on your managed switch on set ports the synology is plugged into or use adaptive load balancing witch works on any switch
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    Best Value 2TB NVMe PCI 3.0 SSD?

    make sure you get a heatsink for it if your putting it inside the PS5 or it will overheat and thermally throttle or just stop working when hot
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    NAS Drives

    NAS or enterprise drives have command timeout set to 7 seconds so it isn't booted after 8 seconds in a NAS or raid array, you want the disk to give up because the raid will fetch a copy from mirror or parity and rewrite the sector so the bad sector can be reallocated (bad sectors can't be...
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    New-ish build is blue-screening randomly - SSD, port or BIOS issue?

    with 3600 ram usually need to bump up the SOC voltage as long as it isn't over 1.2 normally fine (some motherboards automatically set it to 1.15v when ram XMP profile is set on the ram witch should also set ram speed, CL and ram voltage automatically)
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    Encrypted install for FEREN only available on HDD and not SSD

    just luks the disk yourself (unsure why they disable encryption if ssd is detected on that OS) or just set to CMS/Legacy boot and use HDD password (all samsung drives support Self encrypting just set a HDD password and it's done, the encrypting is handed by the SSD) Usually does not work in...
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    Looking for a home NAS

    if your only buying one nas (not a local backup) use a 5 bay nas in raid6 to minimise the risk of total data loss if your using 8TB or lager disks strongly recommend only using raid6 due to rebuild times, higher chance of a dual fault with such large disks Note Synology hybrid raid SHR1...
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    Need Advice on Data Recovery

    i assume you sent all the disks (i would assume 3 if you tried a resync), first time it happens is the worst time, when you trust raid to much raid1-10 is very fast at remirroring until it doesn't work then you see why raid6 is generally a better choice as you don't have to worry as much when 1...
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    Need Advice on Data Recovery

    depends what the raid1 resync did as its raid1 you should be able to just plug the disk into a normal PC and see what's on the disk (raid 5 or 6 needs raid controller) Note raid isn't a backup (raid1 or raid5 only has 1 redundant protection, use RAID6) have 1-2 backups, can be a something like...
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    3 TB Western Digital drive, out of MyBook, inaccessible. Seeking advice.

    restore from backup or send off to data recovery company if this was your backup (that wasn't a backup) when using USB HDDs have 2 copies of the Original data so technically 3 copies, 1 local 2 USB (vibrations or nocks can permanently damage them no matter how careful you are with them)
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    Adaptec Raid 5 degraded but won't rebuild with dedicated hot swap drive. Help!

    the raid card controls the rebuild not the software (hardware raid cards have there own OS and mini PC), first thing i would do is run a backup before messing just in case you manage to eat the array and lose everything unless you have a backup strongly recommend using raid6 (even with backup...
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    Looking for a home NAS

    i recommend getting 5 bay NAS so you can use RAID 6 and still have 3 disks worth of space (assuming your not buying 2 nas's) don't use RAID5 if this is your only local copy (ideally don't use RAID5/SHR1) using RAID6 minimises the risk of total data failure (but does not eliminate it, still...
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    Will a new SSD work on old computer?

    shouldn't be applicable (unless you try and install the chipset drivers for windows XP) built in AHCI or IDE drivers in windows 10 works fine with TRIM (looks at the asrock motherboard and 1.4ghz core2duo next to me TRIM working fine)
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    Migrate Veracrypt system boot partition to a different, smaller drive?

    use somthing that can clone inside windows while the disk is unencrypted (unlocked) like acronis true image it can usually clone while inside windows you need to re encrypt after or un-encrypt the disk and then clone using boot usb (still recommend acronis true image) once cloned then...
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    Crackling/whirring noise from SSD?

    never really had a problem with dell laptops or desktops (business ones anyway)
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    XPG/Adata not wiping usage data after testing m.2?

    i doubt its a real problem, read and write data is close to each other looks like a disk test was ran on it (normally reads are significantly higher then write as most write little read a lot)
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    Crackling/whirring noise from SSD?

    i had cheap PSUs that make the trackpad go bonkers because the touchpad is referenced to ground due to the cheap ass laptop PSU isn't isolated correctly (real PSU was working fine just had to wait 2-3 days for a real one) you can actually feel the buzzing on the trackpad sometimes or if you...
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    Crackling/whirring noise from SSD?

    never heard a m.2 SSD wine before normally the other components in the system that's doing it (usually it's the GPU )
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    Recover data from a single disk from a Synology SHR?

    good your using SHR2 (RAID6) over SHR1 (RAID5) maybe odd 64-128KB chunks of files but not likely anything of use that a normal person could recover (plug the HDD into a PC use diskpart to clean it and make a MBR partition style and make 1 full partition use full format option (windows 10 Writes...
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    Cannot do S1, S3 or S4 with LSI 9260-8i M5015?

    maybe don't use Sleep on a server raid card it's really not supported due to nature of how the raid card works (it has its own mini pc and OS and does not like going to sleep usually as are designed for 24/7 running, very lucky in the past it was working at all) just shutdown the computer (only...
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    what is the best contact material between the layer of m.2 SSD and its heatsink?

    what SSD is it (does the motherboard have its own integrated heat sinks for the m.2 slots ? )
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    Crackling/whirring noise from SSD?

    coil whine if it's from speakers if your using a cheap PSU that hasn't isolated the AC from the DC can do this (run your finger across anything metal you feel a buzz from it)
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    Best modern equivalent of these drives to upgrade my RAID?

    what is your setup as you only talk about disks ( deally have a 5 bay or larger nas so you can use RAID6 without the space loss (so like a 4 bay nas with raid5)
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    Synology RS2818RP+ and Seagate Exos 4TB drives - Not Initializing

    differently remove the network card see if it works then, install that NIC last put the old 2TB disk in so it boots up and insert one of the 4TB disks see what it does with 16 hdds might be best to use 15 raid 6 + 1 hot spare and cold spare (unless you going to be around when failure are...
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    Is there a performance advantage of using EXT4 on Windows?

    use ReFS as long as you have 2 backups of your data they still haven't fixed ReFs ""intended by design bug"" when integrity is enabled (what it should do is throw a crc Read Error when it hits part of the file that is broken but thats whats not happen), as it stands right now if there is 1...
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    Is Secure Erase for SSD similar to zeroing a HDD?

    if your selling a HDD try to do a real ata secure erase, if you can't work out how to secure erase, then do Write zeros from start to end of the disk (don't do this on a SSD as there is easier way to do it) for SSD, if you can work out how to do a real ata secure erase do that,, if you can't...