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    Oculus Touch Launching December 6th For $199

    Am i mistaken, I thought a single replacement Vive controller was like $150? I'm definitely not upset about this price.
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    No Man's Sky go GOLD!!!

    Hmm, interesting. That gives me some hope.
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    No Man's Sky go GOLD!!!

    The last I had heard is that the game is not Multiplayer. There is a single seed for the entire game world (similar to sharing seeds in Minecraft). Everyone will sync with their master server, so you can be the first to find and name something and as long as your data gets uploaded people have a...
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    Akira Live-Action Movie Concept Art

    Granted it wasn't executed by "Hollywood" but Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin) translated very well from Anime to live action IMHO. I've enjoyed each of the movies.
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    Oculus Removes DRM Restrictions Blocking ReVive Hack

    Too bad that path would require a Windows based OS, unless something has changed recently.
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    Playstation VR Thread.

    I was under the impression that they were also doing upscaling, the games would not be rendered at native resolution.
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    Official Overwatch Discussion Thread

    The hit boxes are fairly lax IMO and while you might not be as competitive as a kb/m user I think you would easily hold your own and enjoy the game. Another thing to keep in mind is the game uses a shockingly low tickrate of ~20 per second. I think I'll try out my xbone and steam controllers...
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    Official Overwatch Discussion Thread

    With the game being available on consoles I'd imagine the controls map over nicely. I'm not certain if you get the precision needed as the consoles likely have some aim assist enabled to compensate for it being less accurate of an input device.
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    Rift vs Vive

    I was just reading someone placed an order yesterday for a Vive and the unit is shipping today.
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    So, be honest, does the resolution bother you?

    I suggest you swing by a BB or someone rather local to see it first hand
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    Escape From Tarkov

    I'd go all in on this game if it didnt seem so ripe for hacking... Seriously, this game looks fantastic.
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    I need a good open world replacement for Fallout 4

    A bit older but I'd highly suggest one of the stalker games. The vanilla/stock games are great but the mods available really help freshen up the graphics and extend the depth of the games.
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    House of the Dying Sun - Hybrid RTS/Space Sim

    It certainly has a Last Starfighter vibe going for it. I would give it a go.
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    CV1 prices dropping?

    Very good point, I stand corrected.
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    CV1 prices dropping?

    Quite possibly the units are just now readily available through retail channels and the bulk of "early adopters" willing to pay stupidly high prices already have their units in-hand.
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    do you actually "like" virtual reality?

    Wow.... the overwhelming stench of troll bait. Yes.
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    Rift vs Vive

    Which has been my experience as well, I'm trying to understand why they felt the opposite of our experiences. The only thing I can think of is a possible issue with glasses getting stuck or not situated correctly.
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    Rift vs Vive

    Genuine question, why do you feel the Vive is easier to plug and play? Is it in regards to the eye glass issue or something additional?
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    Great Games or Demos to show off Rift to others

    The Climb is quite beautiful and worth the price IMO. FX2 Pinball is also a nice game to show as a demo for folks who want something grounded a bit more in reality. I was also surprised how many people really appreciated Virtual Desktop when I let them try it.
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    Playing Oblivion...Again!

    Highly suggest you try out this mod for Oblivion. The Lost Spires - Home Uncover the mysteries of ancient Tamriel as only one can, through the Archeology Guild. Scale the guild's ranks and explore new, exotic locales to unravel a plot of sinister deceit, betrayal, and doom. Single, climactic...
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    So, be honest, does the resolution bother you?

    Something I havent put any time into is the REVIVE software allowing Vive units to use Oculus Home and Oculus applications. I'd assume this would open things up a bit more. It would be interesting to see if VorpX could work with REVIVE but there would likely be some strange issues. Having both...
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    So, be honest, does the resolution bother you?

    Vive support for VorpX is months out according to the Devs.
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    Admin Deletes His Entire Company With A Single Command

    Supposed hoax: What to do with the "rm -rf" hoax question
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    Rift vs Vive

    I've had the Rift CV1 since the 28th and received my Vive on the 12th. While I may be in the minority I envision myself mostly consuming seated content. The Vive's roomscale tracking is quite awesome and the controller tracking is pretty darn good. Had some issues with the lighthouse units...
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    [H] Poll: Which HMD did you order?

    I had planned to preorder both the Rift and the Vive, and gotten an email about getting a free unit for being a KS backer. So for at least a little time I'll have 2x Rift and 1x Vive. I highly doubt I'll keep them all.
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    Windows 10 Pro: Can't run driver install programs

    I just built a new rig and was running into the same issues with the asus software installs. I had to download the zipped software package, flag the download zip as "unblocked" (rightclick before extract), extract the files to a directory, flag a number of the installer exe files to be allowed...
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    Dreamhack Austin May 6-8th 2016.

    Yeah, my current monitor is a VG278HE, my spare rig has the gd235hz, the dell 20" is a 16:10 but that will be painful for cs:go. Hmm I think the gd35hz should fit in this luggage. I think things are coming together.
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    Dreamhack Austin May 6-8th 2016.

    Nice, I've been strongly considering their mATX case. Surprisingly it is still within the carry-on size requirements of my airline. Is there any kind of on-site monitor rentals? I'd hate to be forced into using my old dell 2001fpw, so much input lag and ghosting... Originally I was planning on...
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    Dreamhack Austin May 6-8th 2016.

    Excellent, thanks for the info. My biggest issue at the moment is figuring out what I want to do about a monitor. I could probably bring my old Acer GD235HZ as carry-on but that is going to be pretty tight. What do other folks who travel by air typically do regarding their displays?
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    Worst Passwords Of 2015

    Didnt we all learn our lesson about "12345" thanks to Spaceballs?
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    Dreamhack Austin May 6-8th 2016.

    Does anyone have an educated guess on what the ambient temperature will be in the BYOC area? I'm planning on building a new SFF rig in the Ncase M1 chassis and debating air or watercooling (AIO). I'd need to remove the AIO and place it in checked baggage if I went that route.
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    Oculis Rift preorders are up Jan.6th

    Agreed, but few games have been designed that way.
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    Oculis Rift preorders are up Jan.6th

    I could be mistaken but I believe they are referring to disorientation felt. A seated perspective such as a flight or racing sim has you framed in a relatively static environment. You end up using your head movements just to change your view not the actual car/space ship's direction/heading...
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    Dreamhack Austin May 6-8th 2016.

    Regular pass ticket holder (BYOC) will get there value codes sent out on the Jan 15th. I assume that means non-founders can reserve seating at that date.
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    Dreamhack Austin May 6-8th 2016.

    just grabbed 32:6 and 32:8 (bottom left corner)
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    Dreamhack Austin May 6-8th 2016.

    anyone make any seat selections yet? I'm about to make mine.
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    both 980 ti's are running 3d clocks at desktop

    Prior to the official fix by Nvidia I would just disable hardware acceleration for the browser/plugins. Not a great workaround but it did work for me.
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    Dreamhack Austin May 6-8th 2016.

    Hey, I'm not sure how many folks attending from [H] attending DH in Austin are looking to play CS:GO but I'd love to get some early games in to get a feel for the group. I'm currently LE and my friend coming with is floating around MG (but progressing). Hit me up on Steam if you would be...
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    Youporn is getting into esports!

    hah, just think of all the fun name tags they can use on their weapons.....
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    Dreamhack Austin May 6-8th 2016.

    I also picked up a pair of BYOC founders passes. Would be cool to coordinate seating for the early reserve system. I listed CS:GO as my preferred game.