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    [H]ot ....Auto Refinance?...

    +1 for penfed. I joined to get their rewards card 5% on gas 2% on groceries 1.25% on everything else no limit on rewards, automatically credited monthly, no anual fee. one of the best cards i've seen out there. if you join for the refinance and you tend to pay your CC off every...
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    Surprised it hasn't been posted, BestBuy use PayPal get $20 back on $100 or more!

    I'm thinking about the MyBook 1 TB external for $89.99 after $20... good price?
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    [H]ot? Palm Pre for $80 (with 2 year contract) at Walmart

    Just paid $100 after MIR for mine at the Sprint store. It was $250 minus $50 for being a new customer minus $100 for MIR. Got an everything plan with 450 anytime mins for 55 after discount. As for the phone... I love it. This is my first smartphone, but I have an iPod touch so I'm quite...
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    Craigslist CEO Responds To South Carolina AG

    An Apology Is In Order Dear South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster, Two days ago you accused craigslist, and me personally, of engaging in criminal acts, reiterating your previous threat to file unwarranted and unconstitutional charges against us that are clearly barred by federal...
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    Hot? Sapphire 4850 102 before rebate

    i caved... bye bye 7800GT. hello 4850. and it's about time. thanks op.
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    EVGA GTX260 896Mb $179.99 @ FRY's!! + addtl. $30 MIR

    I was actully contemplating that HD4830 for $65AR at newegg. I am assuming this would satisfy my gaming needs quite well. The GTX260 might be a little overkill for me right now.
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    EVGA GTX260 896Mb $179.99 @ FRY's!! + addtl. $30 MIR

    haha I hear you man. I'm still holding out with a single 7800GT. Trying to save for a post-graduation vacation. The urge to play Left 4 Dead at 1920x1200 is quickly taking over as I see these video card prices dropping, however.
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    EVGA GTX260 896Mb $179.99 @ FRY's!! + addtl. $30 MIR

    Repeat after me.. "I do not need a new video card" Feel better now? I've done my good deed for the day.
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    AMD Phenom II X4 Model 940 @ [H]

    Anyone who thinks this review is biased obviously has not been reading [H] very long. Either that or they don't read it carefully enough. The latter is perfectly obvious when reading through this thread. People look at the pictures and draw their own conclusions. It's quite silly really...
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    Seagate 1TB - $126 @ ZZF

    trying not to spend my first paycheck before i even get it. ugh.
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    BB- Westinghouse - 25.5" Widescreen LCD HD Monitor $400

    one important thing to note about this monitor is that it will NOT display 1920x1200 over the HDMI port. there is no DVI port. your only option for 1920x1200 is d-sub.
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    Emprex 26" 1920x1200 LCD $329AR and B&M

    can we drop this already? every single time a discussion about panels comes up it turns into an argument. if anyone has a doubt about any type of panel they can go read countless other threads. give it a rest.
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    Emprex 26" 1920x1200 LCD $329AR and B&M

    I'll second that. The only problem I ran across is the lack of standardized mounting holes for a monitor arm. I fixed that with a drill and about an hours worth of work :) The stock stand leaves much to be desired with only a tilt adjustment, so a monitor arm definitely adds a nice boost in the...
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    Gigabyte EP43 - DS3L Problem, Reboot Cycle

    I had this exact issue with my EP45-DS3R. Did this happen to you after changing settings within the M.I.T. menu in the bios? If so, try clearing the CMOS to make it forget you changed those settings. That seemed to work for me. Once you have default values..In Advanced BIOS Features Temporarily...
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    Cannot install windows on comp

    hi roommate. did you try replacing the flux capacitor?
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    Emprex 26" 1920x1200 LCD $329AR and B&M

    OK here's some pics for your enjoyment. Vertical viewing angles are pretty rough as you can see... so I guess that means it's a TN. I don't plan on watching any movies no the floor so I think I can live with it. :) Gaming is pretty good. The side viewing angles aren't...
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    Emprex 26" 1920x1200 LCD $329AR and B&M

    Mine just came in today.. but unfortunately I'm no expert when it comes to figuring out what type of panel I'm looking at. I just haven't seen enough to know the difference. I can confirm that it doesn't have a cheap look to it at all. It also has zero dead pixels which was definitely a concern...
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    Emprex 26" 1920x1200 LCD $329AR and B&M

    I couldn't resist. I bit. I'll update when I learn more.
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    Emprex 26" 1920x1200 LCD $329AR and B&M

    I'm interested in this... can you tell me anything more pxc? Will you be using this as a primary display? I am looking for a replacement for my 19" LCD. your impressions would be appreciated. also can confirm it's not a TN? how's gaming on it?
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    XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 $27 AR Free Shipping

    Yes, the retention bracket. I don't feel comfortable attaching this thing to my motherboard using push-pins since I move my PC around frequently. I need a heatsink for my new intel build. this is what I'm talking about..
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    XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 $27 AR Free Shipping

    the bracket costs 5.99 and has 6.99 shipping. ugh. they need some sort of a coupon for buying this combo to get free shipping. newegg webmaster are you listening?
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    Woot Off

    they look exactly like my sennheiser cx300's ... not sure if they sound the same though.
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    DLink DIR-655 $99 Costco B&M

    I got this for $120 and I just saw it at best buy yesterday going for $150. Definitely a nice deal on a great routers. Good find OP.
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    Kingston 4gb micro SD card $23 shipped or $13 AGCO

    got mine. works great on my 2nd gen chocolate.
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    Office 2007 Ultimate edition $60 (Students)

    I get all the latest microsoft software through my university for free. As long as I'm on campus I can just download it from the computer services website. I would imagine many other major universities are similar if they have an MSDNAA agreement.
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    Kingston 4gb micro SD card $23 shipped or $13 AGCO

    but ... but ... I have an iPod. I don't need this... who am I kidding? for $12.95 I can't afford not to. thanks OP
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    count me in! thanks kyle.
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    Fry's SATA II 320GB 7200.10 for only $59.99

    WHY DO I LOOK AT THIS FORUM?! I just added to my collection of these drives. Bit on 2 last time. In for another. I hate you OP. :p
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    Short laptop battery life w/ 2GB Ram?

    I doubled my ram by adding a 1gb stick in my lappy and didn't take any hit in battery life. I use my laptop on the battery extensively so I would have noticed a drop.
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    I foresee those tire pressure monitors showing up on ebay very soon. They are going for around $200 right now with buy it now.
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    Maxtor 300GB SATAII 16MB $59 Shipped

    w00000000000000t. can't wait for tomorrow! thanks for the confirmation. This deal is ALIVE. get em while they're hot!
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    Maxtor 300GB SATAII 16MB $59 Shipped

    why do I check this forum.. WHYYYY?? I don't even need hard drive space.... In for 2. Thanks OP.
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    Comcast CEO Demos “Channel Bonding” Modem

    Am I the only one who is happy with comcast? <a href=""><img border=0 src=""></a>
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    How necessary is a HD Tuner for your TV?

    I have Comcast digital cable, and a box is required for all programming. I opted for the DVR unit so it has all the newest features. My HDTV connects to my cable box via HDMI, and my receiver is connected with digital optical. My HDTV does have an HDTV tuner, but I've honestly never used it. It...
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    WOOT OFF!!!!

    These headphones bear a striking resemblance to my Sennheiser CX-300's ... any relation?
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    Image quality on 29" Samsung SlimFit HDTV ???

    I have a 27" SlimFit hooked up to a computer running Windows Media Center Edition 2005. I am using a DVI-->HDMI cable to connect them. I had very disappointing results with 1080i on this display, even though I use 1080i for my digital cable and it looks fantastic. There was a pretty bad...
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    Quality 520 disk binder $16

    I bit on the ipod speakers too.. hell if I only use them 5 times it will have been worth the $8. Thanks.
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    Cheap Cables

    ordered from them many times before, excellent customer service and excellent prices.