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    EMC VNX5300 NFS deduplication and VMware Datastore

    I was wondering if anyone had any real world experience on using the de-duplication features on the VNX 5300 datamovers on VMware datastores. I don't have a spectacularly large system, but as most of my vms are Server 2008r2, I would suspect there is a lot of duplicate data on the os volumes of...
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    A small datacenter build and other projects

    Considering they are all imgur links, posting a gallery shouldn't be all that hard. I have been Scrolling thought them all too.
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    A small datacenter build and other projects

    Any chance you could release your images as a gallery/slideshow? I think you have some very neat stuff in there, and I wanted to thank you for taking your time to post it.
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    Migrating VM's between vCenter Datacenters.

    Thank you, that worked! saved me a lot of manual work!
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    Migrating VM's between vCenter Datacenters.

    I didn't think I could live vMotion between logical Datacenters, but I wanted to check anyway. I thought you could do cold migrations thought. As for using the 2 clusters, same logical Datacenter, and using vDS, wouldn't all the networks that are creating vDS show up across the 2 clusters? I...
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    Migrating VM's between vCenter Datacenters.

    Yes and Yes. I are working with just vCenter separated Datacenters not 2 different physical datacenters, the servers them selfs are in the same rack, and same layer 2 networks. IE vCenter Server |-PROD | |-Cluster one | |--host1 | |--host2 | |--host3 |-DEV/QA |-DEV...
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    Migrating VM's between vCenter Datacenters.

    I was wondering if there was a better way of doing this then what im currently doing. I have now have 2 Datacenters (one is now PROD, and the other is DEV/QA) in my vCenter server and I need to move some VM's between them. I thought about doing different clusters, but as we are using vDS...
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    How do you guys like Unifi AP?

    We have deployed it in house, and for a few customers - They work great. As pointed out before they don't do fast roaming, so the time for switching to one ap to another is purely a device thing, some are fast, some are slower than others.
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    Lets play the disk shuffle game!

    From what I remember of the best practise guide make sure you put some of your DAE's on the second SAS port, don't forget that things in the DEP use SAS port 0
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    EMC VNX / VNXe

    Thats what I thought, but I dont want to say it can do one thing, recommend we buy it to managment, and discover nope, cant do that.
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    EMC VNX / VNXe

    Has anyone played with the VNX, NFS and fast tiering? I have been trying to find information on it and all I can find so far is Coc.. err spec sheet waving going on between EMC and Netapp and I cant find anything about if fast tiering works with NFS and how well NFS works with the VNX 5300
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    Exchange 2010 CAS array with NLB

    Anyone enabled Kerberos auth? Im mostly wondering what the side affects will be, if any.
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    Exchange 2010 CAS array with NLB

    I'm trying to decide if my expectations are to high for Windows Network load balancing and Exchange CAS. Right now when I fail a CAS server, Outlook goes into disconnected mode, and requests a password, I can ether enter in the password, or close and reopen outlook and it connect without any...
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    Linux guests experience high load average (iowait) with ESXi/ZFS

    I have the same issue, I thought it was because i had to much running on that box file server. I do have a ZIL, and noop set. Any sugestions?
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    MS SQL server clustering

    I was taking about the DB that you need for vSphere management server thing (cant remember the name right now) I did think of that, and I'm more than likely going to go that way, but I am still going to try clustering anyways as it will give me more knowledge when I say no lets do it this way.
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    MS SQL server clustering

    Yah, I guessed that. It was more of a comment on the types of redundancy I'm used to, not NLBed SQL server.
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    MS SQL server clustering

    My first goal was a proof of concept in a lab, then a butload of testing then possibly depending on how confident i feel proposing it. We have the infrastructure to do it. I understand how to do it, I was wondering if anyone had any "oh i ran into this" or "dont cluster, do XYZ" I guess i could...
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    MS SQL server clustering

    My office is investigating moving the the 10 (BES, ACCPAC, SharePoint, vSphere and a few other small apps )or so small on the machine sql instances to a more powerful sql Custer for easier management, backups and better reliability. Does anyone have any suggested ways creating this sql...
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    what is the BEST FREE virtualization software package ?

    Vmware Server !!!!!!!!!!@``1~~~11111111111111111111one one one
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    The World Runs on VMware vSphere

    Yah the tank confused me... Maybe its some sort of fancy 2 server node that HA's the tanks OS encase one server crashes or no longer exists.
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    Big VMware Announcement!

    I'm looking forward to this announcement.
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    I'm at a loss for words...

    I did, and i cried a little
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    Exchange 2010 Room Calendars

    I have an interesting problem with my exchange 2010 room calendars. People would like to edit the calendars directly by using the calendar view in outlook, not sending an invite to the calendar and it auto accept. I have found that this is possible without an annoying little popup saying...
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    vSphere not adding network card on New VM

    Darn it, I hate when you think you replied and didn't do so... Lets try this again. When adding a new guest to my servers during the setup wizard thing, it does not ask me about what network I want to put it on like it used to. Instead I have to go and add the network card on afterwords by...
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    vSphere not adding network card on New VM

    I have a test lab setup running vSphere 4.1 and its not adding a network card when creating a new vm, and it was before. I dont know what I changed to stop it, but something happens. I am using vDS for switching if that makes any difference.
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    Whats the best freeware image mounting software?

    +1 Virtual Clone Drive.
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    ZFSguru NAS fileserver project

    I think the biggest thing I want from a ZFS / freebsd system is the ability to run on a flash drive I dont really need a webui, and i rather do most work from cmd line anyway. I dont think anyone has made a nanoBSD install for ZFS without any webui.
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    VMworld 2011 roll call...

    If you don't bring her, I'm sure you can "find" one there... Vegas baby! I'm trying to get approval for this, but my company is going though some reorg so not sure if this will happen.
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    Beware! Mr. Toots has been unleashed

    W... T... F... That's funny shit.
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    Nexus 1000v

    That was very helpful. Also showed me how different ways of doing distributed switches. Ive been just shoving all nics into one uplink, and creating port groups for everything, not sure if if that's the right way or not. I was also thinking of switching from a crapton of 1gig ports to 2x 10...
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    Nexus 1000v

    I just want to hear peoples thought on the Nexus1000v. We are looking at deploying VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus and getting the nexus 1000v is only a little more. I do have some questions in regards to the nexus. Is it all software, or is there a hardware component to it? does it...
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    Building a server room - any one with wish lists?

    +1 UPSs in the racks suck... Pain in the ass to manage and do work on.
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    Poor man's / Opensource - High availability storage? maybe zfs

    Ive been looking for something similar. Iv yet to find a good solution for zfs. Found one with linux though.
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    ESXi 4.1 on X8SIL-F

    well shit, apparently its applied but didn't help... Gurrrrr Im going to try reflashing my usb stick and see if i can install it
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    VOIP hardware suggestions?

    Thought about getting a sip trunk and not worrying about the pri? we are looking at moving away from our pri and getting sip trunks from Its less hardware you have to deal with and can give you better fail-over/HA options. if you are an MS shop, Microsoft lync might be...
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    ESXi 4.1 on X8SIL-F

    I tried the update and it didnt seem to fix it... I might be applying it wrong, I used the vsphere update manager thing. how did you apply yours Nate? The weird thing is I have 2 of these motherboards in my test lab, and only one is having the issue.
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    My ZFS build - For VMware

    motherboard has 2 nics that will be put into a bond. that goes to 1 switch right now then each vm server has a minimum of 3 nics (odd number i know. 2 on board, and 1 pci-e nic) Failover will be played around with on the vmware side. Right now all my nics are in vDS switch and then...
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    My ZFS build - For VMware

    installing root on the SSD was mostly because its there already, not for the speed. I like keeping my OS drives, and my data drives separate. Because I have 6 sata ports and 8 sas ports in an 8 drive case, I could get a 2.5in hdd for root. How much does dedup affect performance? It could...
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    My ZFS build - For VMware

    I am planning on building a Datastore server for my vCenter test lab that I have at work. This is my specs: Core i3 540 8GB ram Supermicro X8SI6 motherboard Supermicro 2U 8Bay CSE-825TQ-563LPB 8x 500GB Seagate 7200.12 2x Intel 320 G3 40GB SSD 1x Intel Gig nic for management My...
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    UBNT UniFi

    I dont think it offers "Fast roaming' that 802.11f standard offers ( but they are really nice, easy to use and not too expensive