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    Sweet Baby Jeebus Alienware 55" 4k120 OLED Displayport

    If it was smaller ... like, 40"-42". 55 too beaucoup. I tried using an LG 55" as a computer monitor a while back and the sheer size of it made it unusable at the distance i sat. The PPI wasn't so great either compared to my 40" 4k screen.
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    Gsync & FreeSync TVs (ever a possibility?)

    nVidia has a series of 65" 120Hz 4k HDR displays with gSync but it sounds like they're basically just large monitors, not TVs.
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    Help me decide on 4K or 1440p Monitor

    28" is way too small for 4k imo. I'd say go for a high refresh 1440p if your options are limited to displays around this size. Note that you will not be able to take advantage of FreeSync if you have an nVidia gpu.
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    Philips bdm4037uw vs Philips bdm4065uc

    I still have the BDM4065UC and while the picture quality is overall really good I can confirm that what bothers me the most about it is the colors. They look dull and washed out. Sliding digital vibrance up in the nVidia control panel helps, but also causes brighter shades to be crushed. Would...
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    LCD,LED screens 'burn" my eyes! What is the solution?

    They like to max out peak brightness as far as possible as it helps to A: sell their panels in retail viewing conditions and B: inflate their contrast ratios without providing better black levels.
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    When Will We Have The Perfect Monitor?

    HDMI 2.1, 120hz at 4k, and variable refresh rate seems like a possibility on LG's 2018 OLED displays. The Xbox Scorpio is also going to have HDMI 2.1 and will support VRR. Support for these features on a high profile console is exactly what the market needs in order to get panel manufacturers to...
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    Monitor set up for someone who's bedridden?

    Large 4k TV on an appropriate VESA wall or ceiling mount imo. How far away would he be sitting from it? I have a 40" 4k monitor, and at more than 5ft away I think the text would be too small to read. Scaling up the desktop defeats the purpose of having the added screen real estate of 4k.
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    Should I be focused on 1440p 144hz gsync at this point, or 4k?

    I have got both a ROG Swift 1440p TN panel with gSync and a 40" early generation 4k monitor, the Philips BDM4065UC. If I had to pick one or the other, I'd stick with the 4k display. The Swift only sees use when I'm playing a fast paced, competitive online game, which I've been playing less and...
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    So how is 1080p or 1440p gaming on a 4K monitor?

    On my 40" 4k monitor, 1080p looks like garbage. 1440p is a lot better. Both resolutions are massively inferior to running games at 4k. At lower resolutions colors look somewhat washed out and using anti-aliasing is a must especially at 1080p, whereas most games look better without AA filters at 4k.
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    2017 LG OLED

    Anyone here have one of these yet? There is an owners thread on AVS now and people are starting to give first impressions.
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    2017 LG OLED

    It is worth mentioning that the ~21ms input lag figure they are citing is from the E7 in gaming mode. So we can expect input lag to be comparable to the 2016 models post-firmware update, I guess.
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    LG's 2016 OLED series (E6,B6,G6,C6)

    These have been around for ~9 months now. Any early adopters of these care to comment on how they've been holding up? Image retention problems, pixel issues, color integrity?
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    Philips BDM4037UW - 40" Flicker-Free, Curved 4k

    I like that they went with a brushed metal look for the bezel. Some well known posters around these parts have often complained of how the shiny black bezels used on most monitors and TVs degrade the perceived contrast ratio.
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    Asus 4k @ 144hz at Computex

    I'm pretty sure the ability to run most games at 4k at 120 fps on dual card setups would already be a reality if nVidia didn't artificially gimp their gpu lineup for the sake of having more room to release more cards that are only moderate upgrades at best (but still upgrades and therefore...
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    Bad Time to Buy? Gsync

    Acer also has a 32" 4k IPS panel with gsync but it is very expensive and only 60Hz. Within a year from now we will have 4k 120/144Hz options with gsync or freesync. So I'd wait personally.
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    Asus 4k @ 144hz at Computex

    Yeah I'm definitely never going with something smaller than 32" and would prefer 40", especially at 4k. Also done with TN panels. Still though it's good to see these panels are actually a thing already, I thought it would take much longer for display tech to get here.
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    Whats the next step up from a 24" IPS display?

    I'd definitely say 40" 4k 60Hz fits your needs assuming you have a decent GPU. 4k is amazing for dev work (I also use visual studio and MySQL occasionally), you get about as much screen real estate as you would with four 1080p monitors. Text will be about the same size as a 1440p monitor at 27"...
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    Is 2560x1440 becoming less common?

    1440p still seems to be the standard for high end gaming monitors. But I suspect within the next couple years we will see the first 120Hz 4k panel and it will eventually replace 1440p as the holy grail in gaming display tech.
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    Whats the next step up from a 24" IPS display?

    Depends on what you will be doing. For productivity and casual gaming, 40" 4k at 60Hz is the way to go. For competitive gaming and light productivity, 27" 1440p at 120Hz or higher with gSync or FreeSync. There are a few IPS options available now, so you are not limited to TN panels. In both...
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    Gaming Monitor 144hz or more - Don't know where to start.

    Even though your video card will not be able to run most games at 144fps, you should still go for a 1440p monitor. If you want more fps you can run games at a lower resolution, like 1080p. Upgrade your gpu in a year or two to take full advantage of the high refresh rate at 1440p. Get a monitor...
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    The Samsung lineup has better colors supposedly. I've never seen any of them in person, but I've got a Philips BDM4065UC, and it definitely looks a little dull. There is no OSD setting for saturation, so if you want a more vibrant image, you have to boost it through your GPU's drivers. Which is...
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    I have one of those "dust specs" in the lower-center area of my screen, which I only noticed about a week ago while cleaning it. I definitely don't have VA glow on mine as severe as yours. VA artifacts are minimal and uniformity is extremely good. Is your camera making the effect more pronounced?
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    I was using it at 120 fps and I definitely felt it added some input lag. But yeah, my anecdotal experience is the best I can offer in that regard.
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    I was using a ROG Swift specifically, with ULMB enabled at 120hz most of the time. The motion clarity while maintaining 120fps was pretty phenomenal, and having to give that up is definitely painful. But the BDM4065UC made up for the loss easily in just about every other area. I like gsync, but...
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    I think all of them have it. Mine definitely does. Outside of loading up cherry picked images to force it to happen, I've only noticed it twice with normal desktop use and never in gaming. If all you care about is competitive play, the ROG Swift and its ilk are significantly better than this...
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    I'm getting roughly 20.75 inches from the bottom of the logo tab to the top. So if you have at least 21 inches to work with you should be good. The VESA holes seem to be placed slightly higher than the halfway mark. I think they would be completely centered if it wasn't for the logo tab...
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    Bright objects on dark backgrounds tend to get whitish halos around them during fast motion. Black objects on white backgrounds leave black trails. It's most noticeable coming off text when scrolling a PDF file for example. In games, I have to be looking for it to notice it. I don't see it at...
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    I own the BDM4065UC and I have no regrets. It's the most beautiful piece of tech in my system. I sit about 2ft away from mine, which is around the same distance you'd be viewing it at if I'm understanding correctly, and sitting that close does not bother me. Actually I feel like it makes for a...
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    Samsung: 28 or 40?

    I'd definitely go for the 40" or something in that area. DPI with 4k@40" will be the same as a 27" 1440p monitor which is just about right. Text is small but still perfectly legible at a distance of ~3ft. I've got one at home and use two at work and they're great for productivity, also excellent...
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    What connection type are you using? I'm assuming Display Port, set to DP1.2 through the OSD, but a confirmation would help. What is your monitor's sharpness setting at? 50 is the default, and pushing it above this causes halos around text which might produce this effect. Also check your...
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    I've seen some black trailing coming off the mouse cursor, especially on white backgrounds, but I have to be looking for it to notice it.
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    GTX 980 ti or wait for 2016?

    I am in a similar situation and I have decided to wait. I use a 4k monitor, so high VRAM is a necessity so as not to bottleneck the resolution. Supposedly the Pascal flagship card is going to be a monster when it comes to VRAM: nVidia has stated it will have 32gb, which seems like overkill, but...
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    Not sure if this has already been discussed in this thread... I have this monitor and a 780ti. I just upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. 60hz is no longer available at 4k. The monitor is using DP 1.2 (switched back to 1.1 and then again to 1.2 just to make sure that wasn't the issue)...
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    30th Birthday gift from my wife

    1. For most games, yes. My single 780ti handles older games such as WoW and CS:GO at 4k with maxed settings (except for anti-aliasing in the case of WoW) just fine. Some newer games which are well-optimized also run great. Newer games that don't run so great can be ran in a 1440p window, which...
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    Is 23-24 inches still the sweet spot for most PC gamers ?

    Highly subjective. I use a 40" now and I can't imagine going back to something smaller. 27" monitors look like jokes. But if you're the type who sits at the back of a movie theater, this won't work well for you.
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    Second this. I can absolutely see how someone might think the saturation is dull out of the box, especially after manually balancing the colors via OSD. But sliding the digital vibrancy in the nVidia Control Panel up to 60% (default is 50%) fixes the saturation up nicely on mine without...
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    Fallout 4

    The Red Sox and lots of bad drivers.
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, some other games aren't nearly as bad. Dead Space 3 for example is almost perfect even without vsync enabled except in rooms with intensely flickering lights. WoW is pretty good too, as is Heroes of the Storm.
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    Mine arrived a few days ago and I've had a three day weekend to test it out. Overall its very nice but I'm noticing a lot of screen tearing. Movies will tear even if they're running in a small window, and some games show tearing running at a constant 60fps with vsync enabled. It's especially bad...
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    My order placed March 18th from Amazon US finally shipped. The two month waiting period has been a deeply meditative process.