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    FS $280 Xbox One 500gb. Destiny. Play n charge. 3.5mm adapter.

    Title says it all. Adult owned great condition retail boxes for everything.
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    5820k Micro2 x99 supremacy Evo full loop much more

    Full system: $1200 all boxes Windows 8.1 disc and usb install First 3 under month old 5820k $300 4.6 1.312v EVGA Micro 2 $190 Mushkin DDR 4 3000 ridgeback $70 Nvidia GTX 980 $400 Plextor 128gb m5 pro extreme Bitfenix Prodigy mATX Silverstone 600w SX600G $95 Flex cable...
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    For Sale WCing gear, VG248QE, mobo, psu

    Shipping to Australia is extra shipping.
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    For Sale WCing gear, VG248QE, mobo, psu

    I no longer have a high-end rig and currently my wcing gear is cooling a Celeron, lol. All prices shipped w/tracking. Heatware drnilly007 Every item has original box and accessories except black ice rad, EK Supremacy clear acrylic, copper cpu block- sold EK D5 vario pump/rpm and clear...
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    FS/FT Assassins Creed 4 Xbox 360

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    Todays Sale :> brand new HP black mice, alot!

    Any usb device, ie mouse, or keyboard, etc, can infect a computer with malware, viruses, EoS, the list goes on. PS/2 gives basic input commands and that's it. It is old but safer especially for companies.
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    WTB: 3570k, case

    I have a 3570k that I cracked a piece of the PCB on it doing vice wood hammer de-lid. you can have it if you pay shipping. One guy told me it might work still if I could get the pcb pushed back together, not sure about it possibly bending pins as the under side isn't completely flat until you...
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    HTC One Google Edition, Enermax 1350w MaxRevo PSU +More

    Free bump so I can say you need to work on your cable management.
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    FS 2 780's PNY/Gigabyte ref w/Swiftech Komodo, MOBO, PSU

    Yup good deal and all gone.
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    WTB: Sprint Samsung Note 2

    How much for a new one?
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    WTB gtx 780 or 770

    have 2 780's for sale both have warranties and both have Swiftech Komodo waterblocks and backplates, all boxes and accessories. PNY and Gigabyte. $550 each.
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    FS ASUS P8Z77-V used fresh rma $130 shipped

    I have a fresh from rma ASUS P8Z77-V motherboard with full retail packaging and as far as I can tell all the accessories wifi, few sata cables, manual... I think it is a new board as there is plastic on the heatsink still $130 shipped paypal or amazon...
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    WTB/TF: Cheap 1155 Mobo

    I think you found the best deals on the egg. This one seems good even though its used.