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    S8 screen protector hell

    I avoided the TGP even while using the S7E. I don't need to experiment this time. I have lost more money while getting the perfect TGP for the S7E. At the last got one wet install from the gadgetshieldz. That does the work perfectly but there's no fall protection. I had few drops but there's no...
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    Thinking about a non-Samsung Android Phone

    You can get any in this list Low price - Honor 6x Mid price - OP3T High price - Pixel But personally, for hardcore go with the OnePlus 3T
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    Rate my Build please 1 to 10 Thank you

    The build is amazing. But should have avoided that led strip.
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    60" TV recommendations

    Don't go for the cheap ones. cheap ones 4K display will look cheap for sure.
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    Samsung UN43KU7500 43" Curved 4K - $449 - BACK ONE DAY ONLY on 5/13

    Badly need this. Out of stock -_-