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    [W]arm: Gateway laptop w/Radeon 4200, 3GB

    this will answer all your performance questions
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    Insignia 32" 1080P $400 @ BestBuy ($59 4 year warranty and 5% Bing CB available)

    To the 3 people that understand OP, should i Buy this as a pc monitor or wait for BF and hope for something on sale with a resolution this high? I am always 1st in line ever year at BB :)
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    In for 1 !!!
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    $9.99 JVC Marshmallow Soft Inner Ear Headphones @CC

    yes deal is dead, back up to regular price 24.99
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    $9.99 JVC Marshmallow Soft Inner Ear Headphones @CC are normally $25 choose from black blue or pink if you need some decent earbud headphones for cheap for your...
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    I will take it thank you [H] !!!!
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    Battlefield 2142 $10 at CC

    Good game and for $10 cant beat it, just select store pickup so you dont have to pay shipping
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    Centaur Technology Tour in Pictures @ [H]

    there should be an extreme geek warning on this tour. I almost OD'd !! When I die i now know what my heaven looks like + a few 1000 cheerleaders of course :cool:
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    5 free HD-DVD MIR Offer, Got it?

    I got mine last week, expect to wait about 10-12 weeks but you will get them :)
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    Time Warner To Test Internet Billing Based On Usage

    a typical mmo player has the game, vent and or streaming internet radio going at all times. Plus imagine the youtube fiends.
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    3M Has Projector Small Enough For Cell Phones

    bring on the hologram pron err sms (please luke help) ftw
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    5 Free iTunes Downloads

    signed up hopefully ill get my code soon. Thanks !!
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    sprints mobile broadband good for Wow?

    im using the sierra wireless usb card right now. Ping is about 200-300ish I tanked full botanica run np and i pvp in eots its good enough very minimal lagspikes.
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    Space Sim/Combat Fans Enter Here

    We just need someone to buy Earth & Beyond Rights and make a 2.0 version dx10 style FTW !!!!!! *sigh* I miss that game so much :(
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    Computer thinks it is overheating

    sounds like a bios issue, you can try flashing it. If you replced the cpu im pretty sure the heatsink is sitting right. Either way you will probably ahve issues with that board just replace it, ive never seen a cpu go bad, yet.
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    Need a game for the summer (MMO preferred)

    I vote wow, get the hang of it by level 10, you can start to pvp at level 11. If you do and want a headstart make a horde character on dragonmaw server and pm me I will hook you up with a few gold and some noob gear.
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    Official StarCraft 2 Discussion Thread

    Blizzard makes excellent products, If youve ever played wow @1600x1050 or greater with everything maxed including distance it is a pretty game, Blizzard knows how to polish and balance a game and im pretty sure you can turn graphics from crappy to awesome if your rig can handle it. What I dont...
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    EVGA 8800GTS 320mb SC $259.99 shipped AR

    This is also the superclocked version which has the gpu and memory clocked much higher than the regular 640mb version, I seriously doubt the 640 is worth the price difference
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    300 GB slave shows half "unmovable" = epidemic???

    you can still run defrag without 15%. Normally unmovable files are os related or antivirus quarantined items. If you do nt need anything og it reformat you will regain all the space, if its a fress windows install just wipe it when prompted.
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    Windows won't recognize slave sata HD

    you could also try right click ->my computer ->manage->Storage->disk management
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    Everex XT5000T Support thread
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    Everex XT5000T Support thread

    is there anyone among us brave enough to click yes, are we followers or leaders !!
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    Random laptop shutdowns: Why?

    BSOD are usually caused by bad ram or driver
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    Everex XT5000T Support thread

    FYI after reading these posts and deciding to pick 1 up I have not modified my laptop in any way, simply just installed my games copied over my music library and guess what everything works perfectly including the wireless I have no issues and i copied over 4 gigs in under 40 minutes. My vista...
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    FREE World OF Warcraft Guest Pass (Key Listed) 1st come 1st served

    I also have a key 1st to pm me gets it
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    Go 7950 GTX or Go 7900 GS

    8xxx series or nothing at all directx 10 is the new standard why spend all that money buying old technology
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    Laptop below $1000 with International Warranty?

    its under clearance > notebooks
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    Everex XT5000T Support thread

    anyone have an update on the raid/bios issue? Can you raid and is there a trick or updated bios needed? Do we at least know who the motherboard manufacturer is maybe they have a website that will help
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    Smoothie King ~ 20 oz. Smoothie *YMMV*

    I got my coupon today requested it yesterday :)
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    Everex StepNote XT5000T 17" Notebook PC $699 No Rebate

    I went to the local OM and none in area had in stock, but you can pay for it there and they will call you when it arrives in store. I chose this option, manager said there were pletny in stock at warehouse, price is 799 but have them check website and they will fix price to 699 no problem
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    Possible [H]ot Deals: CompUSA store closings.

    my compusa had vista for 40% off all versions, they finally pulled all the backstock out with decent deals on motherboards and cpus which are 40% and i picked up a xbox 360 core 299 for 209 couldnt pass that up. p.s. sign said 12 days left
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    32 inch 720P lcd tv - $399 after $50 rebate at NewEgg

    Maybe you can make it 349 ? This is the link to the $100 mir which makes it 399
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    Westinghouse LTV-32w6 32" LCD TV Refurbished $469.99

    well that lcd kicks ass my friend has 1.
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    PS3 - $540 at closing CompUSA stores

    I was at Frys and they had some open box PS3's for 474 I took pix with my cameraphone
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    Post your vote Gigabyte aluminum case or wc kit?

    Hey guys i need your help, i get my choice of Gigabytes new aluminum case or their watercooling kit since they selected my case mod in a contest. Please post your vote thnx :)
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    "All in" CM4 mod entry

    I ended up with 6th place but at least i won the side contest where Gigabyte gets to choose their favorite case so i won a belkin nostromo control system and choice of gigabyte's new aluminum case or watercooling system :) Thanks for all the support it is much appreciated.
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    "All in" CM4 mod entry

    Yes the front slot is fully operational and the roulette table on the video card spins and is fully functional
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    "All in" CM4 mod entry

    Yup hit Vegas for the more authentic look. Great minds think alike.
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    "All in" CM4 mod entry

    ok try now, I had to change pic host
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    "All in" CM4 mod entry

    Hey guys haven't posted in awhile but im still here daily. here's the pics of my 2005 Pcclub mod entry enjoy. Please post comments or questions. Side panel is fiberoptic