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    "Skyrim Grandma" Shirley Curry will be in The Elder Scrolls VI

    Are you just upset that it isn't you? I'm really confused. She has a following, it's free Bethesda PR, of course, they are gonna do it. It takes a minimal amount of time to write up a script for an NPC. Think about how many other older generations even know how to turn on a computer or use a...
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    Tesla Drastically Increases Supercharger Prices around the World

    But there really isn't. I'd have to relook at the forecast numbers, but last I heard we only have enough oil to last us until 2040. Unless you are planning to die in the next 21 years, the prying will commence.
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    Devolver Digital “Apologizes Unreservedly” for Nazi Imagery in “SCUM”

    Reading this story and the posts about it has been interesting. I really think in 2018 we should stop being scared of negative imagery. I remember seeing tits in like 6th grade from a health class and of course it was the normal immaturity you would get from a bunch horny kids, but nobody made...
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    Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse Gets an Upgrade

    I guess I'm in the minority that I don't like the G502 as much. I feel like it just doesn't feel right in my hands. I don't get any use out of the thumb button because to rest my thumb there means the right side of my hand starts to hurt. Maybe i'm doing it wrong, I don't know.
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    Android 9 Pie Has Been Released and Packs a Ton of New Features

    The Android/Apple battle is very annoying. I agree that Android didn't cut the deal that Apple made and now their software is heavily fragmented. I happily own a 12.9" IPP and I love that. I switched my phone to Pixel 2XL because my 7+ was just riddled with problems and I wanted a change of...
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    Android 9 Pie Has Been Released and Packs a Ton of New Features

    Kinda bitchy aren't you? Let me guess, you are here to report on how Apple is simply the greatest because X, Y, and Z...I left Apple very recently and I'm glad for it. They can't fix simple bugs on their "latest and greatest".
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    Android 9 Pie Has Been Released and Packs a Ton of New Features

    Or now. Updating as I type this.
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    New York to Kick Spectrum Cable Out of State for 'Failures to Serve New Yorkers'

    I also live in Upstate and it's been a miracle since Spectrum came in. I went from 50/5 to 300/50 same price, 99.99% uptime. I'll be upset if I lose out on this goodness, but I understand the pain they have inflicted others and a good slap across the face is warrented.
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    More NVIDIA 1180 GPU Rumors

    We need to slow down production of new cards. I am literally a month away from owning a 1080TI and now I have to wait a few weeks longer to see if I can snag a 1180. If this guy is wrong, I hope a manure truck crashes into his living room.
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    Amazon PRIME DAY is Upon Us

    Ticwatch E is on sale for $100. I've been looking at it for a bit and decided now was the time to buy.
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    Foxconn Announces North American Headquarters in Wisconsin

    For those who want a little light reading on the subject
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    Foxconn Announces North American Headquarters in Wisconsin

    WI taxpayers are paying heavy for it already. We are essentially buying the land for them and a few other things like traffic reorganization and they are only locked in for like two years.
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    Girl, 9, in Rehab after Getting So Addicted to Fortnite She Wet Herself

    Eh, I have internet access that shuts off at 7:30pm to all of my daughter’s iPad. It’s kind of funny when I forget about it and I spent 30 minutes determining why she is getting no access. Automation is great.
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    How Much Have You Spent on Steam?

    I’m not sure what old spend and and total spend is, but something around $700.00
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    NVIDIA Pulling Plug on GPP

    Next, it will be the Totally Not GPP which will have an NDA attached.
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    DDoSing WoW Gets You Federal Prison Time

    It’s being fixed in BoA anyway
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    Why do I use eadf instead of wasd? Am I the only one?

    It was probably one of the best things I was shown. At least for WoW. Opened up so many keybindings for me and it only took maybe a day to get used to the feel. That and using s and f for strafing instead of turning. That works wonders too.
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    Cloudflare Announces The Fastest, Privacy-First Consumer DNS Service

    I’m gonna introduce, where er’body can see er’body’s traffic.
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    Why do I use eadf instead of wasd? Am I the only one?

    I use ESDF because of my years of WoW. Needed more space around the movement keys for keybindings. Every other game I still run WASD.
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    GeForce Partner Program Impacts Consumer Choice

    1st- I don't know Kyle personally, only have been a long time follower of this forum. To me, I wouldn't stick my neck out that far unless I was damn sure convinced that this is actually going on. While yes, we haven't seen the fine print or nV's response, I'm willing to trust in Kyle that this...
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    Bias - BS - Lies - News - Social Media

    I used to be huge into news and reading everything around us. That is until it became truly apparent that I wasn’t reading news anymore, but <insert company> take on whatever political issue was going on. I’ve dialed back most of my news and focuse on self-improvement now.
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    World's Largest DDOS Motives Come Clear

    And that’s really the crux of the problem. These attacker’s ransom is cheaper than the solution to defend against it. I remember the whole cryptoware and hospitals and how paying 25-50k was cheaper than recovery. It’s a chicken and egg problem.
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    Chinese Space Lab May Fall to Earth This Month

    Sorry, but that station would never touch the ground. Re-entry burn and all that
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    Apple Bends a Knee to Keep Chinese Business

    I would be slightly more alarmed if they had to hand over the master keys to China. This one only pertains to Chinese user’s keys. While I dislike a lot of Chinese practices, this one feels more of a we don’t want the U.S. to have our keys kind of deal.
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    Hacker Tool Author Sentenced to 3 Years

    I guess I don’t understand still how this is premise for a criminal charge. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this equivalent to charging the devs of metasploit for intrusion? Code is just code until it’s compiled and run. Like I’m writing on a public forum and I can say I’m selling drugs. You...
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    Apple Confirms It Uses Google's Cloud for iCloud

    I’ll echo what’s said above and say that recreating the wheel to store people’s stuff isn’t always worth it. Besides.. Apple is notorious for having really bad cloud stuff, they are better off leaving it to the experts.
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    Even The Woz Isn't Safe From Cryptocurrency Fraud

    Yes, it is. But the premise that <insert cc company here> can’t refund you lost bitcoin because you can’t prove you ever had it, seems to be the issue here.
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    Samsung Galaxy S9 Finally Launched....Officially

    I was really looking forward to the s9 but now I’m very disappointed. This is hardly even good enough to call a revision. How hoes the Pixel XL or Pixel 2 compare?
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    46% of Last Year’s ICOs Have Failed Already

    If it has blockchain in the press statement +500mil. If it has secure written in the press stayement, add another 500 mil. /s aside, I honestly have no clue how this bubble even came to be. It’s like everyone finally realized bitcoin was “real” and they were too late to hit the mining bus, so...
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    Samsung Unveils the Galaxy S9 and S9+

    I stopped into Verizon yesterday to try and find out how much the 8’s would drop. They are adamant it’s only going to be $100 for the foreseeable future. But the pixels are $300 off apparently so I might have waited too long just to feel “eh” about this launch.
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    NVIDIA Claims That GPU Prices Will Continue Increasing through Q3 2018

    In other news, water is wet. I’ve had a 1080 on my wishlist for a year now and I don’t think I will ever get around to buying one. On the occasion the price gets near MSRP, I’ve already spend my big ticket budget on other stuff. ‍♂️
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    Dropbox Files to Go Public with over $1.1 Billion in Annual Revenue

    One drive isn’t bad for content control, but it is atrocious for syncing. Huge files seem to sync relatively decently, but once you have a few thousand files, it takes days to sync. That has been my experience a few years ago. Saying that, I have Dropbox personal right now and I’m a little iffy...
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    SpaceX Successfully Launches Two Test Sats for Starlink Internet Service

    I will say this. Elon hasn’t put any humans up into orbit yet. This is all payloads and tests. He has done great and wonderful things thus far. I’m waiting to see actually human deliveries. As for those against NASA, we have to remember that it is a government agency. At the beginning of most...
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    Developer Deletes Entire Production Database First Day on the Job

    Well I suspect the truthfulness of this story, I would like to point out that having a script with a production system pointer takes the cake. As for dumbass IT stories, I was contracted to fix a small bridal shops IT situation, I was configuring backups and forgot I replaced the network...
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    Middle-Earth: Shadow of War 4K Story Trailer

    I enjoyed Shadow of Mordor until one of the captains kept "appearing" in the middle of a brawl and killed me. Then that captain became so overpowered that he was impossible to kill. Kind of took the joy out after that.
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    Amazon Offers Prime Discount to Those on Government Benefits

    I didn't insinuate on any of my posts that a) it was government assistance and b) that anything was being abused. My statement was that the inevitable increase of shipping costs when some odd million people begin shipping products to their home through this discount, the price I pay will go up...
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    Amazon Offers Prime Discount to Those on Government Benefits

    Contextually. You're right. I did my service, I'm lucky in the fact that the education programs exist when I got out where I can "take a break" and focus on my schooling. Through those programs I was able to complete two associates and I have two semesters for my bachelors. Supporting a child as...
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    Amazon Offers Prime Discount to Those on Government Benefits

    There is nothing wrong with having things delivered, but does free two day shipping necessitate a need? Does unlimited movies and music? If they stripped some of the things that are accessibility, I'd be all for it.
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    Amazon Offers Prime Discount to Those on Government Benefits

    See this is what needs to happen. SNAP is a great program and I spent a couple years in my teens from a SNAP household. But that was just it, it was temporary. My parents split and my mom had to figure out how to do the single mom thing. She found a decent job and has been paying her way since...