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    Simple VMware Question

    Depending on how you have the networking setup. If you are using passthrough and your vm's are getting it's IP from your home router, then just run it on the vm. If you are doing some vmware NAT stuff, where you ahve a private network inside your host and your host server is assigning the IP's...
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    whats the point in vm?

    we have 6 vm esx servers right now. We run a lot of small utility servers on distributed between two 8 core, 24 and 16 gb ram, on a FC SAN. Things like, anti virus servers, blackberry server, some web servers, test environments etc. They are invaluable for testing environments. You can clone a...
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    Cisco Pix to be Discontinued

    Mine used to, wanting me to drive down to Chicago to tour thier offices, asking how my weekend was etc. But when I got a bunch of vmware quotes from him, and then decided to bundle it with the dell servers i bought, he's only been calling like once every couple months, just to keep in contact. I...
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    Which Degree is right for me?

    here is how i see it... Associates - gives you just the education you need. No 'filler' classes for 1/2 your time in school. Expect to make less initially and to have a harder time to find a job though, because those extra 2 years of filler can mean a lot to the HR dept or the manager who is...
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    Best way to boost wireless signal?

    You would be better off getting a new router vs getting a new wireless card for increased range. They will probably cost close to the same.
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    "10 dirty little secrets you should know about working in IT"

    #14: Never under estimate a managers desire to look good regardless of what is right, and what is even fscking technically possible. i.e. "The CEO wants to get his email while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, I told him it could be done. See what we need to do."
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    Windows 2003 SP2 + R2??

    they are 2 different versions of the OS, R2 is a later release, but it's not a service pack, so you can't legally go from 2k3-sp2 to R2 without buying an R2 license.
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    Cisco SDF update

    do you have a support contract with them?
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    What's to blame?

    have you setup the security on your router?
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    Can Worms/Viruses Traverse Subnets?

    splitting it and having a decent firewall or 2nd router in place on your private network should keep any worms at bay. but yeah, worms can get acrossed subnets, they spread on the internet if they couldn't.
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    Exterior antennas?

    you can definately find PCI cards with external antenna jacks, just about any linksys will let you hook up a different antenna with the right connector. You can find some pretty high powered exterior mountable antennas. put one on each end of your link, and you should be pretty good...
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    netsend at school : suspension

    if they have a policy saying that you will be suspended for computer mischief, i would expect it. don't screw around next time.
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    WEP security question

    Because the encryption/decryption takes time and processing power away from the nic.
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    WEP security question

    I would also like to see this... from my understanding wpa/wpa2 is uncrackable with a random character passcode over 22 characters. Like all the computers on earth needing more time than the age of the known universe to crack.
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    Differentiation of network traffic over multiple NICs?

    you need to remove tcp/ip from the wireless nic and assign all your vm's to that nic's number in vmware. vmware will handle the rest.
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    Computer speed matter to transmit data?

    go wired, wireless can be ok, but if someone fires up a microwave around it, could drop out. as far as media goes, i have a p2-400 serving videos and music on a 100 mb switched network and haven't run into problems.
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    Net Admins: Static IP Management?

    we use our reverse dns server to keep track of static ips. When you assign a static one in the dns, make sure the pointer record is correct as well.
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    anyone ever used psshutdown before?

    here's my script for rebooting citrix servers... change logon /disable msg * /time:180 You have 3 minutes to save your work and logoff before the server restarts. sleep 180 rem net stop cpsvc rem net stop spooler del /q %systemroot%\system32\spool\printers\*.* del /q...
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    SAS/SATA networking?

    what type of distance are you talking?
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    SAS/SATA networking?

    yeah, a 10 Gb iscsi will be faster than what you will probably ever need, and everything is already written for it.
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    What's your patch management policy?

    yeah, ever since one incident that took down a road crew from the w2k security rollup 1 patch, we test test test, then staggered deploy.
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    Wireless setup help

    whoops, missed that part. I think the only way to use that 2nd AP is going to be to hardwire it to the first one. you could give it the same ssid and security info, and it shouldn't a huge problem, maybe where the signals overlap might cause some trouble, but you could always just setup 2...
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    Wireless setup help

    can you run dd-wrt on the linksys? i thought dd-wrt had a way to connect 2 aps - WDS or something?
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    RDP Setup Question

    true by default, my comment was about changing the local computer policy to disable that protection. Saying he could disable it, but that would be a bad idea.
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    RDP Setup Question

    i believe that in XP sp2 and w2k3 you cannot connect via remote desktop with a user with a blank password. You might be able to change that via policy, but honestly, do you want a winxp machine exposed on the internet with no passwords necessary to connect? I would create a user on the target...
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    why is it illegal?
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    cisco 2950, damaged by lightning, fixable?

    i'm not much of an electronics expert, but i've never seen anything come back from getting hit by lightning. Probably more trouble/time that it's worth to fix it.
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    whats the name of this cover?

    are they cat5e snagless boots? Looks like it to me. Also looks like it has a label on the bottom for ID.
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    Wireless Access Point needed...

    it all depends on what you are using it for. Like at work we have some cisco AP's that run about $650 each with the lowest antenna's. But those can handle up to 16 different wireless lans, and they are centrally managed with a wlan controller. but then there are the lower end $50 ap's that...
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    Create a shared, password protected folder for cross platform read/write

    (This is based in a windows 2k/2k3 machine) you could assign shares to each folder, within the properties restrict access to each share to an account on the server, give the user accounts unique credentials, give the user account info to only the person you want to have access to the...
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    Server 2k3 Hardware & Specs Recommendation

    yeha, all the AD/dns stuff is weak sauce. the wsus might be a little more strenuous simply because it's a database running in the backend. The rest of the stuff is pretty low power. We have a couple 2950s and yeah, they are good machines.
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    Ultra Case FREE AR

    i was lucky enough to jump on this when it was the $40 rebate with free shipping.
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    Sharing dvd drive

    Do you have full rights on the share permissions?
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    how much faster is cable > DSL?

    There is crap service with both products. personally, I don't think there is much difference other than the rated speeds. All i know, is that in my area, for the price of 1.5Mb dsl, i can get 8Mb cable. Nuf said.
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    Can one NIC card handle multiple connections?

    from all the router software i've seen, you want 2 nics, one for internal network, one for external network.
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    RAID5 Recovery

    on our dell servers, it's all handled automagically by the raid controller. But, you can only troubleshoot the beeping and track rebuilds if you have installed the management software. There isn't anything native in windows that will do that part for you.
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    Wireless-N Solution

    The problem is that the wifi alliance has just started to certify N wireless. So right now, no one really knows what is compatible and what isn't. Once two things are certified, then there should be no problems with them working together, but until then, it's a shot in the dark to say what is...
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    Websense alternatives

    we use an iprism and have found it integrates well with our terminal server environment. I believe the pricing is similar to websense though.
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    Firefox and Proxy Server
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    Firefox and Proxy Server

    Does it happen with IE or with firefox's ntlm authentication turned on?