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    [WTB] motherboards: 890FXA's, TZ77XE3, TZ77XE4

    Added to the OP a bunch of other mobos I'm looking for: MSI Big Bang Marshal MSI 790FXA-GD70 Asus P7P55 WS Biostar TZ77A Biostar TZ77B Biostar TZ75A Biostar TZ75B Biostar T77
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    New Mobo/Processor but gfx card won't run @16x PCIe 3.0

    OP, how did you choose which slot gets to run at x16? I thought the bandwidth is predetermined by the mobo, not a setting you can just change. I also have a MSI board that is really picky with PCI-e bandwidth. I'm pulling my hair out trying to make it run properly too.
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    Does power draw still go through PCI-E slots?

    It's been known that older cards will draw some power through the PCI-e slots, even though you've already connected the 6-pin power connector. However, I've seen some mentions that newer video cards, like the HD7000 series and r9 series get their juice exclusively from the 6/8-pin dedicated...
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    [WTB] 30gb - 64gb SSD

    Still looking
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    [WTB] 30gb - 64gb SSD

    I'm looking for an old ssd between 30gb and 64gb ssd. Please PM offers or post here.
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    [WTB] motherboards: 890FXA's, TZ77XE3, TZ77XE4

    Still looking for some of these mobos.
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    [WTB] motherboards: 890FXA's, TZ77XE3, TZ77XE4

    I'm looking for some very specific older model motherboards: - MSI Big Bang Marshal - MSI Z77 MPOWER - MSI 790FXA-GD70 - MSI 890FXA-GD70 - Asus P7P55 WS - Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD7 - Biostar TZ77XE4 - Biostar TZ77XE3 - Biostar TZ77A - Biostar TZ77B - Biostar TZ75A - Biostar...
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    LF backlit tenkeyless mechanical keyboards

    You can consider a KBT oni, it's also backlit. It's a tad cheaper than the ducky shine II. Too new to confirm quality though, and I haven't gotten the chance to personally open one up.
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    New Mechanical Keyboard

    I figured you could read between the lines, but I guess not. I never said they were identical. The point is that both Rosewill and Filco's core electronics are associated with Costar. They're not from completely different manufacturers like Costar and iOne that implies differences in quality.
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    New Mechanical Keyboard

    Corsair K90 has firmware bugs, and also uses a subpar OEM compared to others. You can look into the Coolermaster quickfire rapid if you want a tenkeyless form factor, or a Rosewill RK-9000 if you need full size. Both CM quickfire and Rosewill has the same PCB as Filco, which is a known high...
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    MX ergo-clear switch - a custom mod

    Intro for newbs: the term "ergo clear" switch refers to a switch that is a combination of a clear stem and a spring from either a red, blue, or brown switch. A normal clear switch is generally too heavy, so a spring from a red/blue/brown switch will make it feel lighter and also bring out the...
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    FS: New CM quickfire MX red Mechanical Keyboard (NO LOGOS)

    $100 shipped It's a CoolerMaster Storm QuickFire Rapid with cherry MX reds (SGK-4000-GKCR1-US). Selling this one to make room for more keyboards. This is brand new, only took it out for these two pics. It's from the new batch that is brandless, meaning no ugly coolermaster logo all over for a...
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    Need a 1156 Motherboard cheap.

    I have a BRAND NEW H55M-UD2H I bought for around $120 a year or two ago. Waited too to return and it past the return period. Been sitting in my closet ever since. Includes all accessories, still unopened. PM me if you're interested in it for $60 shipped. This board is a little higher end than...
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    Fixing Ivy Bridge high CPU temps: IHS removal video

    chronicfx, yeah I can do a quick test stressing with AVX on. The reason I didn't test with the newest p95 and AVX is because it was just a test of temps before and after the mod, it wasn't for stability under every condition. For my daily clocks, I'm running at 4.5ghz with 1.28v. I'll test using...
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    Fixing Ivy Bridge high CPU temps: IHS removal video

    Hi guys, just a quick update. It's been almost 2 months since I've done this mod, and I tested temps again for consistency. Reason I'm doing this is because there are reports that temps will slowly start to climb after this mod. I just tested temps again with the same parameters, and it's...
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    FS or Trade: Western Digital Green WD30EZRX 3TB

    I might be interested. What do you mean "it has been swiped"?
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    Undervolting HD7750 (is it possible?)

    Have you tried MSI afterburner? I believe there is an option in the that unclock voltage changes. But I also know that it's not guaranteed to work on all cards.
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    Fixing Ivy Bridge high CPU temps: IHS removal video

    I don't think liquid metal will permanently bind to the bare die. The reason why it bind to a CPU cooler and the IHS is because these two are both metal, but the die is polished silicone.
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    Fixing Ivy Bridge high CPU temps: IHS removal video

    In this case, I'm almost sure that it's either an uneven TIM application, or that the epoxy glue that they used was higher on one side than the other. This can be the only reason why one core was 30C higher than the rest, because as you can see after I took off the expoxy glue and reapplied the...
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    2500k p8p67 pro OC - am I OK?

    I don't see anything wrong here. vdrop doesn't look too bad either. It's normal that the voltage fluctuates as the CPU has different loads. It's actually part of intel's specifications, it's just that recent motherboards has BIOS options to resist that. If you really hate seeing vdrop and...
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    3770K IHS removal and results

    I saw all of this you posted at XS, just awesome. It's nice posts like these that also showed great results that inspired me to take off the IHS on mine too. Thanks for the great write up.
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    Good low noise cooler for mild overclock of 3770K?

    4ghz is only a small bump. By "mild overclock" I was thinking more like 4.5ghz haha. It's not going to make a difference since you already bought your cooler, but I'm using a thermalright HR-02. It's designed for low airflow, low noise, while can still cool well. Cost-wise, it's not very cheap...
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    Fixing Ivy Bridge high CPU temps: IHS removal video

    Well I'm sure the cost of cheap paste vs fluxless soldering saved some money in terms of fabrication process and material, multiplied by hundreds of thousands of chips. But you're right though, for the cost of the whole processor, a few bucks spent extra on better heat transfer would have been...
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    Fixing Ivy Bridge high CPU temps: IHS removal video

    Hi guys, I just removed the IHS off my IB processor and thought I'd share this "tutorial" video and results. I got a huge 40°C lower on one of the cores . If I average temps from all cores before and after the mod, then it's 79.25°C before IHS removal, and 59°C after IHS removal. That's still...
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    Thermal Paste, spread it manually or let HS do the work?

    I don't think think this is how you're suppose to do it. Once you put pressure on it and it spreads, taking the heatsink off to apply more on areas that that isn't covered will introduce air pockets in the parts that already has the paste. You can physically see that once you take off the...
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    Soundcard - looking for recommendations

    What's wrong with internal one? I have the Asus Xonar essence STX, and it's not a bad sound card for headphones. Is the Fiio E10 better than the STX?
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    Custom computer for music production - need help with parts

    I'm going to build a desktop in a few months mainly for music production. I've built many computers before, however never one for just audio. Budget is around $700, so how should I delegate this budget to each of the components? For example, I know a good chunk of it should go to a large storage...
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    EVGA Z77 mini ITX

    bummer... if only that mPCI-e is a mSATA slot instead and if they do include that LN2 pot (which most people won't be using), it'll just add more cost to the board.
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    Fractal Design Define Mini Build

    All fans run at max and you can barely hear it? What RPM are the fans running at? I have the same case, haven't had a chance to install hardware into it yet.
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    ADATA 120gb SSD - $79.99 - *Shellshocker* - Live@10:00 AM PDT

    wtf deactivated already? How does this drive compare to a crucial M4 or Samsung 830 that we often see around this price?
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    FS: brand new i7-3770k and 2600k, WTB i5-3570k

    3770k sold 2600k now $240 shipped, HD6950 $190 shipped
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    WTB: s1366 x58 mobo, i5-3570k, 1tb HD

    btw, is there any way I can change the main title of this? Already found a mobo but now also need memory, and it won't let me change the displayed title in advance options.
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    WTB: s1366 x58 mobo, i5-3570k, 1tb HD

    Just found a x58 motherboard. Thanks to everyone that sent offers. I also need 8gb ddr3, just added that to the OP.
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    WTB: s1366 x58 mobo, i5-3570k, 1tb HD

    I'm willing to buy these 3 things: 1) x58 1366 motherboard (FOUND, don't need anymore) - doesn't matter which one, but must be in perfectly working condition. No more than $100 shipped 2) ivy bridge i5-3570k - new or used doesn't matter, don't care much about max overclocks either. No more...
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    Ivy Bridge i3 Processor Specs

    I've been waiting for IB i3 for a few weeks now too, still no words on it yet.
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    FS: brand new i7-3770k and 2600k, WTB i5-3570k

    1) I have a 1 year old i7-2600k that was used in a low powered machine HERE, it was never overclocked since the H67 motherboard does not support overclocking. $240 shipped for CPU only, add another $5 for the original box and cooler. 2) I also have a brand new sealed i7-3770k that was an...
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    FS: Asus Xonar One USB DAC and Asus Xonar STX

    dam was OP serious? That's a crazy good deal, I would have bought both. Props to OP for hooking up fellow members with a deal like this.
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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    Will there be a refresh of this 30" model to be LED also? The 23" and 24" came out with LED models that costs less. Just curious of there are any rumors of a 30" LED panel.
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    WTB: Liquid Cool's WTB Thread

    I've dealt with liquid cool before, awesome guy to deal with. Bump for you :)
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    FS: R.A.T. 9/7, Razer Lachesis, CM storm, Logitech mouse

    RAT 9 sold/shipped, only the Razer Lachesis is remaining.