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    EVGA 1600 G+, EVGA 1300 P+, Ripjaws 32GB DDR4 4266 B-Die, 4 x Hitachi 7200rpm 4TB,

    How many hours on the 8tb drives? If be interested in both
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    WTB: Dirt cheap Pixel 4XL/5, OP8T/9

    Evening everyone, Looking for a few things to fill out some gaps. 64GB of DDR4 3600. No specific vendor, no shiny lights required as it won't be seen, just a solid 4 sticks of 16GB DDR4 3600. Looking to spend in the 150 neighborhood for this one 1 32GB set (2x16GB) of GSkill Trident Z Neo 3200...
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    [FS/T] - RTX A4000 16gb, 1151 mobo/cpu/ram combos

    Bump for wishing you were closer. No need for the Rosewills today but I know I'd buy them if you were local.
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    _Gea Could I get an opinion from you? How would you handle less important *ISOs* mixed with personal photos and such, and some CPU for converting said *ISOs* around while supporting a few game servers? I have 8x8TB drives right now in a mergerfs and I'm irritated by it more than anything. My...
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    Herman Miller Aeron - $669

    I'm glad I randomly read your post. I never knew what the chair from a couple jobs back was, but it was comfy. It was the Gesture. I'm really not a fan of my Aeron, even though I got it for 300 used and in great condition. Trying to find a well priced Embody locally, though maybe I'll grab a...
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    When Is Your Steam Deck Due? POLL

    Q1, 15 minutes in.
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    Question about Google Authenticator

    I went a different way, GA and switching phones sucked in the past. Lastpass did make that easier, but it still wasn't perfect for me. Authy does the trick, but again it meant I was still using 2 apps and had to grab my phone each time. Bitwarden is where I ended up and it keeps the 2FA in...
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    Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown

    It's a deal if they have enough things you like on it, but I find I personally don't enjoy enough of their media to justify the cost, and most of my content comes by other means truthfully. That last part makes my household a lose lose for what they're aiming at since I have no need of having it...
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    Who is looking to upgrade to Zen2

    Feel like I'll be on the same boat but replacing the 2080 with an AMD card and a bit delayed timeline wise. It's going to replace a Xeon 1270 and a 970 that were both second hand from a friend, so anything in the new line of cpus will be a nice upgrade. This system will probably make it's way to...
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    Best recommended AMD Processor for Lian-Li D8000 server cube build

    And many modern cases do as well. But you tried to say that you wanted to use the space. So water cool the CPU and all X number of GPUs. Have a blast. It'll still be a smarter choice to get a 2990wx in there instead of a dual Epyc. We showed you the dollar value benefit to using TR vs Epyc or...
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    New AMD Navi RX 3080 "XT"- "Pro" / 3070 Info

    A lot of factors for an effective PR campaign for this market. The gamers who build their own know what they want and look at that performance per dollar. The ones who build their own and aren't knowledgeable look to those who are, hopefully ending up in the first group down the line. The ones...
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    New AMD Navi RX 3080 "XT"- "Pro" / 3070 Info

    I just really hope this isn't everything for them. AMD needs to offer either a 10% lower value for matching performance or a 10% higher performance for a matching price to really get this off the ground. A dollar for dollar performance to price match isn't going to get people to switch preferred...
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    Best recommended AMD Processor for Lian-Li D8000 server cube build

    If you label AMD as hype and refuse to accept that it clearly and obviously isn't by the myriad of reviews saying that the current lineup is a damned strong comeback from them, then go bug the Intel people. Again, you're considering the wrong processors for the workload, and clearly I understand...
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    Best recommended AMD Processor for Lian-Li D8000 server cube build

    Jeez, you're on the friggin internet... USE A SEARCH ENGINE! Also, why would you expect they wouldn't have damn near a matching feature set of Intel? Do you color AMD completely friggin dense...
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    Best recommended AMD Processor for Lian-Li D8000 server cube build

    Email if you really want to order from them. Don't waste their time if not. Feel free to discuss with HPE direct if you want to as well. They'll all sell it to you if you're really willing to pay for it. Why do you keep crapping on AMD and yet you're looking for an AMD...
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    Best recommended AMD Processor for Lian-Li D8000 server cube build

    But again, $600 12 core, 24 thread 2920X @ 629. You need to go down or up $100 to get the next nearest current Xeon Scalable system. And yet the 2920 beats both of them hands down by a mile. As to someone willing to sell you a platinum, Newegg has some for sale on their site. Cancom in San Fran...
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    Best recommended AMD Processor for Lian-Li D8000 server cube build

    Wait wait... You say you can only afford a $200-$600 processor, but somehow that ISN'T THE PROBLEM? Why the hell are you even considering dual and quad processor epyc systems? And to top it off, you say that's the cheapest and slowed quad or hex system??? What rock have you been living under...
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    Best recommended AMD Processor for Lian-Li D8000 server cube build

    I read most of this thread a couple of days ago and had a giggle watching Dan_D school you on what you need. Well, attempting to do so except that you're not listening to anyone. You're being told by a person who has managed systems you're describing including for the things you're wanting to...
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    WD Easystore External Discussion

    In for another 2. Thanks for posting it. Been waiting for it to drop again so I could resort my storage server for more usable space.
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    Anker Fast Wireless Charger, 10W Wireless Charging Stand, Qi-Certified

    Yep, should stop it entirely. We tried it on a caseless S9 with the metal plate, didn't work. Worked with an otterbox symmetry case, but not with an otterbox commuter on a Note 8. On the S9, the wireless charging coil is so centered that we can't even move the plate to allow for it. On the Note...
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    Free Repair Kit can Fix Busted Oculus Rift CV1 Audio

    That's nice of him... Work is ordering one to see how he did it, then looking into ordering 20 more for the other 20 headsets we have that have this problem in our office alone. Hell, our latest installation with 32 rifts, we've already lost 10 to audio issues in a short span of time. Oculus...
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    SuperMicro Wants to Re-Enter the Gaming Motherboard Market

    I miss my old DFI. Rock solid, OC'd like a dream. Compared to how boards look today, it'd be considered ugly, but it was unique and stood out when put up against all the other boards out there. Sure there were a few other nice looking motherboards floating around, but when sitting at a LAN and...
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    Google Cloud May Turn All You Work Off Without Warning

    Well, there's no SLA if you're not paying them for it. Clearly this was an individual account and not a corporate/enterprise account, otherwise they'd have some way to contact someone for this issue. Realistically, if their company is as reliant on this setup as the article states, they should...
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    Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Out Over Relationship With Former Employee

    Probably wasn't even something that happened. Get rid of the guy drawing the attention in a clean way that doesn't draw more attention to the bigger issue. He probably even had a sit down with his wife to tell her what's going on and that they'll publicly announce that they're "going to work it...
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    Monoprice Take 20% Off Almost Everything

    No to 3D printers. Promo codes on them are MINI40 for the MP Select Mini V2, 18% off, MP Select V2 is SELV2 for 6% off. Wish the value off difference we flipped, i'd of purchased the Select V2 now. Select Plus is 100 off after SELPLUS for a 25% off, putting it at 300 vs 280 for the select mini...
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    Oculus headband rear infrared array

    We have a few damaged ones at the office, and I think one even taken down to bits. I can check in the morning to verify how it attaches. I remember reassembling a couple damaged ones into a working one, including reinstalling the back assembly, but I just can't picture it for some reason. Don't...
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    WTS: Steelseries Rival 600 mouse

    PM sent.
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    ATT Makes Sure You See T-Mobile's Nadz

    Seems to have gotten a bit better over the past few years. I won't say it matches Verizon in most of the US, or AT&T in some places, but it's good enough for the lower annoyances. My bill is consistent and I don't have to call in to fix it. And, for the most part at least, their customer service...
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    CS:GO Weapon Skin Sells For $61,000

    For that, the buyer could have picked up a few actual Accuracy International Arctic Warfare rifles and had them custom painted to match the skin. I guess good for them, having the spare cash to just go for it must be nice. Wasteful, but nice.
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    Why Hasn’t the Year of the Linux Desktop Happened Yet?

    So, In fair warning style, I'm sitting in a garage that is around freezing and I've had 4 beers in the matter of an hour after finishing my Santa duties for the evening. I'd like to think the performance is less the issue now than the fragmentation and application support. The issue with...
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    Google Exposed to $9b Fine for Rigging Search Results

    I don't think it was. I remember a time a year or two back (time is hazy with a 9 month old) where I'd search for an item using Google and nothing Amazon would appear in the first 2 or 3 pages (after which I'd give up and go to These were items I'd purchased previously, they'd been...
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    ASUS Dual Series GeForce GTX Giveaway @ [H]ardOCP

    Would love to be able to take advantage of the 1050 or 1070 with playing R6: Siege, BF4/1, or any other game for that matter. Most everything in this picture is secondhand. Friend gave me the Mobo/CPU/RAM and PSU when my old system fried itself and I couldn't afford a new one. The video card was...
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    Qualcomm Seeks US Import Ban for iPhones

    Oh yeah, I know. I just found a bit of amusement in his comment and then this happening. Expect nothing of it and care very little how it ends.
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    Qualcomm Seeks US Import Ban for iPhones

    Didn't Trump say something about making Apple build their products in the US? Seems this could be a way to piss in their cornflakes a bit, not that it'll accomplish much in the end
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    US Navy Bans E-Cigarettes Fleet-Wide

    Unfortunately not... I think most AA Alkaline cells are 1.5A or so as a max discharge rate. The Lithium Ion batteries used in vapes normally run 15-30A. Minding that I didn't look too far into AA discharge rates, but 1.5A was noted in a few places, but even triple that wouldn't cut it for most...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Can always hope, right? Thanks for giving it away
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    All yours. Last 2 games are Hostile Waters Antaeus Rising and Pixel Puzzles 2 Birds