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  1. J

    WTS. Canon EOS DS6041 with extras!

    Thanks guys, appreciate the input!
  2. J

    WTS. Canon EOS DS6041 with extras!

    I got a Canon 400D very recently in trade with just the starter kit lens. Do you think it would be better as a beginner to get your bundle? The sigma 50mm macro 1:2.8 lens alone, is around that price I think.
  3. J

    FS: 1TB 840 EVO mSATA, i7-4790, EVGA GTX980 ACX2.0, EVGA Hadron Air, Dell U2713H

    Does that SilverStone SG03 have usb 3.0?Can I get a shipping quote to 93907? Thanks
  4. J

    i5 4670k - 170 shipped from DTLA (SoCal 90014)

    I'll be 2nd in line :p
  5. J

    Gigabyte GTX 970 - sometimes no signal to monitor at startup

    I had that problem with my mom's pc. Whenever I turned it on, I would get no signal so I would have to keep starting it up until it finally showed up.It was a Eco gtx 9800(didn't require any power cable), but once I took it out, she hasn't had that problem since. So I'm not sure if it was the...
  6. J

    FS MSI R9-270X

    Sent a PM
  7. J

    FS: Gpus, Mobos, Xeons Galore

    PM sent!
  8. J

    csshih's RAM/GPU/CPU-a-palooza (consumer/enterprise/enthusiast)

    Anymore more Gigabyte r9 270 ? May be interested in MSI 970A-G43 as my mom's motherboard is having problems.
  9. J

    Corsair Gold Box Deals at Amazon 9/23

    Both links are correct on mine.
  10. J

    840 EVO SSD 1TB for $390

    Hopefully they get this fixed soon.
  11. J

    ASUS SABERTOOTH Z87 Motherboard $79

    So tempting, but I'd rather not deal with refurbished. Unless I was buying from amazon :)
  12. J

    Battlefield 4 $12.75 at Gamefly

    Nice, now I just need a deal on the premium pass!
  13. J

    Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked - Free with PS4 Destiny Bundle

    I've had GCU for about 3 months and it's already payed off itself. Really great!
  14. J

    September 17th launch for GTX 900 series? Inno3d teases!

    This will be a nice replacement for my 560 ti :D
  15. J

    Diablo III: Reaper of Souls PC - $20 @ Best Buy

    Arghhh, none in my area >.>
  16. J

    Amazon End of Summer Sale

    Oh nice, thanks for the heads up!
  17. J

    Corsair Carbide Air 540, Missing Standoffs

    So my case only has 7 Standoffs and I need 9. I do have some extra's but the ones that come with the air 540 seem to be taller than regular ones. Anyone know if it's safe to just replace all 7 of them with 9 smaller standoffs?
  18. J

    Hot: Club 3D 280x @ $219.99 NCIX.US

    Same,seems like a good deal though but I'll pass.
  19. J

    seasonic psu?

    Hmm, I was thinking of buying an Corsair ax760i from ebay, and since they go from manufacture date would that be wise? EDIT: ehh I'll just go with an EVGA SuperNova g2
  20. J

    Hot? Microcenter Pentium G3258 + MSI Z97 PC Mate $99.99 In-store

    Anyone know how thick the PCB is? I want to get this and a NH-D14 but I'm afraid it may warp it or worse.Or maybe I shoudl just go U14s.
  21. J

    Corsair Vengeance 16 GB Desktop DDR3-1600 RAM (4x4 GB sticks) - $85 AC + S/H

    Dang,would have totally got it. Only have 8GB right now ><
  22. J

    nvm thanks

    nvm thanks
  23. J

    plants vs zombies garden warfare pc 18 bucks

    Yep! was really hoping they'd port there. Maybe when the Wii U shows more of a momentum.Then they can have nintendo costumes/themes :D
  24. J

    Oh sorry, you have your location in your profile :)

    Oh sorry, you have your location in your profile :)
  25. J

    A-Tari announces Roller Coaster Tycoon: World

    Yes! Been waiting for a proper sequal!
  26. J

    Used 7970 cards have come way down in price :-)

    Yep, been keeping an eye on 7950's, which should hold me over for awhile.
  27. J

    Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone - $39.99 FS at Amazon

    Oh didn't see this. Might have to just settle for 50$.
  28. J

    Both versions of MGS V coming to Steam.

    Oh my, can't wait for the mods :)
  29. J

    Sanctum 2 Free Weekend & Kalypso 80% Sale

    Thanks I'll be grabbing Sanctum 2, maybe something else in the Kalypso sale.:)
  30. J

    Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone - $39.99 FS at Amazon

    Wish this was for the tmobile one >.<
  31. J

    Intel 2700k unused/unopened

    thanks for the link!
  32. J

    Comcast Caught Lying To Customer On Tape

    Yep, this is pretty much me as well. Until then will have to stick to comcast.
  33. J Xmas Sale 30-50% off

    curious how psychonauts works in win7. anyone know o.o
  34. J

    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    yay thank you =D
  35. J

    TheScavenger no replies

    well it seems he logged in today at xtremesystems, and even has a few posts. o.O But I think I was probably his last business hopefully. thanks again for the replies everybody =D
  36. J

    TheScavenger no replies

    Oh well =(, yea I already tried contacting him on evga forums. No repsonse, I guess I'll have to put this behind me. thanks for the replies.
  37. J

    TheScavenger no replies

    Resolved =D, like others have said he is a good guy =D. He sent the item and even offered me $25 refund. Don't let this thread prevent you from doing any business with him. I will post his message here if he allows me.