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    HL2 Problem, I Have No Internet

    Thanks... ^_^ I hope not... ^_^ That still doesn't help those of us who will not be able to re-connect to Steam even if we update and backup prior to going to Iraq... The small number of us (probably less than a thousand or so) who will be out of luck in Iraq are nothing compared to...
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    HL2 Problem, I Have No Internet

    How about my situation... Starting the 27th of theis month, I'll be on active duty for 18 months in Iraq where we will have tents allowing 30 minutes of surfing, emailing, posting, etc... from dummy terminals... I plan on buying a nice laptop after I get in Iraq and would like to take a retail...
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    Halflife 2 deal?

    I wanted to comment on this real quick, so don't take offense... My unit is mobilized for Iraq adn we have about 25+ members on the unit, including myself, who will be buying new laptops once we get to Iraq. We are unsure right now, but it looks like we will have no easy way to connect to the...
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    free glow pen

    I put in the name of my Alma Mater, University of Miami... If you are not a current student, you can always list the name of the closest institution to your home address to CYA...
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    Nvidia Unveils the new GeForce Go 6800

    I hope so... I plan on purchasing around March, when I get in Iraq and find out more about my connectivity situation... ^_^ I wouldn't be surprised to see a huge increase in laptop and tablet PC use/sales prior to me getting back from active duty...
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    Nvidia Unveils the new GeForce Go 6800

    Thanks... I noticed the Cash Price at PCTourque... Would PayPal get that discount? If nobody knows, I can always call them and ask since I'd like to get an idea if there is a possible DoD discount as well... ^_^
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    Nvidia Unveils the new GeForce Go 6800 Anyone know any differences between the Sager and the Pro-Star notebooks besides the lid badge? The specs, pricing, and even the look of the notebooks is the same... I'm looking for a nice upgrade to my current laptops before I go to Iraq, and I've always wanted a...
  8. G's Seagate 200GB IDE for $60 after rebate

    The Golden Rule... ^_^
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    Xonix 256MB MP3 USB Watch $99.99

    This is for 21 September 2004 only... Sorry, forgot to add that note earlier...
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    Xonix 256MB MP3 USB Watch $99.99 Includes: MP3 watch Stereo earphones USB extension cable USB Connection/Circuit Charger User manual and warranty card CD with driver and utilities You can order up to 3 of them and it's $5.00 S&H total for up to 3...
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    Ice-Cube P4 Barebone mini cube for 99$

    I have a friend who bought 3 refurb Dell 21" monitors from Woot... Paid $5 shipping and handling for all 3... ^_^ He has had no problems with teh monitors - uses two and gave one to his mother for her birthday... Myself, I've bought about 3 things from them, but always just go with 1 only...
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    HP 17" WXGA 3.2GHz zd7000 Notebook, $1499.99 +$5 S&H (9 September ONLY)

    They are now sold out... :( Got a call from a friend of mine who got in on this deal and said that his roommate wanted to get a couple also, but they were sold out within the 10 minutes it took him to order 3...
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    HP 17" WXGA 3.2GHz zd7000 Notebook, $1499.99 +$5 S&H (9 September ONLY)

    It is refurb, but still a very hot deal for a nice system... If anything does go wrong, it should happen during the warranty period. ^_^ Specifications: Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz Hyper-Threading technology 800 MHz front side bus 1024MB DDR SDRAM that can expand up to 2GB...
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    Bissell 1692 PowerSteamer Clearview Upright DeepCleaner for $79 (List Price:$169.99)

    Can't wait till they design self-cleaning carpets similar to the clothing outlined in the recent [H]ard|OCP article... The guys who came up with that process will end up making a fortune when it becomes widely used... ^_^
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    Polaroid Juke Jam 20GB MP3/WMA/FM Player $149.99 + $5.00 S&H

    Sorry, guys and girls... Should have clarified about the site a little... I assumed that since most people here are dealhunters, they would already have known about Woot... Woot offers one items each day aas a "Deal of the Day" type promotion... The main site that sales all the other items is...
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    Polaroid Juke Jam 20GB MP3/WMA/FM Player $149.99 + $5.00 S&H

    Polaroid Juke Jam 20GB MP3/WMA/FM Player $149.99 + $5.00 S&H This deal was for July 30 only, so it is now dead... The current deal on Woot is for USB fans at $0.01 each... Max of three and $5.00 S&H...
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    What was your first video card?

    My first video card ever was an Oak Technology with 256K RAM in an ISA slot, but I do not recall the model... I still have and use a Trident TVGA 8900C (ISA slot, 1MB RAM) for testing purposes...
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    250GB HDD for $129 - No Rebates

    Hopefully he's putting Linux on it... ^_^
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    id Software's Official DOOM3 Benchmarks

    Maybe they used 2GB and 4GB RAM systems to remove possible bottlenecks to allow the cards to go head to head instead of throttling performance...
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    250GB HDD for $129 - No Rebates

    Newer motherboards should auto-detect it, but if it doesn't try updating your BIOS first before flipping for an ATA card... If you do have to go the ATA card route, they are very inexpensive...
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    Free Linux Technical Resource Kit from Novell

    I also got the dealy email... Since next week is the last week of July, I guess it's not a huge dealy... Probably just repackaging the new software offerings... ^_^
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    250GB HDD for $129 - No Rebates

    Maxtor 250GB L01P250 7200RPM 8MB Cache HDD $129.00 plus shipping at Outpost. Outpost lists it at $179.00, but when you add to your cart, the price changes to $129.00. No Rebates... ^_^ I had a friend order one as well and he said the price...
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    HardOCP needs to be fair

    The CoH screens above seem to indicate a slight AA difference when you compare the signal to the very left. Most of the other straight edges are hard to see due to textures in the backgrounds...
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    G-Mail Invites consolidated here!!! (NEW)

    wicked_pissed at hotmail dot com
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    Everyone Welcome Tim Dinh our newest News Guy!!!

    Gratz and Good Luck... ^_^
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    G-Mail Invites consolidated here!!!

    Still waiting on an invite... :( wicked_pissed at hotmail dot com And no, I'm not going to spam threads to get my post count high enough to not be listed as a noobie, so don't ask me to...
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    Bfg 6800 Gt Oc Help!!!

    One thing to try if it's not mentioned yet is different version of drivers... I use 45.23 still because BF42 and BFV have weird graphical issues were it looks like it is dropping textures if I use newer drivers... I don't have a 6800 yet, but was going to try newer drivers with it to see if...
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    $20.00 off your first purchase at Crutchfield (free stuff?)

    Editted... I agree that Crutchfield has great service and include free install guides for whatever you buy... ^_^ Here is the process to use the referral codes: You must place an order for $200 or more (excluding shipping, handling and/or taxes), either by: calling Crutchfield at...
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    Answers for Windows Mobile Training

    Logged in right now and Office XP Pro is on my screen at 2500 points... Maybe you are scrolling over enough Dargon.
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    pretty warm if not hot: Motorola SB5100 cable modem for roughly $25

    Made sure my local Wally World had stock, got the price match at the City and walked out at $62.58... Up and running it now... Thanks for this deal, guys... ^_^
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    pretty warm if not hot: Motorola SB5100 cable modem for roughly $25

    Thanks... I was wanting to print something to take with me, as I have done in the past for the Circuit City Price Match Guarantee, but I'll stop by a brick and mortar Wal-Mart before heading to the City to check my local pricing... ^_^
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    pretty warm if not hot: Motorola SB5100 cable modem for roughly $25

    Anyone have a part/stock number from Wal-Mart for this? Checked their website adn could not find it... :(
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    PNY 6800 Ultra for $350 from CompUSA (YMMV) from 6/27 to 7/3

    For those wondering where teh 30% is coming from, here is a link with the page from their weekly mailer showing 30% off all PNY video cards... ^_^
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    G-Mail Invites consolidated here!!!

    I'd like an invite as well. ^_^ wicked_pissed at hotmail dot com
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    Ten 80mm Case Fans from Newegg for $9.90 and free shipping

    In the left-hand column is a table for quantity pricing: Quantity Pricing units price/Unit shipping 1 $1.49 $4.00ea. 3+ $1.29 ea. $2.00ea. 5+ $1.19 ea. $1.00ea. 10+ $0.99 ea. Free