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    5 years... It's time.

    I haven't upgraded my board and processor since 9/8/2009. I used to be big into over clocking and upgraded every 6 months. But competing hobbies have taken me away from the cycle and for a long time it wasn't financially worth upgrading for such a small percentage gain. I've been thinking...
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    Flying Car Debuts at New York Auto Show

    Woburn MA doesn't have any real weather?
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    Serious Sam 3: BFE Launch Trailer

    the graphics look dated and the game play looks repetitive like the last one. Why is everyone getting so excited, just re-play SS the Second Encounter.
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    Gears Of War 3 Isn't Very Violent

    old gingers are f'n creepy looking
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    Killer Running Robots Will Kill Us All

    sounds like Wednesday morning when they pick up my trash
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    $2,700 Earphones?

    if they were white and you called them iEarbuds every MAC-nut would line up to buy them.
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    Dish Network Wins Blockbuster Auction for $320M

    $4 for one movie?!? I can wait 30 days. Netflix only cost me $15 a month for two out at a time and I can stream till my hearts content. Nobody mentioned part of the reason for BB demise is also Redbox.
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    Kinect Controlling Windows 7

    Funny! I literally LOL'd
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    Apple Working on New Television?

    so they can over charge for 7 year old technology put pretty plastic on it and great marketing and people that buy it will think they're cutting edge.
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    Quote of the Day

    Wait a second. A MAC user and a NRA member? Isn't that kinda like a Pro Choice Catholic?
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    Mystery Object of the Day

    I thought Myth busters was doing the dam Archimedes Death Ray for the 100th time.
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    Mercedes Delivers Its First F-Cell Vehicle

    Where does electricity come from? If you live in the US probably a coal plant. The Nissan leaf takes 7 hours to charge on 220 volts. it's like leaving your oven on 7 hours a day every day. What to you think that would do to out already taxed electric grid or your wallet? Plug in cars are...
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    What do you use to control your HTPC?

    What input device do you use for a dedicated HTPC? I'm using the Lenovo N5901 but find the keys very small and the track ball a little cumbersome. I do like its small size though. Full size keyboard and mouse is out of the question for me. I wish I could get a Wii remote to work with my HTPC.:D
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    Driver issue or bad card?

    I have a 6870 with 10.10e drivers and have three monitors hooked up. two HP w2207 and one NEC EA231wmi. The NEC is DP and the two HPs are on DVI. My issue is that one of the monitors in extended mode displays a black screen only. It is detected fine by Windows and CCC but I get nothing on...
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    Seven Inches is Enough, RIM Tells Jobs

    Seven Inches is Enough, RIM Tells Jobs
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    Dude Mods Powered Vents Into His Case

    very slick. Makes me wanna hot glue a louver dryer vent on top of my PC now :D
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    HULC Exoskeleton System Ready for Soldier Tests

    I got to Wainwright in Dec of 86. I thought it was weird that we drove an hour south to Greely the cold weather testing facility. I wonder how this HULC would have worked at minus 60?
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    HULC Exoskeleton System Ready for Soldier Tests

    I was in the Army 86-89 and was the RTO (radio telegraph operator) in an Airborne Infantry unit and carried the PRC77 or the Prick77 as we called it. It used really heavy mercury batteries. I was stationed in Alaska so I also had to carry all of my cold weather gear, ammo and food. My pack...
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    Win7 Sync Center question

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate. I want to synchronize my photos that are on a network share but don't want the local sync file on C:\ There doesn't seem to be an easy way to move those files in sync center. (I have a 64gb SSD with my profile on D:\ I did that through a registry hack.) does...
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    Vaseline Launches Skin-Whitening Facebook India App

    lighten up. :rolleyes: Pun intended!
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    Millions Made By Selling Your Personal Information

    and soon the government will be in charge of our health care and have access to all of our medical records. Do you think HIPPA restrictions will still apply or will they use the same argument to sell or medical history?
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    ** A Picture I Took - 2010 **

    On my first attmept at shooting the moon I wasn't happy. I couldn't get the auto focus to properly focus so on my second attempt I manually focused and took about two dozen photos adjusting the focus each time. I got maybe two or three worth keeping. This one was taken with my Canon Kit lens...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    I got my NEC EA231WMi monitor today. It has an IPS panel but has a weird resolution for a 23" 1920x1080 I guess thats why I only paid $340 shipped from B&H photo. I haven't calibrated it yet but looks good to me. The other two monitor are HP w2207h. Good monitors but you can tell the...
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    Leaked iPhone 4 Ad

    Awesome! as the kids say I LOL'd
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    Sharp’s 60” LCD Has World’s Thinnest Frame

    ... Has World’s Thinnest Frame. Why is this a selling point for TV makers? Who gives a shit how thin it is when 99.9% of the time your looking strait at it. I just bout a 50" LG. The picture looks great and it was a good price. I didn't go there and ask the salesmen "give me your thinnest...
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    Leaked iPhone 4 Ad

    Don't you ever watch movies or TV. 40 Year Old Virgin, Role Models... and OLD?!? FU 49 is not old. :D
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    ** A Picture I Took - 2010 **

    I took this picture today. It's an abandon hydro electric power station. It was creepy looking but I think the HDR really brought out the look I wanted.
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    Israeli Raid Called Off After Facebook Slip

    Wow I just read that article. Can you imagine if we tried to treat the detainees at Gitmo that way. We treat our own soldiers worse than enemy combatants. I don't disagree with Club Eds procedures I disagree with our soft treatment of enemies that want to kill us.
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    Secret Service Computer System Has Only 60% Uptime

    Maybe we could if we weren't spending 62% of our federal budget on mandatory entitlements. Defense of the US is in the preamble of the U.S. Constitution. I read the U.S. Constitution and no where in there did I see Social Security, Welfare or Health Care. Our current priorities as a...
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    Hollywood Portrayal of Hackers Bogus or Not?

    I watched War Games the other day and they never used the term "hacker" I guess the term hacker wasn't coined yet for some one who breaks into computer systems.
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    A [H]ard Drive

    Thanks. It was unintentional. I wanted all white but I couldn't figure out how to do it. I eventually did figure it out but then after looking them all over I did like the gradient better.
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    A [H]ard Drive

    bored today. Played around with my camera and lighting and needed something mildly interesting to take a picture of.
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    I need an SSD education

    would two cheap 40gb or 30gb ssd drives in raid 0 for about $260 be a worthwhile investment over a larger single SSD? Main use would be photo editing. I'd also be using a Velociraptor 300GB drive as my storage drive and installing apps and my home directory on it.
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    Google Most Popular Searches 2009

    Holy shit! The country is falling apart and the swine flu is the #1 search. It's sad that a majority of the US populace could name the three American Idol judges but could not name three Supreme Court Justices. We as a nation are officially dumbed down to the point where Washington can do any...
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    DreamHack Winter Festival 10,000 LAN Pics

    Can you imagine the electric bill? Ouch. I've been shutting my home server off to save electricity.
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    Computers Don't Save Hospitals Money

    I work in the medical field as a Senior Technical Analyst and the clinical system we used was heavily influenced by nurses input and after several years it is still being tweaked on users needs. The nurses were overwhelmingly surprised at how easy the system was\is to use. If you can make a...
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    Computer Glitch Slows U.S. Air Travel

    No I think the obligatory and predictable response was"BSOD strikes again!" Now we wait for the Linux and Mac people to chime in.
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    15 Google Interview Questions That Will Make You Feel Stupid

    "Google prefers Ivy Leaguers" Because we all know people with money that can afford to go to an Ivy League schools are of a better caliber than those with out the means to. :rolleyes: How friken elitist can you get?